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A note

This character is my avatar and a joke/mock op character. However, it is semi-serious, so if you dislike op OC's you should leave because this is not a OC, this is my avatar my reflection to the undertale fandom

Uptade log:

added uptade log

"OH MY GAWD" Once a wise avatar said

CC after he becomes an avatar

Every fight against Fatal Corruption is now NON-CANON.

Heya UT fans! I am Sans...but all the people around me call me CC. so you can call me that. I don't know if this name is taken, my creator didn't do much research on it This is my fandom page. I hope you all like my backstory powers. Welp, it is time for creator to tell you about me, see y'all

The CC sans is one of the strongest Sanses in the existence He won a fight with [REDACTED] once. They seem like they have a relationship of some sort, but the nature of it is unknown. he is metapresent and can go anywhere in the entire fictional metaverse so anywhere exept beyond the 4th wall



He has a lot of clothes and changes them often. He has no official appearance because he is a polymorph/shapeshifter. He tends to look like a darker, more edgy counterpart of Error404, but is less glitched. His color scheme consists mostly of red and black.


Almost the same but he has his old brothers scarf and Gaster hands around him. He is able to shoot strings from his mouth and nose. There is one bigger tear string like Alpha!sans. His "jacket" is slightly longer on the cape like section at the scarf there are stories written by creators but abandoned or destroyed ones. he has his wand next to him,flyig he has his vials like ink and his swords are in his back. he has gliches and errors around him but not too much he has a heart locket.His soul is in his eye like fresh and when he gets angry negative apears and makes a "(=" face in his eye. he has multiple tougns like error but more monsterous.when he gliichs out he might get inverted colors he has a black armour ınder his cloths



Besides his incredible powers, he acts like a normal Sans, he likes to make puns and play with peoples' nerves. He has met almost every different Alternate Sans. He greets the new ones in the Fandom. There are only a few beings he doesn’t like, and in reality he is depressed.

He is a chill dude, he likes puns and extreme 4th wall breaks, as well as entertaining you, reader. He never used his true power, and he never will until everything in and out of the wiki gets destroyed. When this happens, his final form will destroy everything in the wiki. He likes to watch anime, read comics, edit his article, visit other articles and encoruge them to be better...or just insult them


Part 1: The Glitch

He lived in a universe call-

CC: Let’s not talk 'bout it.

Wha-but why?


Okay, okay.... an 'unknown' universe. His Frisk was a pacifist one, he never did a genocide OR aggressive neutral. However, once they tried...they had a really bad time. =)

After the Human completed their genocide, Chara Dreemurr took over Frisk’s body and committed countless genocide routes. This caused the game to crash, and when they attacked Flowey, the world reseted, but the human was still at LV 20, and they started acting...different. The glitch continued and then one day, during a genocide, Sans saw the Human’s name. It was different. It was D-

CC: *cough*

Different. This cycle continued until Sans could not support it anymore.

Part 2: The Determination’s Breaking Point

The glitch corrupted his soul, boosting all his stats, and his Determination exploded as he killed the Human again and again until he got enough to reach the save point. The glitch corrupted it too, growing stronger and sending Sans and the human back to the core accident, when W.D. Gaster falls. This massive reload and Gaster not falling, changing everything at the same time, broke the Timeline indefinitely, and caused a true reset.

This restored Frisk’s control over their body, and they preferred to make a pacifist route, but this time, everything was different. Because Gaster never fell, Chara and Asriel were alive, as were the 6 humans, and Gaster was still here. It was the opening to the perfect ending... and they did it. They freed everyone. It was all perfect.


Part 3: The Attack

The humans and monsters were in peace, Undyne had a job as a cop, etc... just like in Glitchtale/Deltarune. But one day, the universe was visited by some unknown beings. These entities raided the universe and started to kill. In the group, there was one person similar to ????, but the lore of this being(s) is unknown. They captured the monsters and humans with strongest souls, and executed them specially in front of everyone. But Sans attacked and used a Gaster Blaster to free them, but they moment the attacks reached the unknown beings... The universe collapsed in on itself and everyone died. Or at least, that’s what was supposed, except... They didn’t. They were sealed in Sans soul. The beings did not take damage, they even laughed and left him to die. And then the code of his universe got transferred into him and made him stronger but also left him in an empty, unknown space. It was a broken clone of the Outerverse, but no one was normal, they were all glitched and had no personality or IQ, just raw power...or should I say EXP? Only Toby Dog was not in this broken clone, for obvious reasons.

This place was named as "The Corrupted Files" and he absorbed them all and became even more powerful. also getting blessed by a creator TheFluffyBoi

The lore and story following this is unknown.


