Item #: SCP-7777

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7777 is currently entirely contained within Mt. █████. Site-7777 has been established around Mt. █████ and operates under the guise of a local park. Entry is not to be barred, but all subjects within range are to be directed away from the only known entry point to SCP-7777.

Information about SCP-7777 has proven unreasonably difficult to suppress entirely. In order to discourage individual study, a false entry point and several exhibits displaying early human activity in the area have been planted around the site. Individuals seeking information about SCP-7777 should be directed to these exhibits.

Should any SCP-7777-A subjects emerge from the known exit point, agents are to avoid excessive force in recontaining these subjects. All remains generated by provably necessary lethal force are to be disposed of by being scattered over a wide range. Any incidents of SCP-7777-A exit are to be recorded and submitted to Site Director Dr. ███████ within 24 hours.

If SCP-7777-A-1 is sighted, lethal force is automatically authorized. Extreme prejudice is to be used in destroying subject. If subject is not returned within SCP-7777 (or terminated) immediately, an XK-class end of the world scenario will shortly become inevitable.

If SCP-7777-A-3 is sighted, lethal force is strictly forbidden. Agents are to take extreme caution in avoiding SCP-7777-A-3 as a whole. If communication is required, inevitable, or ordered by Head Researcher ██████████, please see document SCP-7777 Guideline 6 or contact Head Researcher ██████████ for information on proper conduct.

If SCP-7777-B begins exhibiting behavior not previously recorded, all civilians are to be immediately evacuated.

If anything but an instance of SCP-7777-A emerges from SCP-7777, subjects are to be immediately detained. See Head Researcher ██████████ for further direction.

Description: [REDACTED] years ago. Documents saying that Humans and supernatural entities lived in peace. Until a war broke out. The humans won and a secret organization known as the SCP foundation was set up in order this event would never occur again. Now recent footage recovered from Site-Ebott in the [CLASSIFIED] region showcases the journey of a small child's journey through Site-Ebott has allowed us to see how the supernatural entities escaped the facility. This shocking new evidence may suggest that the supernatural entities may not be as hostile as previously thought.