Shack!Sans used to be a normal sans, yet one day multiple virus' infected his AU (ShackTale) and infected him along with it, the AU was destroyed before any help could be done. Shack!Sans is all that is left. He seeks vengeance on any Virus sans he can find in AUs.

Shack!Sans is half Virus, Half Anti-Virus. His body is in a constant fight for territory all the time.



The left side of him is entangled in black strings and has half of an anti-virus symbol, but in black. However, the right side has a normal Sans look, but has tentacles that are just like Anti-Virus', but more goopy (like Nightmare Sans').On the right side, the Anti-Virus symbol is white. He wears blue jean shorts with a purple hoodie with his hood usually down.


Nice guy who helps people, yet doesn't befriend anyone.



He can teleport, alike to other Sans'


Gaster blaster with many heads, causing a lot of damage to occur.


The left side of his body can produce strings from the head down.

String tentacles

His strings can combine into tentacles alike to Nightmare sans'

Lightning bolts:He can use anti-virus program related bolts to attack his enemies and use them as powerful gaster blasters.

Soul Trap

Alike to Error, he can trap a soul and make the user of the soul do whatever he wants.

Infinity Pocket

Whatever goes in, he can duplicate infinitely. Even LV. Anything can go in.

Left Side

He can make tentacles that have sharp claws, alike to Anti-Virus sans. but more goopy...

Virus Scan

Very effective against Virus-Type Sans'


He can give himself LV and other things.


He just has it. (Insert Shrug)


  • Shack!Sans used to be named Matt and was a completely different person! I would explain but... I'll make a page on it later probably.
  • Shack!Sans doesn't have much interesting information about him.
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