* hOI! tEM wanT TO THan all HooMANS WHO ReaD DIS! iT toOK TEm tiM!1!!!!111!!! THANK!!!!!!!
* To know more, see:
iM TEMMIE!!!!!
— Temmie

Temmie is a species of monsters found in Temmie Village.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Temmies resemble white-furred cat-like creatures with cat ears on the top of their head, and dog-like ears on the side of their head. They have black shoulder-lenght hair. They wear a blue plain shirt, excluding the Tem Shop Keeper, who wears a light blue shirt with light yellow stripes. They have a small tail.

Personality Edit

Temmies are best known for their Speech Impediment. They misspell certain words and capitalize letters randomly, as seen either when interacting with them in Temmie Village, a location found in Waterfall, or during battle, where they can be found randomly in certain areas of Waterfall.

Trivia Edit

  • Temmie is based off of Temmie Chang, one of the few game developers for Undertale.
  • Temmies may be secretly....Temmies...

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