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As the ISM's very own tank, he has a big responsibility. He can get ISM to any place while protecting him and destroying others, only with the power of his magnificent minions and his own magic. A powerful being, worthy of being ISM's own ride. He is beyond any and all code and destroys being such as error404 with ease.


TOMMASS was never born, but has always existed. He gained the power thanks to ISM, and he adapted to his purpose. ISM chose TOMMASS for his pure speed, he is the fastest thing in the Omniverse. He has always loved fear, and has been his main source of power. You'd be suprised how paranoid gods can be. TOMMASS has fed off fear for so long, and it is still helping him become stronger. The stronger the fear the more powerful he becomes, and his appearance is perfect for that.





He tends to be loyal to ISM when he is near, but usually tries to scare anyone around by any means possible. He also enjoys pain and destruction, just because of how it feeds him. He is usually silent but when he talks his voice changes depending on whos around him. His voice usually sounds like Neil Cicierega.



He can transform into any vehicle, and shapeshift to any size or shape. His most used transformations are Spider Form, Tank Form, Train Form, and Worm Form. He usually transforms to scarier forms to help mentally destroy foes.

Fear Manipulation

Due to his intimidation factor, TOMMASS can manipulate people with his fear, and fear itself. He can scare anything any anyone (excluding authors but including blind people) and use any ability the fear soul can, despite not having a soul. He also can sense and consume fear, which makes him more and more powerful.

Eye Contact

He can steal souls and soul attributes just by making eye contact with the owner. He can steal the soul attributes of monsters, taking away their magic.

Army of Cursed Children

All cursed images and modifications of Thomas The Train are all his minions. Each one is far more powerful than even B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y. 666. They can also possess anyone like facehuggers.

Leg Spikes

He uses his leg spikes to stab his victims, usually helping make them make eye contact with him.


His claws can slash through anything easily.

Beyond Beyond Stats

His stats are beyond almost anything, leaving him one of the most destructive beings.

True immortality

Nothing (excluding authors) can kill him or delete him, as he is beyond code. Fully destroying his physical vessel just causes it to instantly repair, or reveal his true form.

Acidic Form

Touching him instantly melts the part used to touch TOMMASS away, excluding ISM and his allies.


A form which dramatically increases his power beyond his enemy's and causes him to drip ketchup from his eyes and mouth, but most people believe it is blood besides ISM.


Anyone with an ounce of guilt is painfully decimated permanently, and their allies too if they are against him. TOMMASS can alter this ability to fit his needs and also does it at will.


When heavily wounded in his SPOOPY SPAGHETTI form, his armor melts away and creates a puddle. TOMMASS reveals what people believe to be his true form, but isn't. His attack and speed increase by x9u158218581581285815881858218512858185832773267672672367107673268367173670176731607176...(and so on) googolplex and the puddle he can use as a clone. The clone is as fast as he is in his standard form, but it's defense is xAbsolute. SKINNED TOMMASS' defense decreases but his clone can help defend and distract. He can split the clones into multiple, but their power decreases a small amount the more he does.

Ultimate Speed

In standard form, he is multiple infinities times the speed of light, due to being a tank. It gets faster with each phase. TOMMASS can go normal speed if it helps him terrify the enemy.

Ultimate defense

Due to being a tank, he is very durable. He can take many hits from the most OP joke characters, and this gets stronger each phase. His SKINNED phase weakens his defense but his clone is more durable.

TOMMASS had seen enough

If something annoys him, he can summon every single attack from every single character (including TOMMASS and the receiving end) but only on the single character. Avatars don't count unless they want to count.


Skeletons (such as Sanses and Papyruses) do -90% damage to him. ISM does not count.


Characters he deems cringe suffer an insane fearful and depressed sensation for the rest of their existance, as well as intense pain.


He can induce paranoia onto most anyone.

Train Track Manipulation

He can manipulate train related objects such as the tracks, the crossing gate, and other trains. These are as durable as TOMMASS when in his control.


He can negate any effect or attack.

Initial D.

He is the fastest thing in the entire outerverse and can run around it in less than a single planck.


Saying heck will cause him to appear and warn you, this can also cause him to be in multiple places at once. If you say heck after the warning he will go all out, and fucking remove you from ever existing. Any other bad words will have him stab you and leave.

Self Power Altering

He can alter his power level to prove his power, and nerf himself to prove his power.

Meat Shaper

He can manipulate anyone's flesh in any way.

Femur Breakur

Any skeleton (besides ISM and his allies) that comes close to TOMMASS will break every bone in their body instantly. The range is one light-year.

I Politely Refuse

An ability equal to power of ISM's 'Fuck You.' and 'Oh my GOD. Who The Hell CARES?!' It removes limiters and asspulls from effecting TOMMASS.

Torture Form

A form less powerful than skinned, but he can use different abilities. These abilities are marked with {}. Enemies can not escape these punishments with teleportation or anything of the sort.

The Rack}

He can rip his victims apart with an unknown force, possibly telekenisis.

Brazen Bull}

The victim is ran over by a train with spikes on it, that has burst into flames. This is garunteed to hit, and the train gets larger and more powerful with the victim it faces' power.

Iron Maiden}

This attack causes an infinite amount of spikes, each doing infinite damage and sprouting at infinite speed with no warning, to impale the victim. It lasts forever and can not be escaped, as the spikes will follow you if you somehow escape and eventually hit you. It corrupts code instantly and also are as durable as TOMMASS' armor.


