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OrionTale is an AU that takes place in a land of the kingdoms which are the Kingdom of Glory, Kingdom of Fury, Kingdom of the Lightners, Kingdom of the Darkners, and a mysterious kingdom that hides in the shadows known as the Kingdom of the Unknown, With some kingdoms we see familiar faces for an example the king of fury is Asgore, the King of the Darkners is the King from Deltarune, and the King of the Unknown is Gaster and has much more characters. The Author of this AU is ChaseNiles

Kingdom of Glory

The Kingdom of Glory is the second kingdom made after "The Vanishing", they had a 3 year war with the Kingdom of Fury but ever since that event the Glory King and Fury King Asgore made a piece treaty with each other yet the the Glory Kingdom still dislikes Asgore even though they made a peace treaty with each other, even though he may seem nice you shouldn't trust the Glory king to much since he is known for tricking outsiders. they also are extremely disrespectful to the Kingdom of the Unknown and mocks their disappearance, any Kingdom of the Unknown Loyalist shall be executed as soon the step for into the Kingdom of Glory.

Kingdom of Fury

The Kingdom of Fury was the first kingdom made after "The Vanishing" when Asgore and Toriel started their own lands to not only build a new Kingdom but to also honor the Kingdom of the Unknown, but the Glory King didn't like this idea and created his own group just to stop Asgore which led to the war of Fury and Glory, even after the war Asgore still respects the Glory King and his kingdom even though they have been cruel to him in the past. The Kingdom of Fury is a nice place to go to, unlike the Glory king, Fury King Asgore is able to be trusted and a pretty nice guy.

Kingdom of the Lightners

after the Kingdom of Glory, a new faction rises up called the Kingdom of the Lightners, the Lightners are a beautiful faction who's goal is to secure peace inside of the underground, but later in their legacy a war started with another faction, the Kingdom of the Darkners.

Kingdom of the Darkners

When Lightner get's left behind in the rain, their soul fills with hatred and darkness and that is what happened to the Darkner king, the Kingdom of the Darkners is basically the alter ego's of the Kingdom of the Lightners, their goal is to cause chaos and rule the underground bout the Kingdom of Lightners wont let that happen anytime soon.

Kingdom of the Unknown

The first ever kingdom, use to be named the Omega Kingdom but later mysteriously disappeared in the shadows in an event known as "The Vanishing" but what some people don't know is that Gaster and his kingdom are still here, but inside of another relm of the underground. Now he only memory of this Kingdom is Sans known as The Enforcer of Judgement and Papyrus known as The Trap Master.



One of the more friendly character's and the king of fury


Instead of wandering in the ruins, she join Asgore and became the Queen of Fury


The Prince of the kingdom of Fury


Undyne is the head of the royal guards for the kingdom of Fury, she shall not be underestimated


She is the royal scientist for the kingdom of Fury


A robot created by Alphys to not only to help protect her and the kingdom, but to also entertain


She owns the spider bakery and has her own pet giant spider

The Glory King

A king who is a Liar and Schemer, even if he seems nice just don't really trust him

The Lightner King

A kind fellow who craves for peace but if you will do something wrong then you will pay

The Darkner King

A formal Lightner who was lost in the Darkness


The prince of the kingdom of Darkners


The Jester of the kingdom of the Darkners

Sans the Enforcer of Judgement

A wandering Enforcer who fights off evil with his brother

Papyrus The Trap Master

A kind person who believes there can be good in anyone, except for some people


A human who wields the Justice soul comes to help you on your journey


Also known as the Omega King or the King of the Unknown or the Founding King


In this story, Flowey is not Asriel but instead a flower that was given life by Gaster and became Gaster's Advisor


The Main villain in the story of OrionTale


Pacifist Route: Spare every monster you encounter no matter how dangerous they are

Genocide Route: Kill every monster you encounter no matter how nice they are, KILL THEM ALL

Fury Route: Complete every single mission for the Kingdom of Fury

Glory Route: Complete every single mission for the kingdom of Glory

Lightner Route: Complete every single mission for the kingdom of the Lightners

Darkner Route: Complete every single mission for the kingdom of the Darkners


Pacifist Ending: Violence is not needed

Genocide Ending: You finished the job, but was it worth it?

