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Papyrus is one of the main protagonists in the Outertale AU and the as in most other AUs he is the younger brother of Sans, he is also very similar to his Undertale counterpart. Papyrus is also extremely annoyed by jokes and puns, Outertale Papyrus' and Undertale Papyrus' are almost identical in every aspect besides their clothes.



Outertale Papyrus wears a very long scarf that is galaxy blue with a slight which is definitely appropriate for his AU, His scarf has yellow stripes on the top and the under, his also wearing blue, which the stripes are color yellow, his wearing blue gloves with yellow stripes again, lastly, he wears a blue boots, yellow stripes, and yellow under.


Outertale Papyrus' personality, traits, is still the same. He is still Merciful and is also joyful, but he gets discouraged sometimes when he tried to capture the human, but he brings mercy.


his abilities are pretty much like Undertale Papyrus' attacks. (Ex: The bones and the "Special attack" [Which turns your soul blue)


Sans (Older Brother)

Sans is like normal UT Sans like all the other OT characters.

Undyne (Friend/mentor)

Undyne is Papyrus' friend and mentor.