Since Pale came into existence without a soul, he is incapable of feeling real emotions. He spent a lot of time alone in the void until he decided to look for what he was missing. He wasn’t successful, however was able to find a substitute. By draining creativity from AU’S, he was able to feel emotion, if not for a long period of time, leading him to jump from universe to universe in order to feel something, leaving drained AU’S behind til they would fade to white until they cease to exist. Driven by the emptiness inside him, he is bound to repeat the cycle of destruction over and over again. Pale appears very in eloquent, giving only minimallistic responses if any. However, his personality ties heavy mood swings since most AU’S would only give him one feeling or a very limited range of emotions. Since it is never certain what kind of emotion he will get by draining an AU he also has no preferences and will drain whatever universe he comes across.

  • if he drains an AU the impact on him can vary
  • a blank stare is his trademark reaction toward everything
  • has the same markings over his body like ink, but won’t try to hide or explain them
  • he’d probably be good at poker if he played flags under his eye sockets about all the tem.
  • the intensity and color of his eyes indicate what emotions he gained and how strong they are (will always fade after a while)
  • he’s not wearing gloves;the bones of his forearms and arms are grey.
  • He also has the same markings as ink on his body
  • sometimes he is not able to understand his obtained feelings
  • he emotions he gains depend on the creators emotions while creating the AU not on the emotions present on the AU itself
  • uses black ink to attack
  • his ink can stick to everything and slow opponents down or completely immobilize them
  • Pale bleeds ink out of his mouth when using this (not harmful)
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