Glory of the Lightners Ending: Finally, Peace

Age of the Darkners Ending: Darkners win the war

True Ending: If you can even find us


This section will tell the story of OrionTale which means this is where it will explain the AU's lore and backstory so make sure you read this first before you ask me stuff about the lore behind this AU in either the comments or my message wall.


Once Monsters and Humans use to live in peace and harmony, of course you already know this part so im just going to skip ahead, the Monsters didn't know what to do, their Human friends betrayed them and they were stuck in the underground with know way out, but luckily an Intelligent Skeleton known as Gaster helped everyone find a new life in the underground. later the population of the Monsters created a kingdom and made Gaster their king for helping all of them, they did have Humans that they greeted even when the Humans betrayed them, some Humans were nice but most of the we not, and because of the recent Genocide Runners intruding the underground, Gaster made something called the Knights of Orion to fight off the Genocide Runners which and the Monsters achieved victory, and when these brave Knights died, they made a memorial for them and the day the Knights of Orion killed the Genocide Runners was known as Orion Day and named the kingdom The Omega Kingdom. but don't worry, the story doesn't end here, this is only the beginning.

Chapter 1. In the Omega Kingdom

In the Omega Kingdom you will find Merchants, Mercenaries, Warriors, Scientist, and even their own restaurant named Grillby's. The Omega Kingdom is a giant kingdom with many places to go and you can take your time getting there, but today the people are moving fast to get ready for Orion Day

Chapter 2. Orion Day

To celebrate the brave warriors, Orion Day was made to honor the Knights of Orion, it's supposed to be fun for everybody.But at the same time A human fell into the underground, many Monsters including Gaster didn't trust the human because of the last incidents with the Genocide Runners but Gaster still gave the human a chance, little did he know this would end badly for his kingdom.

Chapter 3. A legend is born

3 days after Orion Day, Gaster decided to make clones of himself to train the and turn them into warriors, the clones were named Sans and Papyrus, Sans was the shorter one but he was brave and smart, Papyrus was the taller one and he was kind but also brave, these 2 brothers will later become legends in the underground, due to certain magics Gaster used to create these clones they stared to age quite quickly and also the obtained special powers from gaster and the magic which they learned very fast, at this point even Gaster doesn't what these clones will do, some time later on Sans and Papyrus were already ready to start their legacy.

Chapter 4. Another Human, Another Genocide Runner

Gaster made a bad choice letting the Human in the underground, not only the Human has a hatred for monsters but they also have access to the Monsters Magic items, so then later on in the humans journey's she found a toy knife, and what she did was take the toy knife and then put it in a damage booster spell turning the Toy knife into a "Real Knife", they would later on use this knife on a gang who was making fun of the human, that was the start of their genocide run. The Human would go on to murdering innocent Monsters and it wouldn't take long for warriors coming to try to stop them.

Chapter 5. Battle Ready

Once Flowey heard about this, he quickly teleported to Gaster's garden so he can warn Gaster about the human, but Gaster already knows about the humans doings and he is ashamed of himself for even letting the human live and now they're using the Monsters own magic against the people of the Omega Kingdom. Gaster made his decision to send out his best units out on the human, but the human was to strong. Sans and papyrus also knows about the human, Sans wanting to become a hero by killing the human but Papyrus instead wants to stop the human without using violence but either way they both want to stop the human so the get ready by making their own homemade battle cloaks and made their own makeshift weapons out of bones, unfortunately Gaster doesn't want Sans and Papyrus fighting the human because he thinks the human is way to dangerous since he also obtained souls and magic from the Monsters they killed, but Sans isn't just going to give up and instead him and Papyrus sneak out of their home.

