Character Information

Nicknames: Sans Cipher/Cipher Sans Relationship: Will!Papyrus

Physical Description Species: Omnipotent Skeleton/Dream Demon Gender Male Eye color: Yellow Biogriphal Information



Age: over a trillion years old Occupation:


Battle Information

HP: Hp doesn't matter if he's possessed his body will still go on after death and bill cipher is invincible Attack Infinite Defense Infinite

Epilogue White Text Bill sans the judge of the multiverse... Yellow Text Do not trust at all costs by ink sans

Bill Sans is the demon of the Multiverse with the power that is impossible to comprehend. He's mostly chill after the weirdmageddon. If before he is mostly going to be after the Multiverse Rift the thing that keeps all AUS separated and him trapped the Multiverse Rift was created after Ink!Sans saw the power of the weirdmageddon and feared Bill!Sans. Bill! sans' ultimate goal in this time was to get the Multiverse Rift from Ink!Sans but Ink!Sans protects it with his life . If it breaks then Bill! Sans' nightmare realm will be open allowing him to unleash the weirdmaggedon across the multiverse. He will also try to make deals with the evil versions of Sanses to help him achieve his Goal. Examples: Murder! Sans, Killer! Sans,Cross! Sans and Error! Sans. Error, Dust, Killer and Cross are helping Bill in order to break in the Multiverse Rift. Bill Sans' goal is to break in the Multiverse Rift. This Sans does not like to kill, he will fight back in self-defense, to get something he wants, or to test himself or others.

He also likes spending time with Fresh! Sans because their personalites complement each other and Error 404!Sans has been spotted talking to him. Bill Sans doesnt drink ketchup he prefers to drink grape juice or guacamole. Bill!Sans is the Undertale version of Bill Cipher. This AU is referred to as Gravitytale or Underfalls. This AU can be taken in 3 ways. There's the way where Bill Cipher has possessed Sans, the way that it is a normal AU where Bill is Sans in the first place or Bill!Sans is a fusion. This AU is not a really well known AU This version of Sans has the powers of Bill Cipher. He is stupidly strong compared to any sans capable of pretty much anything.