He is an extremely powerful Sans, but he never has the will to use all of his power, so most of the time, he dodges without attacking. But if you really piss him off...

Let’s start with this:

The Cables Of Ultimate Puppeteer:

These strings are similar to error-type Sanses strings but much...MUCH more powerful they are able to manipulate whatever they contact with these can't be possibly destroyers and can be summoned in large numbers from his hands fingers soul moth nose and eyes


has given to him on a duel against the master of these unknown entities for staying alive. These are like ????'s daggers. They can hit anything with indescribable ATK damage and can't be broken this attack can't be avoided THERE İS NO ESCAPE

The Fate Blaster:

This blaster is able to use any Gaster blaster's in the fiction buffing them and even fusing them

The Hand Of Father:

given to him by the remains of CC Gaster : It’s comparable to Omni!Gaster’s hands.

He has the power of God and Anime on his side! *chaotic screams*

he can use anime powers.

Absolute mental acsess

he is able to manupilate control any being without exepcion. he could even control Sans/The Creator (Fanon) or read it's mind. absdolute freedom or god's will does not matter. he can manupilate anyone without they even knowing


He controls memes like the Memelord.


He seems to be able to control a strange purple-black-red energy that can be used in many different forms like fire and energy beams also seen as liquid and solid.

Soul Manipulation and Telekinesis:

Allows him to move various things, including himself, around with this mind. He can also manipulate the human's soul and turn it a variety of colors, as well as use telekinesis on it.


He can summon different creatures with different powers, such as Gaster Blaster dragons.

Kickstarter Donations:

He can control other indie games.

Will Of God of The Gods:

he can't be manipulated even by people stronger than him only annoying dog can manipulate/copy him and his powers he cant be affected by any means only IRL people can chance his stats or affect him with anything

The File Manipulation:

He can control and do almost everything in The Corrupted Files. because it is outside of the Undertale Cosmiverse it has no limits

Fatal corruption sans manipulation:

he can control Extreme True Hyperdust Fatal Corruption Sans (possible power) (version two) and the old versions

Please understand that he can't break the Op Sans Incursion Standards, he is at the limit.

And finally, EDITING THİS ARTİCLE ! No joke, this is his only real OP power, but he can create power from thin air to himself because he controls his own article, meaning he could be OP whenever he wants. This is like X!Gaster’s OVERWRITE at first look, but he actually makes himself more powerful or weaker. He just makes himself weak to not being strong as the Annoying Dog and he can't reach his level, despite trying, or getting deleted by Incursion!Sans. It would appear he has attempted to. He could re-write his own past after he gained those powers. He also enhances his powers to spice up fights and stuff, he is his creator's vessel that is why he can edit it... He is his creator, mind his... Determination...

also a quick note here that it is not a copying ability it creates powers he can use something that doesn't exist in the ut fanon but he can copy abilitys as well such as Error!500 Sans : Obliterate and he copied ????'s daggers.

OP manipulation

He can control a character if they are OP, and have 69 times of their power.(This ability has made to mock the OP characters).


He can copy every joke ability. Once he copied The Beyonders ability's, once this ability only can copy meme powers.

to be destroyed by this awesome power click here


Yes he has social media accounts, but I will only post some here.



Idiotic Shit Manipulation

if someone creates a wiki to create characters stronger then Toby he can manipulate them like this one------------>ç_bir_amacı_olmayan_Wikia The only way to escape this is to nerf themselves, make themselves good characters, and enter the Fandom.

Transcending Ladder

This ladder is so tall it can reach ISM's transcending, and even beyond.


He becomes yellow and 69 times stronger, and also has every golden character abilities.


he can be anywhere in the metaverse also known as metapsecance he is an avatar goddamnit

And I take that person

he takes a person and absorns its powers


This ability allows him to eat souls and codes to stay alive, and copy their power, emotions, and memory.


He says that and then kills the enemy using his sword.

