" The name's Palette, Palette Roller!"

Palette!Sans (a.k.a. Palette Roller) is an offspring from Ink!Sans and Dream!Sans. Palette is known for being shipped with Goth!Sans (offspring of Reaper!Sans and Geno!Sans). Palette and Goth's ship name is known as Poth!

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  1. Ink!Sans
  2. Dream!Sans
  3. Reaper!Sans
  4. Geno!Sans
  5. Goth!Sans (Friends [or more depending on how you wish to view it])

Many believe Palette doesn't know about Goth's (loves Palette) true feelings for him

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'Poth' ship picture (I don't own any of these)


Like Ink, he isn't the tallest. His clothes is usually themed white, yellow, turquoise, shades of blue and with multiple star patterns on him (his appearance is themed around his parents, as expected.

His eyes are yellow with a hint of green.

He wears a white hat that kinda looks like a Jojo hat in my opinion. He wears a yellow scarf that reaches until his legs. He also wears a closed white jacket with turquoise outlines and no pockets. There are small disk-like objects with a yellow star design in his shoulders. He wears brown or turquoise pants/shorts. He also wears turquoise shoes with smaller stars in the sides.


A large sized paint/palette roller. What else do you expect.


Like his parents, He is very cheerful, active and very sympathetic, he really cares for his friends and family, always wanting them to be happy and confident.

-Written by KellyKatz


Palette is obviously on the good guys side, with his parents being ink and dream. Also, like ink, he posses some power of creation with his paint.

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