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Important Note: Please, PLEASE, when you are mentioning my sans-centric AU, do NOT call him Ultra!Dust. For me, Ultra!Dust is lame and pathetic and I just want his name as "DeltaDust" when mentioned, ok?

General Info


OK, so this AU has two versions: the Canon version and the Undertale Omniversal Crisis, or UTOC version. You can see the UTOC version page here (W.I.P.): Glitch!DeltaDust!Sans

Undertale Omniversal Crisis is made by Basically RANDOM Animations[1]


DeltaDust Sans is a power-hungry Dust Sans who's abused his Multiversal travelling abilities for his thirst for LV.t


It was just another normal Dusttale route, Sans getting mad of the human for killing everybody and his brother, so he decides to do it himself.

Sans was walking around Snowdin, enjoying his nice little once-in-a-while break. He looked at his surroundings as he walked, seeing all the bones and the dust scattered in the air. Sans continued, until a thought came to him. "you know, i just want that human dead, but getting to their level of power will take quite a while, and even if i do, the human will just gain more in advance, i HAVE to think of an idea" Sans continues his stroll around Snowdin, peaceful and quiet, awfully quiet.

Sans resumed walking, but then he finally said to himself, "what about the souls? i do remember finding them once without asgore knowing. i had this idea for quite a while now. who knows? maybe thisll be the day i take one of em."

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, the human launches a surprise attack! Sans couldn't fight like before, because he feels extra tired from a recent LV spree in Snowdin. Sans could barely dodge the attacks, and he could only deal so much damage when he's tired. He managed to damage the human, but it only took out 1/4 of their health, at the cost of almost wiping out all of his health.

In a rush and desperation for his life, he teleports to the barrier, the location where all the souls are located. He pants and takes a moment to breathe. He sees all the souls Asgore collected in the containers. "huh, isnt it weird? i mean, theres literally a murderer in the underground, shouldnt asgore even decide to hide them for safety? thats kinda weird. anyway, at least i killed him, so now there will be no one in my way. Looks like there'll be no getting answers from the dead."

"i have to pick one, otherwise the human will definitely be stronger and might eventually find me". So he rushes to the containers and inspects each and every one of them. He looks at the BRAVERY soul. "huh, this one seems quite interesting. it has a pretty powerful aura as well. ill try this one. i do wonder why theres a container without a soul. maybe its for the human?" So he approaches the BRAVERY soul and absorbs it. He floats, and then the transformation begins.

After the transformation, his feet finally touch the ground. He opens his eyes and says, "huh, nothing really changed i guess" until he looks at his arms. He says "whoa" and begins inspecting the rest of his body. "huh, everything of me looks so, different. cool." He turns on his back. "so THIS is what absorbing a human soul feels like, huh? thats really cool. i feel pretty powerful. This should be enough power. It's time to deal with the human." and when he turned back, he could hear the hell-like screams of the monsters, echoing in the background. Then, he hears an echoing voice that said, "Where are you Sans? I'M COMING FOR YOU, YOU LITTLE COMEDIAN =)"

Exiting, he surveys his surroundings to see if the human was there. To his surprise, they were not there, but Sans needs to be careful, because this might be another surprise attack like before. The human finally appeared, but this time it was not a surprise. "Ah, Sans, you look so, different. So you wanna have a much more fancier death now?" "eh, no, kiddo, but hopefully thisll help me take you down" Sans replied. "Remember. Sans, I'm much more stronger than before." Sans gasps. The human had shown him their stats, somehow surpassing LV 20 and is LV 27. "this'll be harder than before. will I even make it in one piece?" Sans thought. "Hmmm, I sense an aura of BRAVERY in you. Did you absorb one of those souls?" Sans replied, "welp, whaddya think, kid?" "Oh well, LOOKS LIKE YOU'LL NEVER KNOW MY RESPONSE =)"

Sans laughed. He couldn't believe his eye sockets. He killed the human. He wawas s victorious, but at what cost? The cost of his happiness? The cost of murdering everyone he knew and loved? The cost of killing his brother? THE COST OF HIS SANITY?!? Even though the problem was dealt with, Sans felt lost, confused, distraught inside, his sins crushing his back. He felt scared and lost, so much so he kneeled down and laughed like a maniac. He soon got back up and walked to Snowdin to shed some tears.

