¡Horror! Sans es una versión más segura de Sans, creada por el usuario de Tumblr Sour-Apple-Studios. Esta AU tiene un montón de años después de una ruta neutral y las cosas han cambiado para peor. No importa cuántos juegos de palabras explotar este esqueleto o cuántos huesos divertidos logre cosquillas, al final del día todavía comerá o se lo comerá n.


Horror!Sans doesn't change much when it comes to attire. Like our buddy Classic!Sans, he wears a blue hoodie, black shorts with white stripes, a white shirt and instead of slippers, blue tennis shoes. His shirt also appears to be stained with blood, as shown in SAS's mini comic "Sanservice"

His physical appearance is what really makes him stand out. Unlike Classic, Horror!Sans has a very large and very noticeable hole in his cranium. SAS mentioned that he got the injury from Queen Undyne herself! Like Underfell!Sans, Horror has a very large, red glowing eye. It only narrows when he's feeling strong emotions and of course only dims during dark or unpleasant situations.

If you compare this horrific skeleton to the player/Aliza you will see that he's only taller by a few inches, but has a large build. He's literally big boned.

His smiley grin has widened and became more psychotic after his encounter with Queen Undyne

Personality Edit

A lot of people assume that Horror is some insane psychopath out on the hunt for some fresh human flesh. If you believe this, you're wrong. Yes, Horror is definitely not entirely sane, but there's still bits and pieces of his real self in there somewhere. He still absolutely loves puns, his brother of course, and on a darker note, psychological torture.

You see, due to being trapped underground for so long, he's become extremely bored with everything and is generally unsafe to approach. Instead of chasing his prey he prefers to lure them into his trap. Which is why it's best to keep your distance and keep the guy entertained.

Flipping to the more psychological side of things, Horror!Sans's head injury left him with mild retrograde amnesia and unpredictable mood swings. Bits and pieces from Frisk's neutral run are lost in memory.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Horror's injury has left him with limited magic use. He can still summon bones, though very bloody and sharp in nature, and use his blue attack. But there's been no mention of Gaster Blasters and his teleportation is limited. This is where his luring technique comes in handy. He has a meat cleaver in the comics but the fandom has given him a hatchet or axe, that deals a very deadly amount of damage since it has killed the player/Aliza with one slice. His hp though is unsure of, though it's safe to assume since he calls himself as "undead dead" that he has more than the average sans' hp. His unpredictable mood swings makes him a much more unpredictable opponent than his original self since the player wouldn't be able to predict any patterns and memorization wouldn't really matter in game anymore. He just treats the player like any other human.

Relationships/Character Mentions Edit

Horror appears to be friends with Toriel, communicating with her from behind the door. Though in the Playable Teaser, he claims that he hasn't checked up on her lately and that he possibly made the mistake of telling her what it was like outside the Ruins. She hasn't taken it well. "In fact you could say it, 'ruined' her life."

His relationship with Papyrus hasn't changed, they're still very close. But he questions how much time and effort should be put into his brother's puzzles. Yes, they have an interesting spin of bloody murder but they're not original. "...If it's not original, how much work is it really worth?"

Horror doesn't care much for the player/Aliza. To him she's just another human that's about to meet their doom. When asking him about "Home" he replies with "Aw, gotta family waiting for ya? Nice parents? Friends? That's cute. But I doubt it. You look pretty miserable for a well-loved baby human." He then proceeds to insult the girl and explain how things down in the Underground are worse. "We're all basically stuck in a bad place, so welcome to the party."

Horror has an extreme disliking for the Underground's new ruler, Undyne or "Queen Undick" is what he calls her. He hates her so much that he even convinced his own brother to eat any humans they come across instead of bringing them to her. They obviously don't see eye to eyesocket. "Personally, I kinda want her dead. But then who'd be left to rule this paradise?"

He doesn't know much about Alphys's state. He presumes that she's dead. But he mentions how pieces of the humans that met their fate in Papyrus's traps go missing. This could either be Alphys at work or even Gaster. "I uh. I don't know how to answer that question yet. Though I figure she's dead. Probably."

After asking about Alphys, you can ask about Gaster (Its hidden under the "..." text.) Horror!Sans will tense up, flash an unsettling smile and then bones will impale Aliza. Papyrus responds with a "SANS! NOT AGAIN!" and then the death screen appears with Flowey saying, "That's a touchy subject down here."


  • His dialogue ranges from helpful advice/encouragement to bad ideas and random gibberish.
  • In game, it's impossible to pass him unless the player has tasted Papyrus's spaghetti first.
  • Another mini comic piece, showing how a date might go in Horrortale.
  • He still drinks ketchup, not blood.
  • SAS doesn't mind if people ship their AU's characters. (Most common ship happens to be Aliza x Horror!Sans)
  • Horror!sans after the neautral ending has killed more than one human before Aliza fell down.