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"This will be the last time you hurt my brother."
– LVtale Sans


LV!Tale Sans started off as a regular Undertale Sans. But, there was a virus, which infected Sans and much of the Underground. Unlike everybody else, however, the virus did not have full effect on Sans.

So, he had half of his body's control, while the virus had the other half of his body. Sometimes, when he blacks out, the virus takes full control over him. In this state, he is 10 times more violent and 30 times more stronger and Powerful.



LV!Sans has a red hoodie and a white hood, with a grey zipper.

Like Killer Sans, LV!Tale Sans has black liquid coming out of his eyes. He has black shorts with grey stripes and a white shirt. LV!Sans also has white slippers and holes in his hands.


He has the personality of a regular Sans, but he gets very mad if anything from the past is brought up. He is also more scary/intimidating then the regular Sans.

Personality in Combat

in combat LVtale sans is unpredictable. he is very fast in his combat. he will try to kill the Person who will pose the biggest threat first.


Fire magic

LV!Tale Sans can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire's intensity will be different.

Ice magic

LV!Tale Sans can create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally in forms of snow, slush, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, and cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, for various effects and combinations.

Gaster Blasters

The Gaster Blasters are mainly used to attack enemies by releasing a blast of red energy. It can be used as a shield to block attacks, and can even block other blasts from Gaster Blasters. the SOUL he has Change what the blasters do.


These have orange eyes and fire orange beams. They do damage to you unless you move while in the beam.


These have yellow eyes and fire yellow beams. The more sins you have committed, the more damage these do.


These have green eyes and fire green beams. Like Justice, they will heal you if you are a good person, or do nothing if you have done bad things (EX: Rudeness, jealousy, etc.)

There are more, but sadly unknown


Every LV!Tale monster can heal themselves or others.


LV!Tale sans is a very good strategist and can think his way out of many different situations.


LV!Tale Sans can create a "short-cut" to 2 different places and teleport there.


LV!Tale Sans cannot die of age.


Put Killer and Dust Sans's bones together and you get this. 5x stronger in Bad Time mode, and he can change their color after they have been summoned.

Unfair Play

Every time you try to hit LV!Tale Sans, he will dodge, getting higher ATK. He can also restrict RESETs and LOADs. LV!Tale Sans can also break the FIGHT button, box, and can restrain magic.


LV!Tale Sans can fuse with another person, but he must gain their consent. If not, LV!Tale Sans can force a fusion but he won't have true sync with the other.

Magic Absorption

Like Epic!Sans, LV!Tale Sans can use the holes in his hand to absorb energy and shoot it back out.

Soul Manipulation

LV!Tale Sans can turn your SOUL blue, fling it around, and pretty much do what a normal Sans does to your SOUL.


LV!Tale Sans can summon black tentacles, the idea most likely from Nightmare!Sans.

Weapon master

He's a Master with all close-range weapons(Axes,swords,knives,Cleavers,Etc)

Water Breathing

LV!Tale Sans can breath underwater.

LV Steal

LV!Tale Sans can take LV, but not from others stronger then him.

money summon

he can summon money.

AU Travel

LV!Tale Sans can jump into different AUs. With the magic eye, he can go into different multiverse.

LV Strings

These are slightly more powerful than Error Sans's strings. Every time LV!Tale Sans uses these he loses 1 LV, so he tries not to use these.

virus Resistance

LV!tale sans is excessively resistant to any kind of virus.

AU Lock

LV!Tale Sans can lock 1 AU at the cost of 1 LV.

Code Collect

LV!Tale Sans can collect code from other AUs. (Mostly stats for LV.)

lv hell

He can of summon a portal to a dimension no one can access except for himself. LV Sans has made it sure that nobody will ever find out about this

HP Regen

LV!Tale Sans can regen his HP fast.


he can summon his Henchmen to help in a fight they get a x2 boost by this.

Weapon Immunity

this only Works with his Weapon.


he can slow time to half speed for up to a five-mile area


LV!Tale Sans can only use this when the virus takes full control. Hot chains come from the ground and hold the victim down. Then, when they're stuck, he restrains all magic usage so they can't teleport away, and drains half of the victims blood. Then, he waits until the victim gets their blood back and does it all again until LV!Tale Sans gets bored.



LV!Tale Sans can summon an axe.


LV!Tale Sans can only this in his LV!Fell form. It is almost powerful enough to kill Infected Sans.

Axythe (Axe Scythe?)

LV!Tale Sans can only this in full virus form, able to kill Infected.


Virus Control

The virus can sometimes take full control of LV!Tale Sans's body. When the virus is done, LV!Tale Sans will get his body back in a pained state.

error form

He basically becomes error sans. his Strings don't take any LV any more. his blasters become glitched same with his bones And they get stronger too.


LV!Tale Sans can fuse with Fell!Sans to make them 20 times stronger. This can also be used with Virus Control for 50 times stronger and 15 times more violent.


LV!Tale sans will fuse with killer to make them 40 times stronger. This can also be used with Virus Control for 80 times stronger and 29 times more violent.(There will be a Fusion of all of his allies)


LV!Tale sans will fuse with dust to make them 50 times stronger. This can also be used with Virus Control for 100 times stronger and 27 times more violent


LV!Tale sans will fuse with horror to make them 34 times stronger. This can also be used with Virus Control for 68 times stronger and 30 times more violent


LV!Tale sans will fuse with glitchtale sans to make them 41 times stronger. This can also be used with Virus Control for 82 times stronger and 11 times more violent.


