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Papalgamate/Lucky 7 is the Papyrus IT from HELP_tale.


Lucky 7/Papalgamate is an IT, a being formed out of every Papyrus AU.

It has two forms in most interpretations; one in which it is weak and only has one head, and one in which it is H A P P Y and has 6 heads and a seventh eye in its chest, known as Lucky 7.

Its normal form in most headcanons appears as a normal Undertale Papyrus with no arms, melted legs, damage to various parts of it, most noticeably a hole in its chest, and a large censor bar or rectangular hole in its face replacing its eyes.

In its Lucky 7 form, it has heads, connected by bizarre arms and necks almost like a tree, and opens an eye in its chest. In this form, it becomes dangerous.

In Battle

The music commonly played during the battle is known as "$%LP &$&#!BN#TR%SL#", with the title being an extremely distorted and incoherent version of the title "HELP BONETROUSLE".

Its attacks in its Lucky 7 form mostly consist of lasers and limbs, and can combine and have different variants due to being unstable. While it is using an attack one or more of the heads can reveal eyeballs that follow the player's SOUL.

Its attacks are:

Laser Head: One of Papalgamate's skulls appears on the side of the battle box, as a white beam with blue or orange sections quickly erupt from it. The skull then moves downwards, moving the beam as well.

Arm Spikes: Several arms that jut out of the bottom of the screen, indicated by particles from the bottom of the battle box.

Arm Lunge: Papalgamate's lower-right hand slowly turns towards the player's SOUL as the arm starts reaching towards it. The arm can go out of the Battle Box as well as randomly turn and go through one side of the screen, returning on the other side. After a certain amount of movement, the arm slowly unwinds. The hand is shaky as it moves.

Arm Lunge 2: A head with an arm coming out of it that reaches for the player's SOUL. If two Arm Lunge attacks (any version) are active simultaneously and their arms come in contact with each other, both will immediately stop in place as a white, circular light shines out of the hole in the skull which used Arm Lunge 2. Shortly afterwards, the attack ends.

(Note: If two Arm Lunge 2 attacks are used and both of their arms come in contact with each other, both skulls will have a light in their holes.)


Pacifist Ending

In order to get the pacifist ending, you must perform a set of actions until Lucky 7 can be spared in a certain way.

In its first form (in popular headcanon), you must simply spare it, causing it to declare that everything is H A P P Y, and causing it to enter its Lucky 7 form.

In its Lucky 7 form, you must perform different acts until it is calm, allowing you to free its souls.

Genocide Ending (fanmade)

While fighting the Papalgamate, if a certain amount of damage is done when attacking a certain skull, the skull will be cut off and fall to the ground. Once on the ground, it will be greyed out, partially visible.

Once all of the skulls have fallen down, the player can choose to "Consume" in the Mercy menu. Once done, after some dialog, your soul (movable) and the Papalgamate's fused soul (stationary) will be visible, as if you are freeing the Papalgamate's souls. Once the player moves their soul so that it is over the Papalgamate's soul, it will begin vanishing, piece by piece. As each piece vanishes, the beam of light in the background suddenly becomes thinner, attempt to grow again, before shrinking with the consumption of the next piece, until the entire soul is consumed and the light vanishes.

Shortly after the soul is consumed, the player's soul will shake before a small, red tentacle appears, attached to their soul, signifying they have absorbed the Papalgamate and become more of an abomination.


  • It is possible that each of its heads represent a different Papyrus AU, while the eye may represent a fused consciousness or a more powerful Papyrus.
  • It is possible that its flavor text, "Looks tasty.", is a reference to how it is one of the first enemies which it is possible for Fr_sk to consume.
  • Although it and Sanstrosity/DREAD_Sans are technically brothers, it is unknown what their relationship is with each other, if there is any.