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"There it is... The last fragment to make the fantasy true..."

XTale Sans/XSans, also dubbed Cross, is a main character during the XTALE series, the protagonist during the XTALE Comic and the Anti-Hero of Underverse Season 1.

He was made by Jakei95 (aka. JakaeiArtworks) on DeviantArt.


In X-Tale, X-Tale!Sans was a trainee for the royal guard, who began experiencing issues related to his code; which is actually relatable to The X-Event's cause.

After he seals their main SOUL within him to result in his universe's corruption, and his realization that he couldn't overwrite, he finally obliged to follow Cross!Chara's orders.

During Underverse Season 1, he appeared as an antagonist causing chaos across the multiverse; first stealing Classic!Sans' soul, then making a deal with Nightmare to emotionally hurt people to be able to travel to AUs to take their core codes back to his universe.

But in Underverse 0.3, during a confrontation with Team Sans, after he was destroying Underswap, he was defeated and got his stolen soul taken away, erasing him from existence Once Chara got a human soul.

However, at the end of Underverse 0.4, XGaster revived him and offered Cross to join him and his friends.



Cross has one white pupil and one red pupil, and a lightning bolt shaped "scar" under his right eye socket, gained during his fight against X-Tale!Frisk before X-Tale!Gaster resets. His original soul was half an upside-down white monster soul and half a red human soul.

He wears mostly black and white, same with the rest of the X-Tale cast. His attire consists of a white jacket with a hood over a black long sleeved shirt and several white attachments and white fluff on the hood, black shorts with white X's on each leg and white shoes with X's on them. He wears a gold locket and a black and white tattered cape and fights with the HACK knife, a small, fragile knife capable of corrupting codes itself, if it does not break in the process.

After being brought back in Underverse 0.4, his red eye and scar are no longer present.


At first, Cross was far more compassionate than Undertale Sans, wanting to believe in Frisk even when he attacked him. But when Frisk took control of his friends, including his brother Papyrus, he lost all faith in him, and used all of his power to stop him by killing his former friends, even ruthlessly killing Papyrus and absorbing Frisk's soul.

His greed and recklessness was shown as even when Chara told him he couldn’t overwrite, he killed Frisk anyway. Once he realized the truth, he had a mental breakdown and became completely delusional over the loss of his own world, even to the point of throwing his negative feelings at Chara.

Despite this, he becomes excited and obsessive over tacos and chocolate, and was very friendly towards Ink before he told Cross that he couldn't revive the dead. Afterwards, he acts arrogant towards others and is disgusted by everything around him. Cross is also more active than Classic Sans and was never lazy (EVER). He also became very selfish and rude, ruining other AUs pacifist timelines just to restore his AU.


During before the incidents of TIMELINE X, Cross was a well trained guardian alongside his brother, by general Mettaton. He has 10 years of training and experiences, making him a worthy opponent. Because Cross is a Sans, his abilities do not change: Gaster Blaster, Telekinesis, Bones, 'Shortcuts' (Teleportation) etc.

After he obliterated everyone, including his own brother, and absorbed Frisk/Chara's soul, he gained new abilities. He wasn't able to OVERWRITE since it the half that he managed to grab wasn't programmed to work with the body and/or soul with a monster, but he gained reduced abilities:

He is able to steal certain code from different AUs, and wants to use it to remake his own world, while also being able to EDIT what he stole for his own pleasure. His own code also allows him to regenerate any wounds. During the XEvent, his teleportation also increased, allowing him to teleport to any au that he wants as long as he has knowledge for at least a route. It's also shown for Cross to have gained new bullet patterns from Chara, which are shaped in the form of Knives. But these abilities aren't usable if his other side isn't awake. Otherwise, his abilities don't change.



X-Tale!Sans used to live his life as a trainee for the royal guard, but while taking a test with Undyne, his urge to kill Frisk was within him, causing Papyrus to stop him before it was too late. However, his genocide code was regenerating once more, culminating into a desire to murder Frisk upfront during a peace ceremony. A reset happens immediately soon after, which made it so that the incident never took place.

With confusion in his mind, Frisk comes up to Sans and tries to convince him to kill him for the purpose of getting a happier timeline. He refuses, and Frisk uses his time to defeat Sans, giving him his iconic nickname "Cross" before Gaster resets back to the day the brothers took Undyne's test. As it turns out, everyone was now against Gaster, and because of his ignorance to see the trouble caused by his "father", everyone turned against him, including his own brother.

Realizing the X-Event's demands, he goes out of his way to kill the entire cast of characters (except Alphys and Gaster) and absorbs the soul of the X-Event to grant him the power. As it turns out however, his monster soul weakened the ability to use most of the powers (such as OVERWRITE) of the X-Event, and after finishing off Frisk, his depression worsened.

