Gaster!Sans is a mixture of W. D. Gaster and Sans. He both appeared on EchoTale and UnderPatch.



Gaster! Sans wears a black coat that has white trim on the hood. In addition to his coat he has Gaster blaster designs on his sleeves. He has holes in the center of his palms. he wears grey jeans with a black belt. He has scars on his head that look like W.D. Gaster's.

He is sometimes portrayed wearing a light grey sweater. (even sometimes portrayed barely wearing a shirt at all) he is shown with one glowing right eye on the with a black pupil in the center. He wears black boots. (He is sometimes even portrayed with a chain belt. If it is canon or not is unclear)


Gaster Sans tends to be seductive/flirty, and likes to toy with Echo Frisk. He does things the usual Sanses would do. He does smoke, but only because he thinks it's "cool". He's an alcoholic, and he is drunk most of the time. He doesn't have a confirmed backstory (yet).


Gaster!Sans may be the first and only one to appear in two AUs.

  • His name is occasionally shortened to "G!Sans" or just "G".


Gaster!Papyrus (brother)

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Gaster (relation)

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EchoTale! Frisk (love interest)

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UnderPatch Frisk (Friend)

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