3 days later...

He decided to plunge in the darkness and in his sins. He had decided to resume his old ways once again. He reset and reset and reset, but this time, there was no pesky human to interfere. The BRAVERY soul had helped him to see new heights he didn't even know existed. Killing the monsters, he felt unusually satisfied, as if he was more satisfied then ever. Eventually, he discovers he can travel to other timelines. He used this to his advantage in his journey to LV.

Yet one morning, the BRAVERY soul had shown him something new. When Sans was walking, a small white oval appeared before him, then disappeared within a matter of seconds. Sans stopped. He was confused on what just happened and is trying to process it. "what was that?", he asked. "it was a... white oval? why does it look so familiar?". Suddenly, he has flashbacks of his dreams. "oh, i know! it was similar because ive seen it in my dreams! i can see something on the other side. it was almost as if it was a... gateway to some sort of alternate reality, but i couldnt figure anything of it because this damn soul refuses to cooperate with me. i still have to master my control over this pesky soul if it were to show me something new.". And from that day on forward, the appearance of the small, white oval was more frequent. Eventually, it got the curiosity of Sans. He spent multiple days mastering this new opportunity to learn something new presented to him, and finally, after multiple days spent in hard work, he could control it, but he couldn't control where it would lead him, so it would lead him to a random AU that is often more dangerous and stronger than him. He took notes of all the places that he saw, and he had the perfect idea where to gain even more LV than his AU is offering him, and he chose Underswap.

Fighting Style

DeltaDust's fighting style consists of REALLY fast-paced and hard-hitting attacks. His attacks are so fast paced that they are faster than Delta Sans's. Talk about a quick style for a lazy guy.

He usually prefers the "bleeding" effect (which is his KR) when his enemies get hit. He wants them dead quick

DeltaDust has become so powerful with his LV that he can face Nightmare!Sans one-on-one and kill him, though it wouldn't be as easy as his other kills, but he still has a disadvantage against multiversal gods, as he can't kill them.

If you were to let him pick "raid or stealth", he would definitely pick "raid"

He usually does not prefer stealth but will do it if necessary.


His height is still the same as the original Classic Sans and Delta Sans.

His wears a long-sleeved pocket-less jacket which is black with a purple gradient at the ends of the sleeve. His hood is often raised up the same color as his shirt. The hood's inside color is purple. His eyes both have an orange pupil with a purple iris for his normal mode. Smaller streaks of hatred and purple stuff flow out of his eye sockets. He has a purple heart with a red outline in the center area of his chest. He also wears black pants which color scheme is the same as that of the shirt. His gauntlet looks like that of the original Delta Sans, but the color scheme is different. The gauntlet is purple and has a gradient from the bottom (hands) to the top part (I can't quite remember so I'll put it here later). The heart in the gauntlet is also red than the usual black. There is also a "third spike" in his gauntlet. It's in the middle of the two original spikes and it's purple is much more darker and it has a red gradient at the top. It is the tallest point of his gauntlet.

You will get a much more better look of him once I send a drawing of him.

Powers and Weapons

DeltaDust Gaster Blaster

Normal Gaster Blaster but it has been improved to deal a higher amount of damage. It is also more resilient as it will take more than one strike if you want to destroy it. DeltaDust Gaster Blaster can be of any size depending on his desire. The G-Blasters appearance is a mostly black gaster blaster with purple jaws and a black pupil with an orange iris with a red outline around it.

Improved Bones

Bones but improved to deal a higher amount of damage. It will appear as purple or white bones. These bones can be of any size depending on his desire.


