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For his non-Dusttale version, see Disbelief


In Dusttale, Murder!Sans was about to kill Papyrus in order to make up for the fact that he couldn't kill Toriel, due to the human getting to her first.

But when Sans was about to finish Papyrus off, Papyrus' instinct kicked in, causing him to stab Sans to death in self-defense, breaking his sanity and causing him to blame everything on the human, leading him to change his outfit and go on his own killing spree to gain as much LOVE as possible in Sans's place. He has about 5 phases in combat. He is similar to his more sane counterpart, Disbelief Papyrus, but he has become much more brutal and uncaring. He is accompanied by a ghostly Sans, who lives after death through determination.



Papyrus still has his iconic red scarf, but almost everything else about his clothing has changed. He wears red boots with black straps and wears brown gloves instead of red ones. He wears black pants with a blue shirt, and also wears a tan coat with navy blue trims on the sleeves. He has some sort of a brown belt around his waist and usually seen holding orange bone swords with interesting hilts. He has one orange left eye while his right eye is blue and green. It is unknown why he changed his outfit, and the creator seems to avoid explaining, possibly indicating there is no in-universe reason at all.


This Papyrus is caught between his break in sanity and his normal self, and as such he has seemingly schizophrenic episodes where he balances between a caring yet troubled skeleton and a bloodthirsty, vengeful monster. Thrust into needing to kill as many monsters as possible to stop the human, he has gone insane and has felt less and less remorse. His murder spree is for the sake of his brother first and is his last stand against the human. His loss in sanity is merely a result of his fragile skeleton heart suddenly being compelled by his brother to murder for the sake of revenge on the human. As he loses emotion, he becomes uncaring and cool-headed, but is still deeply insane and upset.

Despite this, he does seem to regret killing those who were close to him, specifically Sans and Undyne, as when he accidentally killed Sans in self defense, he blamed himself until blaming Frisk, and hallucinates a ghost of his brother to cope with his death. He was already insane by the time he killed Undyne, but he apologized and respected his fallen friend by putting her remains in a jar on his bandolier.


Dustbelief's battle is hard, but not impossible. Frisk cannot hit him for a number of turns, since he either dodges it or it deals 0 DMG.

It has several phases. In his first phase, he will use hard attacks, but be one of the easier phases. In his second phase, he will become angry and attack much more harshly. In his third phase, he becomes incredibly powerful, and fights alongside the persistent souls of Sans and Undyne. In his fourth phase, he remembers himself, and gives the human another chance. In his fifth phase, he absorbs the souls, and is joined by a corrupted ghost of Sans, and Gaster. He is then killed. There are many interpretations of the fight, but none are canon, and should not be posted here.


Regular Bones

Papyrus can summon regular bones, which deal a normal amount of damage but he can summon much more than usual.

Sharp Bones

Papyrus can summon bones that have been sharpened and is likely to deal more damage.

Fourth Wall Abilities

Papyrus has the abilities to talk to the human when they are dead, and can feel the determination from when Frisk/Chara resets/loads. He also knows they aren't scared of death, since they always can just reload. This is why he tortures the human so much; he wants them to fear fighting him.


Papyrus has KR, which will drain your health.


Papyrus can summon a Phantom Dust Sans and/or Undyne. This is shown in phase 3 in the fight.

Bone Swords

Papyrus can use his Bone Swords to stab others, which most likely deal high amounts of damage.

Gaster Blaster

Due to Papyrus gaining lots of LOVE, it has awakened his ability to summon Gaster Blasters. During phases when Sans is present, Sans can use these abilities as well.

Soul Power

Papyrus likely has power over soul modes. He can manipulate the six souls to come to him, and can maintain a stable form after absorbing them.


Sans (Deceased)

After accidentally killing Sans in self defense, Papyrus was initially horrified before turning insane and now manifests an ability that allows him to see his brother's ghost. It is unknown whether this is truly Sans after death, or if it's just Papyrus's insanity and memories of his brother. It seems more likely that it is at least something like alive, due to it playing a role in multiple phases. He also seems to greatly regret killing his brother.

Undyne (Deceased)

Undyne was Papyrus's mentor, familiar and also friend. She was telling him about monsters being murdered by an unknown person, only to find out that Papyrus was the murderer, who was right behind her and killed her. Undyne tried to convince Papyrus that they could stop the human together, but Papyrus just ignores and let her turn into dust. Papyrus puts her dust into a jar, since she's his friend. She was the only kill that Papyrus found difficult, both due to her power and their friendship.


Flowey was Papyrus's 'friend', he attempts to trick Papyrus, but Papyrus ended up betraying him, but spared him and fled to the Lab, showing that he still had come MERCY inside of him.


  • Papyrus is shown to be very smart, as shown in Waterfall, Papyrus can set up traps that can kill the human. This was most likely from his time in Snowdin.
  • The creator confirmed that Dustbelief comic is not cancelled nor discontinued, however is on a long Hiatus, due to irl stuff.