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Just like Error, Template started all alone in the anti-void without knowing where he was or how he got there. He soon discovered that he could open portals to almost every AU in the multiverse and started to follow and watch the various the various and timelines in each of them. He admired the variety and different turns of every universe instead of destroying them, he decided that he wanted to preserve them. He actively visits AUs, but but often interferes without being aware that he might cause problems by doing so. Overall, however, he's cheerful and optimistic. He sometimes jumps at people and 'Fanboys' at them, he also tends to monologue and talk too much. Template also likes to act what he thinks is 'cool', but for outsiders this probably seems ridiculous or unfitting most of the time. He knows about almost every AU and out-code out there and heavily idolises ink, which is why he's mimicking his outfit to a certain extend. He sees himself as the good guy, so he doesn't like to be called evil or a glitch.



He almost resembles Error, but his outfit resembles Ink's. He wears a blue scarf, with a red/black shirt, and wears black gloves. He wears black sweatpants with blue stripes, and has a black/yellow sweater tied around his waist. He wears white/black/blue/yellow shoes and his arms and legs are red. He wears red round eyeglasses. His right eye is white while his right blue/yellow/black eye is shaped like a diamond, but with sharp edges. The outer part of his eye is red, like Error's. The markings on his face resemble an angle gauge. He is shown holding a big black pen with a blue ring on the upper part of his pen. The ring on pen tip randomly changes color. The blue ring has the word 'Error' all around it (doesn't change color).


He loves to play the hero, therefore loves to make dramatic appearances and poses. He's quite expressive (and seems happy most of the time).


He can create things by drawing on a digital grid. He 'glitches' things into existence by just touching them. He can create almost anything his way.

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