There are two types of bonezones: Area and Line

Area Bonezone:

DeltaDust can summon a bonezone in an area, meaning a circular warning will appear and summon bones. This has been improved in order to deal more damage. The size can be whatever DeltaDust wishes it to be.

Line Bonezone

DeltaDust can summon a bonezone in a line/path, meaning a straight line warning will appear and summon bones. This has been improved in order to deal more damage. The length, width, and size overall can be whatever DeltaDust wishes it to be.

Mouth Blaster

It's exactly like Delta Sans's mouth blaster, except it deals a higher amount of damage and is always purple.


His gauntlets are made of a much more stronger material than the original Delta's and can pack quite a punch. You may or may not faint depending on your resilience.

Explosive Bones

Bones that are capable of exploding. This is a weapon/power that is obtained later on in DeltaDust's story. It will always appear as a glowing red bone. Explosive Bones can be of any size depending on his desire.


AU Hoping

This ability allows him to travel to other universes with ease since he absorbed the BRAVERY Soul.


Just like the original Dust, DeltaDust can both RESET and SAVE

Improved Bone Summoning Speed

You know that when Sans summons his bones, it's slow, right? Well, DeltaDust improved this so it would be summoned faster. The normal summoning speed is basically how fast Omega Flowey (or Photoshop Flowey) can summon his vines but a bit faster. He can go slower if he wants, but he chooses this speed to "make it quick".

If he gives his absolute all, the summoning speed of bones, it can break the sound barrier! This can even catch Sans' like Error404 Sans or Error Sans off guard! Though doing this will result in using A LOT of stamina, so he prefers to use this when he's really serious.

This summoning speed, along with the bonezone attack, make him a formidable foe.

Increased Stamina

This ability gives him increased stamina. Believe it or not, but he actually has enough stamina to dodge forever, or at least what seems like forever.

Increased Reaction Time

He has a much more better reaction time than that of classic sans.

Increased Movement Speed

This ability paired with Increased Reaction Time, makes it the perfect combination to use!

This ability allows his body and other body parts to move faster (such as his arm). For example, if somebody's about to stab him at inhumane speeds, combined with better reaction time, his arm can move fast enough to grab their arm and not get stabbed. This also implies to other body parts, like his hand or leg for example.

Increased Speed

DeltaDust can increase his speed in running, often meaning that it can be useful, but he can go even faster. He runs so fast that he literally dashes in speed.

Combat Tactics Knowledge

Since he's dealt with multiple kinds of enemies, he has lots of combat tactics and techniques. He knows when to use it, where to use it, and how to use it.

Victims' Attacks Usage

Like Dust, he can use his victims' attacks. The most famous ones are Pryokinesis, Undyne's spears, and Asgore's tridents, but this is not limited to that. He is shown to use his other AU victims, such an example was he was seen using Insanity Sans's Papyrus head.

Improved Karmatic Retribution

Since he spent so much time killing other characters from other AUs that would have more LV than the human, it would be reasonable that he has gotten a lot stronger, so he has Improved Karmatic Retribution.

The normal KR and damage he has is 623 damage per millisecond. He can adjust the speed and dmg as he wishes. The highest he can go so far is 437,896 dmg per femtosecond, though he would use this only when crucially needed. He can even go as far as 0.0000001 dmg per 2.419 2 Megasecond (lowest he can go).

Knife Summon

In his time of killing and murdering, there is no doubt that he has encountered Killer-Sans and Chara-like victims, and due to killing several of them, it would be reasonable that he has gained the ability to summon knives over time

DeltaDust Pawnch

When using this ability, either gauntlet glows purple. When punched, the target receives 829-1027 damage, with a 5% chance of dealing a 10% critical damage. Cooldown is 5 hours

Custom Attacks

DeltaDust has the power to create custom attacks, like being able to summon a Sword entirely out of DT, create a petal attack combined with Gaster Blasters, create a gravity control attack and summon Horror Sans's axes and Insanity Sans's papyrus head, etc etc... The reason why he could do this is because he killed so many AU Sanses and absorbed their attacks like how the normal Dust Sans can that he can create custom attacks.