Chapter 6. Darkness rises

As Sans and Papyrus finds ways to sneak out of their home, the Human still wanders the kingdom looking for more monsters to kill so they can gain more power so when the warriors of the kingdom came the Human was not scared but they were happy, the warriors did not stand a chance and their soul was claimed by the powerful Human who was filled with so much more Hatred and Darkness until it fully consumed them turning the Human into some sort of demon, the Human thought of a new name, a name that would strike fear into the monsters for years, the human named themselves Oclus.

Chapter 7. The First Battle

Sans and Papyrus finally was able to sneak out of their house and now began to hunt down Oclus and once they finally found him the battle began, Sans quickly used his blue magic to throw Oclus against a building but Oclus quickly recovered and started to strike, Sans unleashed Gaster Blasters, Bones, and just about everything but Oclus was to powerful and when he got too close to Sans he slash him dealing tons of damage, Sans was still alive but heavily wounded and was unable to fight any longer but when Oclus was about to do the finishing blow, fueled by rage Papyrus used his bone attacks to take out Oclus. When Gaster quickly came out to help Sans and put an end to Oclus, Oclus's body was gone.

Chapter 8. On The Hunt

After the incident of the battle between both Sans and the Oclus the human, Gaster decided to just let the two join the hunt for Oclus. Gaster replaced there brown homemade cloaks with real black cloaks and gave them actual weapons instead. even though Sans and Papyrus are basically the sons of the King, they weren't the commander of this hunt but instead the commander was some sort of goat like monster known as Asgore, Asgore has been a long lived commander of the Omega Kingdom's army who is fearless, brave, and very nice, his work really proved himself very worthy to the King so much that he was offered to become the Grand Marshal of the army but he declined, instead the Grand Marshal is this cocky jerk who only cares about authority and respect and would later be known as "The Glory King", everyone respects Asgore's decision to decline the offer of becoming the Grand Marshal but at the same time most people would rather have Asgore as the Grand Marshal instead of him. Asgore lead the troop their campsite where they will meet, eat, and sleep, once we meet up at the campsite we discuss plan to trap the human, luckily Papyrus had lots of ideas they can use for traps that just might work, either way if they work or not, Asgore still wants to here plans so he lets Papyrus speak, Papyrus discussed about how they can use diversions, cages, floor traps, wall traps, and even ceiling traps, Asgore was amazed by Papyrus's ideas and they all quickly place these traps around the whole forest and place spying eye to monitor each trap, our hunters now wait to see if the human will arrive.

Chapter 9. Unexpected Criminals

After waiting days and nights for the human, they finally found a criminal, except that these criminals were not the human but they were Monsters who had a pretty big bounty on there head so since Sans and Papyrus were new to this whole warrior job, Asgore thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for the two, and so he send out Sans and Papyrus to take out some the the criminals while Asgore and the rest of the crew will take out the other’s, and of course, Sans was optimistic but Papyrus was a little nervous about this situation. The two brothers ran at the first two criminals killing them immediately, but when they took down a few more the gang started to notice that there members are dropping like flies and started to stay together and make traveled deeper in the forest, but the criminals didn’t suspect warriors doing this but they thought it was some wild creature hunting them down for food, but then after the bothers assassinated two more criminals, one the members noticed a weirdly placed bush but when he notified the rest of the gang they all thought he was just overlooking things, but then that all changed until the member picked up the bush and noticed a trap, so when he noticed this, Sans calmed down and kicked the criminal into the trap with Papyrus coming down along with him, it was that moment the gang knew that warriors were attacking them and started using there powers against the brothers, they were able to take out most of the members but the leader wasn’t going down easily, the leader knocked Papyrus on the ground and attempted to kill him, but Sans quickly stopped him by using his blue magic to throw him at a tree, slice his arm and wrist by using his daggers, and made a finishing blow on the leader by using his gaster blaster, after he Sans was finished with them, all they can see was the leaders legs and Sans and Papyrus went back with Asgore and the crew who also successfully took down a gang. After they met back up the crew went back to the kingdom to report this situation and withdraw from the hunt.