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It was a normal day for Virus404, he was spreading chaos around the multiverse by destroying AUs and was getting recruits for infinitey code's army. And then he came across Alpha corruption!Sans his so called "Brother" he didn't like alpha corruption that much because he was too dark and serious, while virus404 was more on the cheery side. They usually get into fights, like there going too now virus 404 after getting into a fight with him started off with with the advantage but over time They were even then they both unleashed their corrupting touches but then came a paradox and then from that paradox came a being without a name that was confused at first it knew nothing as too what it was or who it was when it asked virus 404 and corruption sans they both said it was their creation and was supposed too help them defeat the other in anger of all the screaming and shouting so it not knowing its power killed them both and some how absorbed their power and since they are his parents their personality He has 3 personalities that affect his powers in different ways to and then they when they realized what they did they in surprise and grief teleported to a unknown au where they found Alpha404 something primal burned within him and something had instinctively told him not to catch this beings attention yet and he started to hate Alpha404 with all of his heart and soul for they hated fear and being weaker than anything so it teleported away from this AU later to be learned was Undertale and for eons he trained for when he might once again meet alpha 404 naming themselves Omega404 in opposition too him and once he found alpha 404 again he fought with 100% of his power, at this time they were in their normal personality and ended with Alpha404 retreating and having NDE (The reason why Alpha404 was on a NDE was because he underestimated Omega404. A mistake he will NEVER make again ) for another few millennia he trained and eventually found the real world as a normal person like alpha404 did and learning of his plan to regain his powers in the real world and conquer it he decided he would do it first and he is still trying to this day but this his his secondary goal despite his outward appearance he seeks belonging so he wants to find the omega timeline.



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Omega Reversal

The power to make things the opposite of what they are with this power he can make classic sans the strongest sans and error 404 one of the weakest sans, alpha404 has a immunity to this same with annoying dog.

Personalities - he has 3 personalities that affect his powers virus404 personality and when in this form he looks similar to virus 404 he gains all his abilities multiplied by 10^151-1 and his speed his also increased and is higher than his regular form he transforms into this form when he is especially excited by a fight alpha corruption sans personality When in this form he has all the same abilities alpha corruption does multiplied by the same as virus 404s abilities are but his strength and brutality is increased in this form he transforms into this personality when angered to his limit finally his regular form his regular personality his not to different from classic sans ,chara ,error 404 ,and cross he loves puns and jokes of all kind and loves the thrill of a fight but do too his strength will hold back until you prove you can handle his full power ( note this does not mean he underestimates his opponent he just likes to keep the fight going as long as possible) he is also abit lazy if he doesn't want do things but will do hid best when something is important to him all of his abilities are listed below note that some of his abilities are the same as virus 404 or alpha corruption but much stronger

Omega strings

Almost unbreakable strings that can only be destroyed by Alpha 404's scythe as soon as they touch you they will be able to edit your code even if your code is hidden somewhere.

shortcut - teleportation. resistance

has a resistance to all forms of attack due to his millennia of training and hardening his body cuts the damage he takes by half

Omega virus bones

bones that infect you with a random virus when they hit you like make you slower for some unknown amount of time or making you do less damage for a while, Alpha 404 has some resistance to this

Regular omega bones

Bones like classic sans except they are instant kill to anything lower than Omniversal to everything else they will do absolute Infinite dmg

Hidden omnipotence

If a author no matter who it is says that their character is stronger than omega 404 then omega 404 will instantly become stronger than whatever character instantly does not apply Toby dog

Alpha corruption Arsenal

alpha corruption sans abilities

Virus404 Arsenal

he has all of virus 404 abilities

Immunity too abilities and reversal

if you have a ability that will reverse his attack on him his attack will do nothing no dmg neither does any ability he has


black and purple flames that can scar people with instant regeneration and can kill immortals if used with his sword it can be very effective so hot only the caster can pit it out and cam burn other Flames

Omega blaster

the omega blaster is so corrupted that when it fires it shoots backwards which is very useful when it comes to surprising the enemy and it will instant kill anything under omegaversal and infinite dmg to anything over it but if you manage to survive you will start to lag and slow down due to the virus and corruption you were hit with.

Nigh omnipotence

he has every power in existence past present future except those only certain people can possess.

Nigh Omniscience

Due to living so long he knows almost everything in existence fictional and irl.


He can see into the future a few seconds very useful in a fight can use 4 times in a row before needing a hour to recharge ability can also be used to see what actions would affect the timeline and in what way which helps when trying to affect a timeline a certain way and in a fight to see what the opponent will do next depending on their move only 6 uses till recharge

Fictional rumbling

Fictional rumbling is basically a item that controls everything in fiction. You can also command fiction through "paths

you can access everything in the internet and summon ANY character/creature

You can make yourself and others be on a higher plane than fiction

CR and omega share this ability but since Every fight would be too easy they usually use this ability to create stuff and summon people when they wanna talk to someone need help with a fight or on rare occasions need to fuse with CR gaster because a opponent is leagues above him

If you want to add a power message it in the comments and I will most likely add it if it fits character

Sightings/ and rumors

Purple red and black sans and was seen lurking around Undertale sans saw them and tried approaching the sans but he disappeared before he could talk

A weird Sans was caught in Underfell, and sans saw it, he went to take a look at him, but the second he blinks he disappeared, and he was pretty confused

While sitting in the place he's in, Error404 saw a purple, red and black Sans wandering around the place. Error404 didn't care about the Sans, and the Sans teleports away

add more sightings if you want


Friends, allies and enemies

Alpha 404- is omega404's rival the only known as of now that can defeat him

Classic sans- good friend the second time sans saw him he manged to talk to him it seemed he liked many of the same things he did

Virus 404 ally/friend/father- treats him as his superior and son they often hangout together

Alpha corruption - stranger when ever omega 404 tries to get close to him he rejects him making kinda a stranger to each other

Underfell good friend - once he met uf sans but do to his appearance he looked like he was trying to trick uf sans and because he believed he and papyrus are the only skeleton s left so he attack omega just dodged until uf sans got tired and then they became good friends.

Corrupted reality gaster creation \ really good friends

CR gaster and omega are good friends that treat each other like brothers

If you want to add your oc here feel free to


Paradoxical Existence by Just Creating Stuff. Omegalovania by pixelOndy \ jeliav


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