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* The contents of this page are from a non-canon source, and thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the AU series. But sometime, it may became canon, later... Don't you think?

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Item #: SCP-106-J

Object Class: Fuck you


still looking here? this is getting creepy stop looking at me >:C I SAID STOP LOOKING AT ME

Special Containment ProceduresEdit



SCP-106-J appears to be a distorted, skeletal humanoid, with a general appearance of living in nowhere where he appeared. This appearance may vary, but the “retarded” quality is observed in all forms. SCP-106-J is EXTREMELY agile, but will remain motionless for days at a time because of its seizure behavior, waiting for people to have a bad tom. SCP-106-J is not capable of scaling any vertical surface, any reports of its attempts must be reported IMMEDIATELY before breaking its back. When attacking, SCP-106-J will attempt to shout any personal to sings Mogolovonio with a loud volume, then pull them into his penal zone where he then activates his bad tom. SCP-106-J appears to prefer human victims in 10-25 years of age bracket.

SCP-106-J appears to go through long periods of “dormancy”, in which he will pull new and rare Tom blasters out of thin air for up to three months. The cause for this is unknown; however, it has been shown that this appears to be used as a tactic of getting more toms. If SCP-106-J is disturbed during this state, it will emerge from this state in a very agitated state, and will attack or abduct staff and cause LOTS of damage to its containment cell and the site at large.