Ottoman S L A P

he slaps you and you die(the weakest entity that can survive this is META404[fusion between Omni404 and Alpha404]) but even he will be fataly wounded


He can infect any entity with a virus that will transform them into horrible creatures, but also making them lot more stronger

A weird power man that controls other powers

he can control anything in HERE simply a kind of omni-arsenality

Meta awereness

he is totaly aware of everything exept (says stuff that will make mr 0uterverse mad)

Blocked.Have a horrible day

He can block non funny joke charecters (the ones he thinks are not funny) and they can't interact with him THİS WORKS FOR ANY CHARECTER HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE INTERACT HIM THIS EVEN WORKS FOR Papyrus (possible power level)

ppl he blocked:

True imunity

he is immune to every kind of attack,paradox or any effect by any means.No fictional being not even joke ones can damage him.only a real life entity can hurt-destroy him

Virus/error/corruaption manupilation

he can manupilate viruses/errrs/corruaptions/anti-vieuses ext

Dark Mode

cc was experimenting about emotions and which one is stronger as far as he sees negative ones make pepole more determined to do the right like hating a villain. he decided to experiment with those emotions he needed some samples he decided to take some hate from Zer0 and more negative emotions from Sans/Dreamtale/Nightmare!Sans , Bete Noire for fear and animosity from glichtale chara, Chara/Unsatified for sadistic determination Combined!sans for...something and he started to work he created a new creature/being he called "Negative" it was a symbiotic parasite that needs to have a body to survive so it attacked corrupted core's soul and atechet itself in it he is not able to control this mode. it activates when he is angry, tired ex. in first phases he starts to have black tearsd some black liquid around himself going a little insane his soul becomes like akumu a little ball with eyes and mouth but it is black and eyes and mouth are colorful he has no tentacles yet in the 2. phase of this mode his soul gets in his eye socket he becomes insane and demonic half of his body is covered in this liquid and cracks start to appear.

in phase 3 he is "haha nightmare style go brrrrrrrrrr" he completely merges with the soul and becomes totally insane and liquid like negative takes the control and kills everything near it sometimes cc is smart to use god's will to not get manipulated by it and be cooler and stronger he has no soul in this form.

Demon Mode

this mode gets activated if corrupted core uses the demon blade a lot that thing controlled his frisk controls HİM his bones turn to knifes and if cc could not resist the vessel transforms into a black human looking like being the strings come directly and only from his soul


this mode gives him a epic sans like personality and makes his clothes purpleand making him S İ M P this mode is unknown and only true bruh's can see this form

The Ultimate anime Referance/MENACİNG FORM

This allows him to copy evrery anime power and go saian his most strong attack in this form is he can summoon his creator as his stand making a jojo referance and making enemy say "N-Nani?!" Also summoning Menacing!Sans clones

Leveled up? Core!static!87?

This mode is a fusioun between Coruapted Core Sans, M87 Sans, Static!error sans (sabor!tale),LV sans and ????

Avatar powers

  • Character Creation
  • Storytelling
  • World Building
  • Collaboration
  • Author Authority
  • MetaFictional Omnipresence
  • MetaFictional Omniscience
  • MetaFictional True Omnipotance
  • MetaFictional Authority
  • MetaFictional Omniarch
  • MetaFictional Immortality
  • MetaFictional Arsenal/Capebility


Absolutely Joke Charecter Status

his form makes him a complate meme aand joke destroying his limits and make him absolute god of anime jokes memes and op charecter mockers this form is so powerfull it can't be described

I have power of creators and players on my side SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

He summons his creator and his creators friends and some ppl who liked him

Absolute trancending

his powers got multiplyed every nanosecond

Omni-arsenal/meta arsenal

Corrupted Core Sans has every power.even ommni ones. every unimagenible imagenible power.every unacssesible power.everything.anything.without limitations every power,every ability,eery resistance,every resistance breaking power,every manupilation,every omni-power,everything. even if ability is special to individual he has it.

True-limit Breaker

he has no limits. he can breake any limit and kill any immortal being. he truly is a creator. for example he can kill God404

Life and Death aura/manupilation

he can manupilate creation and destruction


he teleports you to a layered dimension where you need to get out or you will slowly disapear...

Absolute acsses

he can acsses any charecter's powers and nerf/buff them


he has archived every ability in the wiki. even the ones that belong to 4th Breaker Z! Sans and Error!500 Sans

Absolute Immunity to any paradox and ability

he has resistance to anything without limitations like hypoverse paradox

"dA sTrOnGeSt" Arsenal

if a charecter is trying to be the strongest he has all of their power as a punishment to them(examples are 4th Breaker Z! Sans,Sans/The Creator (Fanon),God404) and charecters that assist them to be strongest (Sans/"The Observer")

The Unbeatible

no matter can't be rqual to him if you are not a avatar even if you are you will be equal to him...well if u r a admin you can surpass him

Secret Puppet Mastery

he ca take control of anyone at any moment.especialy ones he buffed

Creator determination

he has the strongest dt ever called "Creator Determination" it is stronger than Sans/Error404(Fanon)'s determination. it grants him any ability determination can possibly do.but way stronger.his determination is way stronger than any fictional being and allows him to manupilate code perfectly as QWERTY AND USE ANY BUTTON