LV!Tale sans will fuse with Sabor sans and Incursion sans becoming 15^300 times stronger.



LV!Tale Sans tends to hide his anger and he will have a hard time trusting people.


LV!Tale Sans likes chocolate, and may get tempted enough to make himself vulnerable for a bit while he's getting the chocolate.

Half Blind

He has very bad eyesight in one eye.


LV!Tale Sans has phobias of:


Speaking in public




The Order is From the 1st/Best to the Last/Worse


Unknown Patch (Frenemies)

LV!Tale Sans was roaming the AUs when he found Unknown Patch and tried to kill them. But, they just shook off the damage.

Underfell!Sans (Friends)

LV!Tale Sans has saved Fell!Sans.

Glitchtale!Sans (Student)

LV!Tale Sans has taught GT!Sans an attack.

UnderSwap!Sans (Enemy)

LV!Tale Sans, for no reason, hates Swap!Sans.

Error404!Sans (Enemy)


Dusttale!Sans (Ally)

He helps the murder time Trio if the Player tries to hack the game. He replaces killer when you kill him

Killer Sans (Ally)

Same with Dust Sans, he helps the murder time Trio if the Player tries to hack the game.

horror sans (ally)

Same with dust sans, he helps the murder time Trio if the Player tries to hack the game

Nightmare Sans (Ally)

Nightmare Tried to get him on his team, but LV attacked nightmare and when he realized nightmare was unable to be killed because of the Ooze surrounding him. he tried to teleport away but nightmare grabbed him and knock him out. he woke up he broke out of the jail and when he got out of the castle he teleported away. After fighting for years They eventually made something so they don't have to fight anymore. LV Would join the bad sanses If the bad sanses would come help him whenever he's in danger


He finds the Trojan strange, but gets along with him. Sometimes the Trojan even helps him.

Ganz and Mel Sans (Partners)

the only 2( Apart from his brother) that can calm him down when he gets taken over by the virus.

Error502 (Friends)

he was in a fight with Nightmare, when suddenly he got teleported into a rainbow void. He looked around and couldn't see anyone so he just sat there and well slept. Then a weird skeleton teleported behind him he woke up and Summoned his gaster blaster Pointing it at him. but he Noticed he wasn't attacking him so he figured if he attacked me I could probably survive the attack Since I have enough defense and a hp to survive. so they Started talking And well they became friends

Dream (Enemy)

He hates dream because he is friends with blueberry and tries to stop him when he's killing people.

Dream,techno,George,sapnap,Tommyinit (Friends)

During one day while LV was chilling outside of his au to making sure nothing happens to it. he got knocked by a mysterious projectile coming from an unknown entity. therefore he was been thrown into a random universe, When he woke up you can he was very pissed off, he Destroyed a few mountains then he Look over to the Side to see 5 people(Technoblade, dream, George, sapnap and Tommyinit),Techno blade screamed "Blood for the blood God" *add epic Battle*(tommy Died 2 times, dream 0 times, techno 0 times, George 2 times, sapnap 1 time) They finally knocked him out And put weakness on him so when he wakes up he he won't attack Them. He woke up after a few hours and Tried to kill everybody in the room (all of dream smp) but his Magic wasn't working.

he tried the run but technoblade and dream held him down *A few hours later of Talking* he became really good friends with everybody he open a portal to his Universe saying goodbye to everybody and everybody Said bye back.

Dark Coruapted Core Sans ally/firend

*this information has been deleted by an unknown entity it send you this message:*

Dark!insanity!sans ally

So in a meeting with team NULL they talked over some stuff bought milkshakes and soy sauce and became allys

Sabor!sans enemy

through quad!dust!sans sabor found that LV might be a threat to his plan so ever since then they fight......alot

Undertale text box - 2021-01-18T135944.061.png

Incursion!Sans (Enemy)

I really don't like what LV does.


  • A timeline of UF!Sans was almost killed when LV!Sans showed up and took Fell to only a place LV!Sans knew about. Fell has never been seen in his AU.
  • A random underswap papyrus was Walking around his timeline he saw his Brother almost dead in the middle of Snowdin Forest And another version of his brother About to kill his bro so Underswap Papyrus fired his gaster Blaster and the sans teleported away he took his brother to get help. he asked ink who that sans was but he Didn't know
  • Echotale Sans and frisk we're walking around their waterfall then a portal opened up in front of them LV started attacking them He broke the Frisk leg's And he is severely wounded Echotale Sans, A random blast came out of nowhere shooting LV off of echotale sans It is believed that the blast came from Incursion He teleported right after he got hit
  • you can add more


to get the Virus out of him but he Thinks it's already too late so he kills for fun.


  • LV!Sans is inspired by Killer and Dust Sans.
  • He drinks soy sauce and ketchup.
  • He likes chocolate and cookies.
  • He hardly never Drinks beer but When he does he can down 7 before getting Drunk
  • His birthday is on 2/3/1990.
  • LV!Sans when under the virus's control is probably 10x more violent, and 30x stronger.
  • The black liquid flooding from his eyes is apparently HATE.
  • He makes fun of other sans Sometimes for people shipping Them with other sans
  • he is the Leader of team LV


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