Between X-Tale and Underverse

With his universe in shambles, and his realization of his weakened powers, Cross' tears end up catching Ink's attention. Ink's constant visiting helped Cross control Chara within him. Later, he's met by Core Frisk, who tries to convince him to bring him to the Omega Timeline, but he denies, saying that his world was still there, despite Ink saying otherwise.

Staying in his own world, however, allowed Error to get into his universe and take his soul. Ink tried to intervene, but was taken down by Error. Without a soul, he was now living off of Cross!Chara 's determination with a time limit.



With his life at risk, Cross intercepts his world to Sans to try to take his place. Sans nearly kills Cross over this, but after he explains what's happening, he takes half of his soul. Before the both of them can do anything about it, Ink shows up to steal the spotlight. Sans and Ink both defeat Cross, but he ends up escaping anyways with half of Cross Sans' soul.


With motivation from Cross!Chara himself, Cross!Chara adsorbs Sans's half soul. He even tells him of other universe, but Cross!Chara doesn't realize that they have no place to go. He immediately becomes angry over the issue, and this attracts Nightmare!Sans. They both make a deal: If Cross can hurt someone mentally in each universe he takes him, he can take parts of their world to rebuild his. He's taken to his first universe, which Nightmare describes as "a rude place that is being turned around thanks to a little human and their stupid flower."


Cross immediately begins The X-Event within Underfell, but while marking the path for what he wants to take, he was stopped by Underfell!Sans. He tells him to either allow him to take parts of his world, or accept that his world is theirs, which Underfell!Sans refuses, and despite his best, Underfell!Sans is taken hostage by Cross himself. Ink isn't pleased over the situation, and after Sans decides to handle the problem, Cross uses his HACK knife to take control of Underfell!Sans himself.

The four of them begins their assault, as the X-Event begins taking parts of the world to his. After trapping Underfell!Sans, Sans begins explaining his experience with half a soul, stating that he saw XGaster himself, and would harm him if he finds out that he's in league with them. Cross!Chara tells him to escape afterwards, and once Underfell!Sans is freed from his control, they both flee.


With the Underfell Snowdin in their hands, Cross is stunned over Cross!Chara's remarks, citing he should've gotten a soul for himself. When he convinces Cross to sleep, he finds out that it was a trap, and that Cross!Chara was taking over, which he narrowly stopped by stabbing his left eye.

Nightmare takes Cross to a Underswap pacifist timeline after getting into a heated argument about the deal. Mistaking him for his brother, Underswap!Papyrus proceeds to let the whole world know of Cross' existence. He's soon made aware of how similar the codes are in this universe, and throws the bucket at Toriel, doing what Nightmare told him to do.

Everyone soon arrives at where Cross was striking at everyone in Underswap, and Ink knows how similar his and their universe are, convincing him to step down from what he's doing. This distraction caused by Ink and Underswap!Sans gave enough time for Underfell!Sans and Classic!Sans to take him down. Classic soon reunites his own soul, disabling Cross, but allowing Cross!Chara to proceed with his own doings.

He only makes one appearance in the second part, appearing as an illusion thanks to him and Underswap!Sans's similar code. X-Event!Chara even mistakes the latter for him.

Xtra Scene 2

During Error's dream, Cross is seen with Cross!Chara regarding taking Undernovela!Frisk. They argue whether or not they should take their soul, but they're caught red-handed by Asgoro and Sins.

Underverse 0.4

Cross appears briefly at the end of the episode, after XGaster brings him back. Because X-Event!Chara is gone, he no longer has his scar or his red eye. He also appears in the credits sequence, where Dream!Sans helps him enter the Omega Timeline safely, as well as fighting his brother and Killer!Sans.

Timeline II

Sans makes a small appearance in the timeline. Sitting along with Frisk. Frisk recitals him as his best friend and the only one who understands.



Underverse 0.3 Quote.png

These 2 don't have a pleasant relationship; rather a toxic one. Even during Timeline X Chara despised Cross for his decisions, even warned Frisk he'd refuse to help. After his soul was absorbed by Cross, Chara began to be more and more aggressive towards him, and when he killed Frisk in the void, he began to become more manipulative. After Ink arrived, Chara started to become less involved, and with the help of Ink Cross gained more control over the body. But when it was revealed that he can't resurrect the dead, Chara began to take action on his mentality again, and everything got worse when their SOUL was stolen. When Cross managed to gain half of Classic Sans's SOUL, with the help of XChara, he began to plan on stealing parts of other worlds. Cross accepted since he wanted his home back at all costs, but Chara's intentions differed. XChara saw Cross only as a tool, just as XFrisk predicted him.