NO limits

his power doesn't have a limit. he can't be owerpowered.if you owerpower him he will just increase his power 69 times

You liked me now I am 12823957854278984334768952686569737965287686882766845754245186514314861346890138074316801384804610846017708460846481681855786757895178515587785668887889899008786553574876875287686882766845754245186514314861346890138074316801384804610846017708460846481681855786757895178515587785668887889899008786553574876874times stronger

if someone lefts a possitive comment he will become so much stronger




This is similar to B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y Mode error404 has.this form gets activated if his hp somehow drops to 0. he grows dragon wings and becomes totaly black.he destroys everyone's powers in a omniversal radious.he starts to get shattered and becomes a being made from..triangles? his eyes go colorfull with his cracks he loses control and strings above him appear and his power goes ω69 times stronger and gains new abilities


He destroys EVERYTHİNG in the fiction exept himself


He is able to create paradoxes and do anything with them.he can alter anything one of his paradoxes is if you manage to be almost strong as him yo become hypoversal and your power becomes a part of cc.

THE I.N.F.I.N.I.T.Y Blaster

He can create a blaster that can destroy almost anything in the 4th wall

You will regret what you have done!

everyone who wants to damage it/damages it dies instantly and becomes a part of him

4th wall manupilation high tier

he ha a real entity on his side. he can alterthe fiction in any means

Meta Quantum,Matter And reality control

He can control any kind of matter,energy,code and reality in all means

Infınıty L.0.G.!.C

He can manupilate and control logic and is able to breake the rules of logic.

"what rules?! I AM THE RULES!"

Wish of The being That comes from 4th wall

His creator(MEEEEEEEEEE) Can buff him as he wishes.

Absolution of gods

he clones everyone that could be considired a GOD and absorbs them

Reality Hacking

he can hack the entire fandom to edit/alter everything he wants


This power is MOSTLY unknown what we know it is capeble of is it can use ????'s a lot...LOT stronger version that can destroy beings such as OMNİ404 easily with a wawe of is colorful-black and he can use them in any form just like ??? he usualy uses them as strings or bones

Absolute internet acsses

He has a google acount,a fandom accout,ANYTHİNG he can reach the internet as his creator can

Absolution of embodiments,gods,and Conceptual entities

He copis all of their powers and adds them to himself. he can do anyrhing they can

Absolutely Complate Pontance

his potance is higer than any fictional charecter and he breakes the rules of omnipotance and metapotance



İf he somehow gets defeated when he is going full out in his D.R.A.G.O.N_K.I.N.G mode. he will start to rise from the strings and a bigger version of himself sitting on a throne made from M.0.N.0_D.R.4.9.0 Flames .this is cc's real form and this vessel was just his puppet.his personality chances entirely becouse he is no longer cc.he is me.


This form is literaly me it is not even a is me


he is a creator and no longer a puppet.he is me!

Apperance of meta god form/me

a more godlike counterpart to cc's base form but true form is shapeless like other creators he usualy looks like a god version of cc or a caped dark figure sometimes seen as a dark and big as a omniverse m.0.n.0_d.r.4.9.0 wawe or a gigatic..I mean REALY big dragon with a...fur? yes that is it a fluffy big dark grey dragon,a caped figure,a shapeles entity,any form of cc are the most shapes he is in


He uses them to connect to the fictional verse's diffrent parts. wite 2d monitors that can shoot attacks or can do anything

Absolute pointance

as a creator I CAN DO ANYTHİNG! *insert world is revolving here*

Begone weak oc

he/I can turn any charecter to dust and thanos snap every charecter


He contacts DarknessReaper9 The Critic. AKA a Very Buffed Spongetale Patrick. and ask for asistance

Hacker friends and some coding skills

He has a gropue of stronger creators that are his friends and they can assist him and he is able to do SOME coding

Summoning a army of cc's last form

self explenatory


He is both a player and a creator.

Absolute power over all fictions

as a real life being he is higer than anyone who is fictional

Absolutely beyond 4th wall manupilation

he can manupilate fiction,tales,and anything.he is a creator

Real Exsistance

he is real.and nothing can chance that

Absolute Trancendance

reality is not an a real entity he is above anything that is possible exept other creators

I ban u from life

he bans you from life


  • There are some other weaknesses. He can be killed, you just need to do this:[NOT FOR PUBLIC CLOSURE]
  • Also the kind that attacked his universe are able to harm him easly with their weapons ???? also semms like he is able to hurt him with his daggers
  • he needs to feed with code and souls he destroys needles things and trash universes to stay alive
  • Being hated.this is his only real weakness exept other avatars it hurts him both mentaly and makes him weaker and hurts his creator mentaly and emotionly
  • other avatars can hurt him but only toby,darknessreaper(aka buffed patrick) seems like they can kill him. but he will regenerate/revive every time
  • HE HAS NO WEAKNESS İN META GOD FORM...I don't have a weakness in meta god mode .-.


