Storyswap Sans is the first Boss Monster you meet in ryswapShiftswap. Taking Underswap Asgore's role as the Caretaker of the Ruins.


Profile Edit

StorySwap Sans is the Second Main Character { Mettaton Being the First } You meet in Shiftswap, Sans now has Toriel's roles and personalities.

Appearance Edit

Sans wears like Toriel, The Difference is that he wears slippers while the normal Toriel has no Slippers. Sans' robe also has the Delta Rune symbol just like Toriel's robe.

Personality Edit

Sans is still the same, being the supporting character, But he took Toriel's Personalities, which is being kind. Acting like a family, Sans also separates himself and ShiftSwap Papyrus since Papyrus will take The Human Souls.

Relationships Edit

Storyswap Papyrus Edit

As they have a brotherly relationship, Sans really hates Papyrus when he killed 6 humans that fell into the underground that have soul traits. {Bravery, Justice, Kindness, Patience, Integrity and Perseverance. } So Papyrus and the other monsters will be free to make another wage war on Humanity.

StorySwap Asriel Edit

From Sans' love for puns, Asriel and Sans became best friends when they encountered each other through the Ruins Door. When Asriel first met Sans, they told puns and knock-knock jokes to each other. Slowly, they became closer and closer as friends.

In the True Pacifist route, Sans realizes Asriel's voice is familiar, this is when they finally meet each other face to face.

StorySwap Chara Edit

Sans has a "vague" relationship with Chara. ( This means not knowing each other very well.)

This is until Asriel properly introduces Chara to Sans.

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