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Canny Papyrus, also known as Papyrus becoming Canny is a joke character made by MysteryMan9999 which is Papyrus slowly becoming more canny until he turns into a literal god, based off Uncanny Sans(Possibly his brother), a character by Volnar The Unforgiving

All of Papyrus' Stages

Stage 1

It looks like Papyrus didn't have a good day, he is...somewhat uncomfortable?

Stage 2

Looks like Papyrus is happy now! He has good ol' apperance and his face is now normal.

Stage 3

Papyrus became happier, you can clearly tell by his face, a faint yellow aura surronding him and the sparkles coming from his body, somewhat only being cosmetic. However his eyebrows oddly dissapear.

Stage 4

Papyrus' happiness level increased even more! His eyes widened, his mouth became bigger, his sparkles are gone however the aura became more visible and it is also blue now!

Stage 5

This stage is very similar to Stage 3, however, Papyrus has some cool shades and a blue spotlight seems to shine on him!

He isn't really that happy anymore, however he became is cool which completely makes the phase even better!

Stage 6

This stage resembles a mix between Stages 4 and 5. His mouth is big again, and mostly likely his eyes widened however we can't tell because he is wearing the cool shades again. Oh yeah, instead of a blue spotlight shining on him, he gains a completely visible blue aurra

The happiness and coolness are equally big now.

Stage 7

Resembles Stage 5, but his blue aura became yellow and purple, Papyrus becomes photonegative and his most important feat: He gets his eyebrows back!

Now, as soon as we reach the next stage, Papyrus will become a godlike being.

Stage 8

Papyrus became godlike. His purple and yellow aura is replaced with a red one, his entire body becomes red, and his head becomes similar to Disbelief Papyrus Phase 3, except that there is no big orange eye, just 2 white dots serving as eyes.

Stage 9

Papyrus is almost becoming a true god, although he no longer has his red aura, his jaw becomes white and his eyes start glowing red, and yes he still has eyebrows, you can't just see it due to the glow.

Stage 10

Papyrus became a god, his entire body becomes glowing white, with the only things that are white, but not glowing being his arms, his legs, a part of his head(The jaw is glowing for some reason) and his brief with the belt and finally: His eyes become 2 white circles

And thus, Papyrus became the most canny being in the universe.


Canny Evolution

When he "evolves", which is sorta-like transforming, he reaches the superior canny stage. The process of evolution happens when he reaches the requirements for a Stage, once he evolves there is no coming back.

He starts at Stage 1, and he will keep evolving until he reaches Stage 10, the final canny stage.

Stage 1 is the weakest, having a similar power level to Sans, and Stage 10 is the strongest, somehow being able to match the The ISM in his AEOE form.

If he dies, he automatically revives and evolves. Once he reaches the final canny stage, you can kill him without no problem, althought that task is sorta impossible unless you are The ISM.

Normal Papaya Undertable Abilitys

He pretty much has the same powers as UT!Papyrus, however they get progressively stronger the more stages he reaches.

Might add more stuff if I feel like it. -MysteryMan9999