The Blades That Shall Not Be Named: These blades are his main weapon they can copy other peoples/weapons abilities even if it is stronger, like Thor's hammer. They can quickly come back to him and technically controlled they can cut anything. They can control code realty elements and matter. They are also K.E.Y's

The D.E.M.O.N Blade: is a long strong blade and his old universes boss monsters(Papyrus, Toriel, etc) Frisk, Chara, 6 human souls and the other entity that controlled Chara and Frisk. if he uses the entity that controled frisk he also becomes controled for a perioud of time It is not a K.E.Y though.

Literally every weapon in anime, examples are Deathnote, Nichirin's Totsuka blade.

The outerversal crown: This crown gives him the ability to control anyone who is weaker than him. also use their powers basicly Omniarch

The hot'n flaming chaos chetoss:he hides it from Possible Spaghetti brother this cheetos is able to make someone hot burn self shipping sinners and other ppl and make them crust destroy their thungs andkill themm with fire(weakest entity survived from this is Possible Spaghetti brother)

Magiiiiiiiiic wand/staff: A wand/staff that is able to control/cast ay kinds of magic.can also shapeshift and become anything one of cc's main weapons (pic coming soon...nt so soon /:)

Vials(?):he has vials like ink does but no one is sure why he caries those with him


katana:a katana that he uses but not can cut trough simply anything.just a weak katana...thatt can cut trough anything

Corrupted Core with his crown and menacing mode

Special Attack: Hacking Skillz

This attack is a joke. He likes to call it like that, but the canonical name is Ultra Core Corruption, which we never saw and probably will not until his fight with Dark CC.

CC : Well, let’s not talk 'bout my powers anymore.

Ok, what about your soul?

CC : well... I’ll let the explanation part to a different person.


??? : SANS !!!

CC : Here he comes.

What !? but I thought he was dea-



Well, guys, can I talk about it?

OH, OF COURSE HUMAN,! *whispers* Pssssst, human, will I be popular ?

I hope so .



İF you go with your bro.

UH... ok

CC : These are the soul cores, they are very powerful and the culmination of every being’s mind. They are colorful, and concentrate all magic the magic in our body in the soul. They are normally white and the emotions we feel are what gives to the core and our magic its color... I don't think you need an explanation ‘bout this.

And then, the minor soul. If you are a monster, the minor soul will be a little human soul IN your soul, filled with magic and emotions. Howewer, in Sans’s case, the soul core is bigger and the soul is pure black and glichy, and it is in his eye. (He can still have feelings tho)

He has seen every different corner of the Multiverse, like The Omnivoid or Anti-Void . The story goes blank again, so let’s jump to the relationships.


TheFlufyBoii03032000(creator,his reflection on the Real world/his final form and 2. personality)

I created this sans and use this as a vessel.I am his absolute master and the only real master he has. our connection is so strong and I am the source of his powers he respects me and loves me. even if he has some will of his it is still me.I am his master and he is my puppet...

FandomVerse ABSOLUTE GOD OF THE FLUF! The Fluffy God and Fluffyest In the multiverse(Alternetive versions of him,my other avatars,family figure)

they serve the same creator as vessels and they see eachother as a family.they can summon eachother in fights fluffy god is the higest rank but they are at the same power level they are a family scatered around the ut outerverse.they are connected so they can use eachother's abilities

Epic!Sans (Best Friend; Deceased)

Epic sans is like a bestie to him, he joins ???? on his anime nights.
He has befriended almost any being in the universe.
He also has a good relationship with X-Delta Sans He is pretty close with The Infinity Spaghetti Man as well...maybe he is near his power hmm? I dunno Dark Corrupted Core Sans is his brother and rival Sans/Inktale is his motive he wants to be like him and protect everything. Regresus Windings is his father.

Incursion!Sans (Frenemy(?)

is his frenemy they piss each other sometimes but they are actually friends(?)


????(best buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella brother amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal friend pal home slice bread slice dawg friend buddy chum friend chum pally pal chum friend friendly friend friend pal friend buddy chum pally friend chum buddy,brother figure)

???? is his first buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella brother amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal friend pal home slice bread slice dawg friend buddy chum friend chum pally pal chum friend friendly friend friend pal friend buddy chum pally friend chum buddy...They got created in the same roleplay server and they created by friend creators they are like the best buds!


