– Sans 'dunks' Frisk while s/he's sleeping.

Sans is the older brother of Papyrus and a major character in Underpants. He serves as a supporting character in a True Ending and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in a Genocide Ending.

Profile Edit

Sans has incredible dodging skills, Extreme strength and telekinesis.

Main StoryEdit

True Ending Edit

He is somewhat hinted to be in a relationship with Toriel. Referencing all the Toriel and Sans ships and the screaming references haters of this ship.

Genocide Ending (April Fools) Edit

Sans turns into SANESS, making the rest of the video a total joke.

For more information about SANESSS, see SANESSS.

Genocide EndingEdit

Sans fights against Frisk, killing them several times, but then loses and gets banished to an AU where SANESS is Sans.

Abilities Edit

Sans' Abilities are Similar to The Original Sans {Undertale Sans}. However, some of them are made up.

SAAAAANSS DAAAAAAANCE - This attack is used if Sans will challenge Frisk/Chara to Survive his Attack to show his 'Special attack'. However, Frisk/Chara Survived.

BIG FIST - Its also Sans' First attack, When Frisk first encounter Sans, Frisk easily gets hit by Sans.

Bones - Sans' Default attack, When Frisk encounters Sans for the second time,Frisk get hit by the bones.

Gaster Blaster Spam - Another attack both Sans And Sans(Underpants) Can do.He uses this attack a lot of times.

👌 - Sans Will make this shape with his hand "👌". Then he will punch the user in the eyes.

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Trivia Edit

  • SANESSS is a meme.
  • Sans can be seen in UNDERPANTS - 17 taking care of a baby Papyrus, hinting that he is the younger brother.
  • In the Neutral Ending, when Sans gets electrocuted, one may see Ness inside him, hinting all of the theories that Sans is Ness.
  • When song plays... actually PLEASE DONT.