This ability instantly fill's the target's lungs with gallons of water, also infinite. If the target has no lungs or need to breath they are thrown into unescapable water, which is really just a liquidy pocket dimension. They are weighed down with the weight of literally everything.


The victim is instantly covered completely with Intensely heated tar, liquid metal, or magma that instantly hardens, trapping the victim. The inside is covered still with the heated substance, and the longer the person stays in, the larger and harder the outside gets, hardening insanely each planck.


The victim is frozen, with ice that gets stronger each planck, similar to Boiling.


The victim spontaneously combusts with fire hotter than the sun. (I always wanted to use those words}


The victim is transported to the core of a random AU's planet. This is impossible to escape with teleportation. You must dig your way out if you survive.

Rat Torture}

The victim's insides are filled with thousands of rats.

Destructive Telekenisis

His telekenisis can destroy, move, edit, and manipulate anything. It can rip apart universes at 0.1% power.

What Does It Matter?

Weight, size, force, and code have no effect on him.


TOMMASS owns a Void Plated Desert Eagle. It go pew pew and erase anything it touches completely.

LOL OMNI ALLLLL!!!!!11!1!!1!one

He is all the omni's :0000


He is beyond all reality, a god of nothing but also everything. He can manipulate, destroy, and control anything and anyone in every way. Get afe'd.


A shoulder mounted green laser eviscerates anything that it hits, as long as it is in the realm of code.

Red Light

Anything this is used on stops moving for the rest of their existence.

Wires Of The Beyond

Strings that come from TOMMASS' mouth. They are unbreakable, and are black with red 'blood' at the entrance of his mouth. When touched with these, your entire life is at his mercy. He can control you completely and also destroy you with sheer force.


He can't feel pain.


He can summon ISM.

wow, really?

He is so powerful he can turn Rasputin into a capitalist.


He controls everything related to, opposed to, linked to, and the concept of: DEATH.

Smoke and Mirrors

Magic has no effect on him if the user is below B666.

Edgy Teen

He can make an aura which forces everything away from him, anything that comes inside is blasted away at an insane force. It's range entirely encapsulates his body and more.

Last Evisceration

Throws TFO at his enemy, which is impossible to block, dodge, counter, etc. This is TOMMASS' version of final obliteration.

Absolute Luck

Everything's goin mah way!

my mommy said thats not allowed

any non-joke character can't damage him, loses all thought, and transforms into a big mac after attacking him.


lol he owns a shank that go stab


He can travel through omniverses, hyperverses, gigaverses, outerverses, universes, multiverses, dimensions, and even fandoms.


A small spike that changes your code completely to viruses and/or errors when hit.


He has the power to control and use Infinity, whether it is boosting his stats, making someone take infinite damage, or just duplicate something by infinity.


Reduces all stats to zero permanently on target.


He is immune to all forms of slowing, time manipulation, moving, etc. type gimmicks due to being so fast.

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He uses his fear level to cause heart attacks.


He can revive dead characters and they follow his commands. He can do this to even deleted characters.


He can summon STANDO POWAH which stops time, spins enemy, etc. all stand abilities.


He does x1000000000000000000% damage to cringe.


Any buffs, boosts, etc. including: Stat boosts, LV, training, physical excersize, and even just progression as a person he can reverse. He can revert someone back before their backstory or before they boosted their power.


He steals your strongest attack.

Strengths and Weaknesses

That's for him to know and you to try to find out. =)

also i guess ISM

(he's a joke character but he does have them so don't get triggered snowflakes)

True Form

His true form is between as powerful as ISM's Distaste Phase 3 and Flow State. As stated, he is taller than a hyperverse. He has never shown his true form, not even ISM has seen it. It has new abilities that haven't been seen. Each more torturous than the last.


He usually seen with ISM but also goes to other places to attack and feast upon fear.

  • Censored saw him when Censored was censoring something graffitied on a wall. TOMMASS crashed through the wall like Kool-aid man and grabbed Censor and chucked him into Differentopic. Severity: Small Damage
  • Glade was in the backside of WalMix buying LEGAL NON DAMAGED copies of cyberpunk 2077 and gummy vitamins, along with a box of Lucky Os, that's when a loud ass BOOM was heard in the front side of the store where the LEGAL explosives were causing half the store be blown up and half the store was dead, even the manager, Glade decided to go get a closer look and there stood TOMMASS looking like an absolute badass, that's when he got hit in the skull with debris and got knocked out. Severity: Small Massacre
  • Archive!Sans teleported in front of TOMMASS, analized him (and Archived some of his skills), then left. Severity: Gained Strengths
  • ISM decided to sic TOMMASS on Unknown!Sans. Every time he enters the multiverse, he sees him. SIGHTINGS EVERYWHERE. he actually just witnessed him slaughter an entire Underfell AU. It was a quick death for all of them, but pretty gruesome. There are some things one cannot un-see. Severity: Mass Homicide, Multiversal Destruction.
  • Twitter Asgore was posting people's n#des on Twitter. When he saw TOMMASS profile picture, he clicked on it out of curiosity, only for his computer to crash. Severity: Ominous threat or confused sighting.
  • AxeTale Nice Cream Guy was relieved when TOMMASS spotted him but didn't feast upon him.


  • TBA
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