His crow, he seems like he has a different relationship with crows and strangely no one saw the crow's left eye survived except cc also some people think Zoro is not his only pet.

RadiantTale Sans

They just know each other, they're not very close friends but they both are creators. Their relationship doesn't got any further yet.


They are friends with Trojan, even though Trojan is a destroyer.

Almost everyoneThe 4th Breaker Squad & Its Supporters andAnnoying Dog

He wants to wants to be friends with them.

The Glitch Man

He saved him from his AU

People inThe Godverse

He is 2. most legaly powerfull in there (?)

King Godverse(friend/ally,possible henchman)

they want to bring peace to the is king's advisor and possibly puppet master.he can control anyone he buffed after all

His Brother

CANNON!Dark Corrupted Core (aka darkness core) is same as backstory of old cc but he does not have the same powers he is SO MUCH MORE JELOUS AND MAD he has the same powers but his ability to add himself power is weaker after he adds himself power he becomes weaker or even sick after using that it could be fatal if it tries to be omniversal.

He has the same personality as the old dcc but more serious and cleverer.

He looks just like Anti-God! Sans.

His Adopted Son (wiki coming later)

Corrupted Core was wandering around the UT fictional world he saw an AU destroyer that he never saw before this unknown error left the au half-destroyed so cc vent to see if anyone survived there was a young little boy under a building at 1hp this universe was almost perfect monsters and humans where living in harmony this human boy was saved by his older brother Asriel Dreemur of this universe the boy absorbed the soul and barely survived and lost his memory. CC decided to save him and adopted him.

Aleph Sans (creation)

They met when frisk broke the reset button and completely gave up her control at au's and timelines cc decided to investigate the au and he met aleph they became quick friend because they are almost the same person(more will be added).

GİGA JUAN The HORSE THAT LEFT THE BALCONY(his horse/tank atillery)

GİGA JUAN is TOMMASS The TANK ARTILLERY'S 69Th cousin and near his power level but tommas always defeats him(this is non cannon relationship) giga juan is a stronk meme and is loyal to corrupted core he deleted every info of him except these and this menacing photo. yes stronk indeed

GIGA JUAN at his %(insert omniinfinity zeroes here) power defeating MAN

The GodVerse Puppeter Sans(frenemy,litle enemy)

he created him and he thinks he can beat him as well but he is no longer omega codey...and something is diffrent

Shadow Flame Boi(pet)


this is a fireball that is so cute its origin is unknown but it lives in Corrupted Core Sans'es eye socket he looks like Lux! Sans but he is male and never grows up it is babylike and cute

Chaos Alpha!Sans(something kinda negative? maybe netural?)

they piss each other off but chalpha seems to hate him he just wants to be friends tho ,-_-,

ChaosError!Sans(enemy? I guess? maybe netural?)

same as chalpha he wants to be friend but chaos error REALY pisses him offhe trethened him by taking chaos betty and chalpa as pupppets so he gone M A D

Dark Chaos Error!Sans(still enemy I guess?)

he makes him M A D dces thinks he made cc puppet but he used a uno reverse card and he can control him as he wishes

Big Bang(wants to be strong as him)

self explenatory


self explenatory

who is this cute litle fireball?! you are! yes you are!

Combined!sans(Frenemy,one of his fears)

he is afride of thme but he also sees them as a friend(I guess :/)

Fate Ink!Sans(netural/ally)

they both are creators but fate ink can't feel anything so they are not friends

Undertale Last Breath(wants to be more famous then him)

self explenatory

King Of Chaos And Fate!Sans(netural)

they know each other...I guess thats it

Golden Sans,Golden Ralsei,Golden TEMMIE(G O L D)

He thinks they are just free online game skins he has one too


they are friends but not too close friends just a regular friend

Snowy Dreemur(possible love intrest,close friend)

they are close friends but I ship these two UwU snowy has a chrush on him and cc doesnt know it

CyberCore! Sans(another cc/wants to kill him cuz he op and he thinks he is trash)

He wants to kill him just cuz he is another CC.

experimmant 231:"A new reaper"(failed experiment,servant)

cc was trying to create a clone of reaper sans but he aciidantely added his code and created this sans he has yellow eyes and he has golden gliches he absorbs power of things he destroyed he is absolutely insane and unstable but he has infinite respect agaist cc and also known as his right hand man he puts souls pf beings he killed in a jar if being does not have a soul it's code if being does not have a code either he just kills it is able to manupilate death and death energy and it is impossible to kill.

