Mirrored Insanity was a two-sans fan-made fight theme made by the YouTuber ReveX. It starts out as Dust!Sans roaming in his universe, seeking to kill monsters as usual, but then, Insanity!Sans had arrived at his universe through unknown means, and this results in the fight.

Will one survive? Will one die? Or will both die?



Phase 1

Dust sans is doing what he usually does, Killing everyone to gain the power he needs to kill Chara for good, Suddenly, He walks into Insanity sans, Who has somehow warped into a different universe, But insanity sans has not noticed it because the underground is empty just like it is in his own universe, Dust sans gets confused cause he has never seen this person before, Mainly because it's an alternative version of himself, And of course he looks identical to sans, Which is why he asks "Why do you seem familiar?", And Insanity sans being Insanity sans of course responds with "Why..? Well, Let's just say that...I ' M T H E M A N I A C Y O U S H O U L R U N F R O M =)" and then the first fight starts, Dust sans obviously doesn't know that Insanity sans is, Well, Insane, So he doesn't use all his power against insanity sans, Which ends up being one of his greatest mistakes, Insanity sans ends up killing Dust sans, When Insanity sans does so, He absorbs a small fraction of Dust sans's Determination, And then proceeds to walk away.

Phase 2

As Insanity sans is about to walk away, He hears laughter coming from the dust pile that appears to be dust sans, The dust pile starts glowing red and then shape shifts into dust sans, Dust sans used his determination to refuse death, Insanity sans turns around, And dust sans now knows that Insanity sans is a great threat, therefore, Dust sans is not holding back anymore, Dust sans then says "You seriously thought it'd be that easy to kill me? I'VE ONLY JUST GOTTEN STARTED" and then the second fight begins, In the end, Dust sans kills Insanity sans.

Phase 3

After dust sans has killed Insanity sans, He gets confused, Because he didn't gain anything from killing Insanity sans, He then suddenly realizes that Insanity sans is still alive, Insanity sans uses the determination he absorbed from dust sans when he killed him to refuse dying, Insanity sans is now alive again, And the final battle begins, In the end, Both of them hit each other with great power, And they both end up dying, But, Dust sans, Manages to absorb all of Insanity sans's power, And then uses his determination to refuse dying once again, And therefore, He is alive, But insanity sans is dead, Dust sans is victorious, And now has the power to kill Chara for good, And we may not see it in the end of the video, But he succeeds at killing chara for good, Dust sans has finally gotten his happy ending, But even then, The horrors he has experienced still haunts him...

MIRRORED INSANITY [Remastered] (All Phases)


MIRRORED INSANITY -Remastered- ReveX Complete Music Video -20k subs special- (Read Desc For Info)

Mirrored Insanity Remastered


At the beginning we see a text as if someone's talking to us. This is future Sans speaking to you in a future timeline as you've recently caught him doing something strange and thus he gets the feeling of having to explain himself.

Prologue (Note: Dust!Sans is referred to as "Murder!Sans")

Murder!Sans is casually walking around Snowdin, killing everyone like he would in a regular timeline. A glitch occurs which causes Insanity!Sans to arrive in the Dusttale Universe without noticing, until he stumbles upon Murder!Sans. Murder!Sans is on his way to The Ruins after killing the entirety of snowdin but he meets someone who looks strangely similar to himself. This terrifies him a little and thus makes him question what this person is. Insanity!Sans responds with a sinister laugh only to taunt Murder!Sans and then prepare for battle.

Phase 1

Murder!Sans not understanding what Insanity!Sans is, he decides to underestimate him, which ends up being his greatest mistake ever. In the end, Insanity!Sans ends up victorious.

Pre-Phase 2

Insanity!Sans watches Murder!Sans's dust fall to the ground. He unknowingly absorbs a small fraction of Murder!Sans's determination. A few seconds later, he taunts Murder!Sans by saying that he expected more effort. He then walks past the dust pile only to hear laughter coming from the dust pile. He turns his eyes towards the dust pile and sees a red soul appear. He turns around and sees Murder!Sans's body reform from the dust pile. Let the fight begin...

Phase 2

Murder!Sans is now pissed at Insanity!Sans for almost ruining his attempt of stopping the player. He is no longer holding back anything. In the end, Murder!Sans ends up victorious. He manages to kill Insanity!Sans for good. Or so he thinks...

Pre-Phase 3

Insanity!Sans's soul slowly reforms his body. Liquid determination leaks out of him. He doesn't have much time, but he does have enough to kill Murder!Sans. The Finale begins. After a long fight, they both use their final blow only to hit each other, which causes them both to die. The last piece of Murder!Sans manages to quickly absorb Insanity!Sans's EXP and Determination, which allows him to resurrect himself once again.

The End?

Murder!Sans has ended up fully victorious. He realizes how much he gained from properly killing Insanity!Sans, and thus claims that he's now powerful enough to kill the player and stop their madness. Murder!Sans teleports to The Ruins, waiting for Frisk/Chara. Suddenly, Insanity!Sans's dust starts to glitch out and fade away. We are unaware of what this means at the moment, but we might find out soon…

(All text has been copied from the official Mirrored Insanity Google Drive Document)

Bonus: "New Timeline Detected"

Dust!Sans has finally killed Insanity!Sans as he sees the pile of dust on the floor, but as he turned back, he turned to the direction of the dust pile again. Sans notices something doesn't feel right, and that his head suddenly hurts. Then, he sees a red SOUL appear before him which definitely Insanity!Sans'. Sans screams, and the screen turns to static. Just as Insanity's SOUL takes a hold of Dust in an attempt to fuse with him, he screams, and the further he screams, the more static the screen gets. Then finally, all turns black, with a flash of red, and creates a new monster, Insanity!Dust Sans (this is now canon)...

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