"Just like Destruction, Creation is also an endless cycle."
– Creation!Sans

Creation!Sans is a skeleton created by CarlosLoquendo on DeviantArt.

He can Create anything he wants, either by using his powers or by using an CREATE button.


Creation was born in the Underground along with his brother, Creation!Papyrus. One day, Creation!Gaster (their father) was doing some experiments with the recreation bottom and its code manipulation when suddenly, he noticed that one of his sons (San)s could make stuff appear out of nowhere.

When Gaster asked Sans to create something, Sans would make it appear. Creation!gaster was surprised. So, he decided to train Sans and his new ability to fully control it. As some years passed, Sans was doing some training with Creation!Undyne when Creation!Frisk show up wanting to show Sans something.

Frisk showed Sans a CREATE button and explained that the button was created, the moment Frisk did the first Genocide Route and how she use it to gain some of the advantage in the final fight. So, Creation told her to use the bottom for good.

At the next day, Creation found a strange skeleton on the hall to the King's throne; It was a glitch skeleton. When Creation ask what was his name is and his purpose here. The glitch skeleton responded by saying that his name is Error and he has come to destroy the AU (CreationTale). So, creation and Error began to fight, but something was happening to the AU. it was beginning to get deleted. Both skeletons are shock, when suddenly it all turned into an Anti-void (with Error nowhere to be seen).

Creation found himself trapped in an empty space, alone and sad that he lost his friends and family, when suddenly Ink show up and took him to the Doodle-sphere. As Some time passed, Creation has learned how to travel to different AUs. Now, creation dedicates his time, traveling different AUs to protect them.



He wears an orange jacket He has green eyes and a scarf. he wears orange slippers and cyan pants with dark cyan stripes and whites socks. If Creation blushes for any reason he will have green blush on his face.


He isn't as lazy as some other Sanses are. He likes to make friends with anyone of any AU. It's not strange that sometimes he finds himself in danger, so he will fight (sometimes making puns while at it). However, he will get serious when stuff gets worse or when he tries to explain something important. Sometimes when he feels like there's lost hope, he will put an emotionless face can turn his face to a much creepier one (almost like Ink Sans does).



Creation treats creation!frisk as a friend and occasionally hanging out with her. Near the end of a Neutral Route he will Judge her on every EXP she gains. On a genocide route he will try to warn Her to not keep going or she will face a Bad time and facing her at the end of the judgement hall. On a true pacifist route he stills considers Creation!Frisk a friend despite doing the genocide Route.


when Creation, Papyrus and Undyne were young they wanted to become part of the royal guard but growing up creation decided to not join the royal guard but still trains with hes brother and undyne and likes to hang out with both of then.


Likes to make puns with her. Made a promise to protect Creation!Frisk on her travels thought the underground.


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