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Dream!Sans was created from the light excluded by the tree of dreams, better known as the tree of feelings. Even though his name is Sans, he's rather called Dream, named after the tree that gave him life. Dream has no monster or human soul. He possesses all the good emotions of every living thing, including monsters, humans, etc. Dream works together with Ink!Sans, who creates artwork of the AU's and protects them, while Dream fills them with happiness and love. He has a brother named Nightmare; Dream usually calls him out for his bad deeds.


Dream is smaller than the original Sans. In the past, he wore a golden crown on his head and a light blue jacket, with slightly darker pants. The jacket was closed with a golden belt with the initials 'DS' on it (standing for Dream Sans). On the sides of the belt were orbs containing the hopes and dreams of everyone. He had boots that matched with his belt. He also wore a golden cape, a gift from his brother, tied up with a badge.

As of 2018, Dream has been upgraded with a new and official design. He now has an outfit of black sort-of under stocking and a withered coat that's light yellow with tips of cyan. He still sports a golden crown and belt, but the belt is now cyan with only the 'DS' intials being gold in color. Dream's boots and gloves are of an orange-yellow color with cyan belts. He still has his golden cape, but it's now more of a scarf due to Nightmare (his brother) breaking it.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

As the incarnation of positive emotions, Dream can absorb the happy emotions near him and use them to heal himself or his allies; He also can use them to increase his own speed and strength. His weapon is a golden pole with stars on its ends. The pole can also transform into a bow. Dream can use happiness to travel between AUs.

Weakness: Feelings that aren't positive can weaken him.

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  • He's the one who established the Star Sanses group.
  • He and his brother were made by Joku.
  • The guardian of the golden, light, or dream fruit the tree of feelings produced.