Gaster!Sans is a mixture of W. D. Gaster and Sans. He both appeared on Echotale and Underpatch.


Relationships Edit

- Gaster!Papyrus

- Echo!Frisk (Echotale)

-Frisk (Underpatch)


  • Gaster!Sans may be the first and only one to appear on both AUs.
  • Gaster!Sans tends to be seductive, and likes to toy with Echo!Frisk, doing things the usual Sans-es would do.
  • He smokes, but only does it because he thinks it's cool.
  • He's an alcoholic, drunk most of the time.
  • He has no confirmed backstory.
  • Sometimes he is drawn with a chain belt, sometimes not. Whether that is the creator's canon is unclear.
  • His name is occasionally shortened to "G!Sans" or just "G".
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