Cross used to be XFrisk's best friend, during both Timeline II and Timeline X, the rest are unknown. He used to be the person Frisk relied on the most with his problems, causing these 2 to have a great bound together until Cross gets killed by XGaster.

XFrisk, moments before OVERWRITING Cross's code with a Genocide Sans's one.

During Timeline X things differ: XFrisk was Cross's first best and friend when they children, but we didn't get much as XFrisk didn't really interact that much. 10 years after the barrier is broken, these 2 seem to have grown more together, or as much as they could be. Cross and Papyrus have entered the royal guard just for Frisk's sake, to keep him safe from the overwritten humans that kept attacking him. XFrisk has chosen Cross as his candidate to help him eliminate his corrupted soul, but when he learned about the silent war and what XFrisk did, he started to argue, breaking a bit of the chain. When Frisk stabed him in the back, Cross was too furious with him to even feel the pain. He later on revolts, managing to stab XFrisk and grab his soul before he was the one eliminated, and they have a brief conversation, on how XFrisk dearly doesn't want Cross to hate him forever, before he gets stabbed with the HACK Knife.


XTale XPapyrus Quote.jpg

Cross's relationship with XPapyrus changes drastically after the events of TIMELINE X. During Timeline IX, we don't see a lot of these 2 other than being close from what we see. After the RESET, and 10 years ever since the barrier was broken, Papyrus seems to always comfort Cross during when he loses his sanity, especially with the incident at the ceremony. When everyone's memories were restored, Papyrus was siding with Frisk and the others, having to initially kill Cross so he wouldn't interfere, but refuses and fails. After Cross manages to kill almost everyone during the final XGaster encounter, he seemed to have spared Papyrus, knowing he wouldn't stop him, and he was right; Papyrus didn't move a finger on Cross. But that didn't stop him to try to negociate with Cross, which resulted him getting killed. When the XEvent was over, and XGaster was once again back, he along with Cross were revived, and according to Jakei, Papyrus is very disappointed in Cross for his actions.

Ink Sans

Underverse Ink Quote.png

During his time in the void, Ink always came to accompany Cross, the 2 of them becoming good friends in a short amount of time. They always drew together and goofed around, while Ink also secretly telling him about the Alternative Universes without context, which also informed XChara. When Ink told Cross that he cannot resurrect the dead, Cross became a bitter towards him, and when his soul was stolen it got worse. During Underverse 0.2, when Ink refued to help to help Cross and saw him using Classic Sans as a "pawn" he got more furious with him.


Underverse Cross Quote.png

Cross didn't like XGaster ever since Timeline II (indirectly.) and Timeline X. During Timeline X, Cross despised XGaster for his lack of empathy towards him and his brother, and how much effort his brother puts just to impress him. He even specified to Papyrus that they didn't become royal guards for him. After Cross receives his memories back, he begins to hate him more, but despite that, he still refuses to help Frisk and the others, mainly because he "doesn't want to change something that is fine as it is" (he's speaking about TIMELINE X.). Regardless, it's shown he doesn't have much information about XGaster, and during Underverse 0.3 part 1 he mentions how he isn't afraid of XGaster, since "he won't be part of his new world".

Nightmare Sans

Cross and Nightmare don't really have a relation. It's only known they made a deal/truce that would benfit them both, which eventually turned out for Nightmare to trick Cross. Other then that, nothing.

The XTale Gang (Excluding The XEvent prototype 2 and XGaster.)

Although he seems to dislike them during TIMELINE X, he has a soft spot, and desperately wants them back after he wipes them.

XMettaton is Cross's general, he trained him and his brother during TIMELINE X.

XUndyne is his captain

XMuffet is a co-worker to him and his brother.



  • He has a severe fear of cows., this trauma seems to have been activated during one of his missions with Mettaton, where his jacket started to get chewed by a cow.
  • Cross seems to get distracted and leshis guard down easily.
  • During the XEvent, he seemed to have lost any sort of intention to mercy, because even when Underswap!Sans offered a home for Cross, he still attacked him.
  • Ironically, Cross is the only one who's theme is named after his own name, while everyone else has original theme song names.
  • Cross is the only character who's theme song was remade 2 times in a row. First version of Cross's Theme, created by Jakei95. Second version of Cross's Theme, created by NyxTheShield. Third version of Cross's Theme, created by NyxTheShield.
  • Originally, Cross's theme was supposed to be called "Cross Melody" First ever theme song for Cross, composed by Jakei95.
  • Based on the power levels that Jakei gave us, He's just as powerful as his brother, more powerful than XMuffet and more weak than XUndyne.
  • He's shown to be very good friends with Epic Sans.
  • He likes to say "Dude", compared to his best friend who says "Bruh"
  • He shares the same interest for Chocolate as his Chara, however they do not share any relation with eachother because of it.
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