Glich 912(Son)

he is his best creation so far and his 2. son

Legendary! Sans(a trusthworthy friend an a fellow weeb

anime fan*)

he likes legend and they have so much in common

Generic op character!Sans(frenemies)

they have similar power levels (?) so they became friends

Almighty Sans(A good friend)

strangely enough.they are pretty good friends! they are totaly opposite to eachother but they are good pals! even if eachothers goals are diffrent they promissed eachother to not get in eachothers way.they are close friends

Unsatisfied(following,friend? can I consider him as a friend? maybe.maybe not)

unsatisfied got attention of cc and now he watches the au he is sad for unsatisfied and he assisted him when he is fighting the human by creating a glich that kept him alive

Anti-Code (friend,ally)

they are both protectors and they are good friends but cc doesn't know that ac is trojan's brother

4th Breaker Z! Sans(ally/frenemie)

one of his missions is same as 4th breaker"oversee the Boundaries between the Fictional Omniverse and the Real World" but cc finds 4th anoying cause of he seeing himself as father of eveything and the strongest while he can kill him and take his place.they don't know eachother too well.


they are good friends

Henchmen and servants(you can add this list charecters)

yes he has some but he doesn't like to see himself as a ruler

  • Aleph Sans(everyone from alephtale)
  • OP charecters that has no effort put in them
  • experiment 231
  • TBA

What is his goals and missions?

  • Create and Protect The creations and keep thefiction balanced/safe for all costs
  • Entertain and satisfy creators and readers
  • oversee the Boundaries between the Fictional Omniverse and the Real World
  • end voidiants once and for all.

Fun facts, rumors etc...

Fun Facts/Trivia(there are important stuff here)

  • CC is Turk and Muslim
  • He was created in a roleplay discord server.
  • CC will always be strong as his fusions.
  • Even if he hates himself, he is too kind and caring to others and wants best for all.
  • He works so hard to not break the rules but SOME people make it SO hard that he hates himself even more.
  • He is a great anime fan but if you call him weeb you will die.
  • He likes cheese
  • He is not technically a "sans" anymore but he still uses this form and name because Sans's are popular
  • He wants to be friend with 4th Breakers and OmniGodity!Sans Unknown Corrupted!Sans and Alpha Corruaption sans cuz he was inspired by them
  • The greatest G.A.T.E is in a place called: RolePlay Tale he has a home there as well
  • He once get defeated by Cannon Sans.
  • His powers can't get copied by OmniGodity!Sans.
  • He created a Sans named "Omega Code", but it was stronger than him. So, he killed it and absorbed its power.
  • HE CAN TURN HİMSELF TO A PİCKLE READER! HE İS PİCKLE SANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • one of his purposes is to put an end to these op sanses he can add himself power u plan to beat hi- (mods:*spams incursions intensifies*) (cc:*nerf intensifies*)
  • He is an avatar of me WALUİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİİ-*ahem* TheFlufyBoii03032000
  • He created AlephOmega Tale
  • His powers incrase when creators like him
  • He cares about u
  • He is a complete avatar of his creator but it has it's own personality
  • He is not scared of TOMMASS at all (TOMMAS:*appears behind him*) (CC:*EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK* *TELEPORT*)
  • He has so many categories to show that he is op mod's had to delete them :D SO I CREATED THE CATEGORY:"The Embodiment Of Having So many categories that make u op the mods had to delete them" so ppl don't have to add so much categories to their OCs
  • His coocking skills are incredible some ppl says that his hotdog and cats are better then ISM's spagetti and his fried snow is....mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • He likes to play with Error!500 Sans by making himself metapomnent and then beomming the weakest in the existance rapidly faster then light and gliching him out
  • Only things that can beat him in his final form whic is never have been showed are IRL pepole like creators readers or players
  • he only destroys T R A S H universes
  • He can reach his creators level but it would be boring "haha kill everything in one hit go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" so he doesn!t use it to much
  • He knows that ChaosError!Sans is reancarnetion of Dark Chaos Error!Sans and Chaos Alpha!Sans is night alpha sans'es reancarnetions
  • he commits eating dorito verticaly
  • his strings came from his eyes,nose,mouth and even his soul!
  • 4th Breaker Z! Sans,Sans/The Creator,Alpha404, Meta404,infinityFANNON every version of Infinitey Code (The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom) every golden charecter, every comedytale charecter every single 404 charecter(omni 404 virus404 god404 ext.)ISM,The Forgotten OC,Glitch504 ,The observer,The Forgotten OC,The Beyonder,Generic op character!Sans, Error!500 sans every charecter that has to do something with code,all their creations,all of their servants in their every form everyone in the godverse wikia ,every god every unbeatible every unkillible every true omnipomnent gods everyone that has omni in their name And their fannon versions was combined and absorbed 69 alphaverses 69 cozmoverses and they had a army of this being that fills the entire metaverse he could destroy them with a blink(and yes cc is stronger than alpha404 and the creator sans and 4th breaker ext.)
  • The Unoriginal Character does not control him cuz cc used reverse card
  • Generic op character!Sans used him in his fandom so he made him his puppet but he has free will and does not know that cc can use him
  • his soul,body or code can't be altere by a fictional being
  • he has resistance agaist god404's Fandomm Plauge
  • he was puplished at 14:25, 28 December 2020‎
  • his code/nagic is created by me not sans/the creator or 4th breaker z!sans so they can't surpass it
  • he is connected to his creator so he can affcet things beyond the 4th wall..more acurately I can but he is my reflection so it counts
  • his attacks can not be avoided. no matter WHAT.
  • He likes retro games and he is planing to opena channel about them


