• Fellsans2024

    new kid

    October 24, 2018 by Fellsans2024

    hi Fellsans2024 here, i'm just now getting into the swing of things and i would like you guys to show me everything you guys know and this is where i get all my info thank y'all 

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  • Jacob71583

    No? That never happened to you? Oh...Well it happened to me, lol. I tried to make swapswap, that's aready a thing. Darn it! Lol, not sure if you guys can still see the one I made where I said I was the owner, but apparently I'm not. So that's a thing. I guess I'm just kinda annoyed my idea was aready made. Notice how I didn't use the word stolen because it isn't mine. Anyways, Cya!

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  • Miaink Gamer


    January 25, 2018 by Miaink Gamer

    [ERROR....CAN'T LOAD] =)

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  • Miaink Gamer

    Floof sans

    January 5, 2018 by Miaink Gamer

    Floof sans...Entering info

    Floof sans is a characher made by Mia. Floof sans doesn't have a au yet and his hood is like ganz(gztale ade by golzy)  but much bigger. He does not fight if nesscary, he also travel trough time line to help. He doesn't talk much. 

    Closes mouth 

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  • Nin10doGMod

    Repost this to your friend or everyone to the whole world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and the entire internets (including Bizaardvark). If each and every one of you lived near at 445 12th Street SW, Washington, D.C., grab your sniper rifle gun, wear a disguise to camouflage that don' see you through the windows, wear you glove to prevent fingerprints on the handle, and shoot right at Pai's head and BANG! We save Net Neutrality! HOORAY! They will cancel the vote!

    BUT, if you think it's wrong, then... Y̨̨̻̳͍̬̫̭̾̿̊̿̓̊͗ͅọ̟̺͔̜͚̾͐͋̄̋͆̓͜͡u̡̨̠̼̻͕̹̽̅̓̆̑̎͠͞͝'̡̧̙̰̯͔͉͐͑̓̀͝ͅv̡̪͓̳̣̖͉̲̙́͑̆̉̍͜ê͔̤̮̪͂̾̏͋͂̆͂͢͟͜͞ m̷̳̬͇̰̼̬͚̤̻̘͋́̓͒̄́́̌̕ę̹̠̗̯̙͋̆̉̓͊t̷…

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  • Joshua t king

    Demon error  


    Error was trying to get souls to become omnipotent. But went bad he did not know he had to be good and it almost killed him but he did not die and got new powers. He was a demon and he was scared for a while untill he found what he could do and was happy with the new powers he had. He was enraged and became more evil then before, and wanted more souls for him self. He had a bloodlust taking all the souls from every timeline there was, untill Ink saw what he was doing he went to stop error but he was to powerfull and almost killed Ink but Dream saved Ink, taking him to a new timeline.

    But error404 noted what error was doing he saw the souls he had and went to take them from Error. Error put up a good fight but Error404 was …

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  • Creeper6567

    Bill Sans

    October 15, 2017 by Creeper6567

    ​once i am out of this au  will show this multiverse something worst than the  x-event

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  • Raytaygirl

    I never did

    August 6, 2017 by Raytaygirl

    I never edited here before, why does it show I edited here?

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