"Honestly, I did not think you could become any more broken than you already were, and yet, here you are."
– Error!Sans

Fatal_Error is the result of Error!Sans trying to "Eliminate" Geno!Sans. However, Geno cannot be killed, so he becomes an Error.

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Story Edit

It all started with a fight between Error and Geno. Geno lost, and Error tied him up with his strings. When Error attempted to eliminate him, Geno's Determination saved him.... kind of.

Profile Edit

Due to the fact that Fatal_Error was created when Error tried to kill Geno, he is, well, an Error. Because the comic has not yet been finished, there is not much else to say about him.

Personality Edit

Fatal has been described by Xedramon as a Geno who has lost everything, including his own mind.

The only thing he seems to have kept normal is his brotherly love for Papyrus; however, this has turned into an extreme, where he now goes to any measure to get Papyrus back, including breaking apart universes.

Appearance Edit

He still has the white clothes, red scarf, and giant gash of Geno, but he no longer has the glitch covering his right eye; his T-shirt is black with green lines of coding on it; his scarf has white coding lines on it; his left eye is completely blue, and his right eye is entirely red, again, both with white coding lines in them. When he speaks, there is no text box, and his text repeats overlapping in red, blue, and sometimes yellow. He also has blue and red glitches surrounding him that he cannot control, much like Error. The more emotional he gets, the more that his text repeats, and the more glitches that appear around him.

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

He has the power of Determination, but because of that, he became an error when Error tried to eliminate him. He still can use Gaster Blasters, throws bones, and he may have his own versions of Error's strings. he is also able to see code.

Trivia Edit