In his personality, he actually is a bit more sane then his Dust counterpart.

He is a laid-back character.

He cracks some jokes a bit more often (but not too much) even though his Delta counterpart is originally serious.

Since he realizes he has a lot of power, he is often destructive-natured. Wanna make a place go bye-bye? DeltaDust is the perfect one to do that job.

He has quite the fighting spirit, since the BRAVERY soul gave him a boost of self-motivation.

He also has his habit where he tends to finish off his enemy, for example, if he severely damages someone and his enemy sits there, normally, other people would probably leave him there, but DeltaDust makes sure he stays dead by draining all his health to 0 and LITERALLY OBLITERATE HIM ALONG WITH HIS SURROUNDINGS.

He sometimes tends to have this mysterious aura where you just can't explain his motives and personality, as if he knows it all...



Papyrus was the only person Sans ever held dear to his heart. He loved him, he cared for him, and he would spend as much time as he could would him, but when the human commited incessant genocide, well, things have greatly changed. When he killed Papyrus and the rest of the monsters, he felt guilt, but the love and guilt slowly faded away...

Having the stats of 10 LV, Sans killed Papyrus, in return of having his last and final mental breakdown. Now, Phantom Papyrus haunts him.

Phantom Papyrus is his, well, dead brother. May or may not be a figment of his imagination. DeltaDust talks to him when alone. They have some good talks with each other.

Phantom Papyrus shows up rarely because DeltaDust barely needs his help anymore with the power of the BRAVERY soul. He still looks the same, however, he is slightly weaker due to barely attacking anybody, though this can be easily fixed if he goes in a Determination run (DT run).

Now, he shows up almost ALL the time to face the Multiverse together with his brother. He is now much more stronger than before.

The human

Sans lost all sense of love and care for the human and no longer regards them as his "friend". He lost all sense of friendship for them, and will heartlessly murder them if he had the chance.

The human is the one Dust swore to destroy so long ago. He vowed to kill them at all costs, even killing them right before they fall down, just to stop this genocidal madness. After absorbing the BRAVERY soul, he travels to other Dusttale timelines and kills them repeatedly, then he goes to other AU's to kill its characters. He sometimes goes back to his own AU to kill the human, but that instance is very rare.


There are some instances where he gets totally distracted, so this could lead him at a disadvantage.

Sometimes the BRAVERY soul can take COMPLETE control of his body. This is shown when his eye sockets are filled with the color orange. This can be the perfect opportunity for the good guys to use him, though this won't be permanent, as he will try everything is his power to get back complete control of his body.

He actually doesnt have infinite stamina, but he can dodge for so long that you will probably get bored attacking him, unless you're willing to persevere through "endless" dodging.

DeltaDust's Legend

Time has passed, and his quest for LV continues. He has reached far and wide to kill some AU characters, and it has proven quite successful. Those who stood in his way are either dead or have escaped his clutches. More and more AU's become devoid and empty of the characters that once belonged in them. They are now just empty shells and mere code, waiting for somebody or a group of people to inhabit them.

Reports of multiple "empty" AUs are imminent, and has posed a concern to the lesser Multiverse gods (like Ink and Error). Error404 has pretty much no concern of this (of course), although he has some concern, just a very teeny tiny amount of it, though he still wouldn't care. DeltaDust's "legend" has spread throughout some part of the multiverse, and even attracted the attention of some sanses and characters. One of them is Hunter!Sans, a bounty hunter fighting and a "sheriff" type sans who works for the greater good. He is also quite famous for this as well.

Although his other counterpart has not had a legend yet, as they do not know the other counterpart exists. Glitch!DeltaDust just hangs out in his own universe without a care about his surrounding AU neighbors pretty much.