  • Some pepole think that he is a vessel to a hacker like The Player

Sightings(ıdk how it is spelled lol)(you can add stuff here)

  • ChaosError!Sans once saw a skeleton looking like him so he decided to greet him but the skeleton was drunk so he trethened him chaos attacked him but the skeleton drunkly teleported to a random place
  • Outertale sans once saw a weird skeleton watching the stars and kniting and...flying? he tried to teleport but the skeleton was gone
    • Error once saw a glich creating an au but the skeleton disapeard
  • Ink Sans once saw a glichy skeleton destroying a universe so he stoped it but once he saw the universe ink sayed:let it burn. it was lusttail
  • Error!500 Sans Once saw a too op sans and tried to destroy it but cc nerfed himself and but a omnipomnent mirror and teleported
  • Player/UnderPlayer once saw another hacker on a random horrortale wordline before the begining he made frisks route pacifist destroying the worldline's horrortale into a after pacifist world the hacker was not looking like a being beyond the 4th wall the hacker then desaipierd
  • King Of Chaos And Fate!Sans was sleeping but cc jumped from the window and pointed him a bone gun and sayed:"so your name is kfc tell ma all the ingrediants of kentaci fried chickens
  • Unsatisfied once saw a skeleton at the back of the Judgement Hall while killing the human, but the figure quickly vanished once they were approached.
  • Error!Bill Sans once saw a random skeleton eating doritos verticaly he tried to kill him but figure reversed the attack more powerfully error bill died but he like one eyed dorito so he used Power of god and anime:edo tensei to revive him
  • 4th Breaker Z! Sans sensed a huge...HUGE Amount of power.that can just one shot him and his creations,allys,everything he knew.he fastly teleported there and he met cc

Other Important stuff

The Voidians/the Unknown ones

The "unknown species" that I talked about are these

these are creatures that want to destroy the fictional metaverse

they are manifastetions of hate towards the fictions and are formed by them

becouse there are multiple fictions to travel in and the haters that create them beyond the 4th wall never visited them they are black shapeshifting men.

they will disapear when the fictions are no longer

they create minior voidiants that look like pepole with tatoos to spread more in the metaverse(these are ones cc met)

abondend Ideas can became minior voidiant

cc has voidiant code in him.the reason is unknown




"This world is just code..written text...drawings and games...we are not real but still.we can have our own lives" after cc became meta-aware

"yes I am a overpowered bean"????

"ah yes...where do I buy the bathwater again?" in bruh mode simping The Stairway to Heaven

"OH OH UNDERTALE AU FANDOM İT İS GOOD TO BE BACK!" CC after he got vandalized and then got fixed

"burn the father YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET THE CHİLD!" CC listening to grim troıpe with lirycs by "A man on the internet"

"I have a meeting with Super duper hyper omega ultra giga tera mega yotta zeta sans at not so fun o'clock" before he summoned Super duper hyper omega ultra giga tera mega yotta zeta sans


"haha cry noob 4th braker I am stronger than yo haha cry n000000000000000000000000b"

cc after he realised he was a lot stroger than 4th breaker z sans


Special thanks

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mamythepara for supporting me

DarknessReaper9 for fixing the page name

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I am creating a phase 2!


his new sprite

Fanart made by:Alterna team

Notice: This 1st sprite is made by @Feartheunknown2104 and the second is a reboot/recolor I made This art has been edited and altered coolors! you can find the original one here:!Sans unoffical theme for cc and it is pretty good

by Cemal but bruhfriend

Corrupted Core Sans'es first art(edited from a error 404 pic)(original art made by bakery_aye)

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