A majority of the reports shows that those who saw him only saw his back, and what they were able to describe is "he wore a black jacket with his hood raised up and has purple gauntlets as well as black pants and shoes", others got a look on half of his face, this is because DD like's to keep himself "hidden". Those EXTREMELY lucky got to see his entire face, although those who have seen are dead, unless DeltaDust's mercy smiles on you, of course.

Sightings (You can add your own sightings here)

  • Error!Sans recalls seeing a "black sans" in a particular AU. Being curious, he decides to approach "it", but the "black sans" teleports before Error could grab him.
  • Outer!Sans was casually chilling until he remembers seeing a "black sans" in an alleyway. Knowing how scary alleyways were and out of curiosity, he decides to approach this "black sans" regardless. He tried to greet it, but before he could say a word, the "black sans" vanished out of thin air.
  • Fell!Papyrus saw a "black figure" in Snowdin one time. He decides to approach it and insult it due to his nature, but a mere step forward, he was killed. A big sharp bone came out of the ground, thrusting through his body, killing him as the result. The "black figure" laughed, it almost sounded like an evil laugh. Fell!Sans was hidden, concealed in the trees. He was saddened for seeing his boss killed for some reason, now he swore to kill the "black figure", although I doubt he would get his revenge.
  • Ink!Sans remembers seeing a "black sans". He, at first, wondered why it looked so familiar, then he remembered the reports saying something about a "black sans". He decides to grab him by the arm, and pulled him. He only saw half of the "black sans's" face, and before he could see the entirety of it, he was impaled by a small sharp bone in the left part of his chest, and the "black sans" quickly vanished. Ink survived.
  • Undyne was training Papyrus until she heard some sounds of monsters turning to dust. The player was doing the pacifist route, so she doubted that is was the player. She decides to investigate where the sounds were coming from. Papyrus stayed behind. As she followed the trail of dust, she heard even more monsters turning to dust. She followed the sounds, and before long, she was impaled by a big, sharp bone that came out of the ground. She heard a teleportation sound, similar to that of Sans's. She weakly raised her head, and saw DeltaDust's entire front body, but before she could speak, she died. Too bad nobody witnessed her die.
  • A temmie saw a " dark cloak sanes evil man!!! ". They tried to say hi, but they were punched into the shop. Bob came with an army of temmie's, but Delta!Dust ran.
  • Blueberry and Swap!Papyrus were having a picnic with Chara and Frisk when US!Paps noticed a black figure. He teleported towards him. He was about to greet him, when a sharp bone impaled him through the chest. the black figure disappeared and US!Paps died.

Flowerfell notices a dark figure outside his house. he taps the figure on the shoulder, when the figure turned. The figure started attacking him, but FF dodged and ran

  • Dark Coruapted Core Sans thinks he can use delta dust as an ally he send him a letter and waiting for the answer he wants deltadust to join his plans about chancing the The Harvesters's vision betraying the void and create a new "perfect" omniverse with the harvesters
  • Biggie Cheese saw him once, it was all his face. he stilled lived but sustained minimum damage. sudden changes saw a dark figure and he shot at it it teleported away before the bullet hit


  • DeltaDust was first created as a stickfigure through the 2D mobile stickman animation program known as "Sticknodes"
  • DeltaDust can say memes sometimes.
  • You can rarely see DeltaDust kill other characters from other AU's
  • "DD" is a shorter nickname to DeltaDust Sans.
  • DeltaDust is actually smart enough to know that he can teleport away when attacked with blue bones, or at least it works for him.
  • I actually had this idea for quite a while, then after making the stickfigure version of DeltaDust did it finally came to fruition
  • Fun Fact: The image that you see in Gallery made by đŸ”„â€BraxtonGamingOffâ€đŸ”„#9657 is actually using the v2 of DeltaDust and GlitchDeltaDust, meaning there was a v1 and this version is more improved.
  • Attacks in the back don't surprise DeltaDust that much due to being a multiversal killer, but there are some instances where it does.
  • Unlike Delta!Sans, DeltaDust!Sans doesn't actually have his soul shown on his chest. The heart is just for mere design.


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