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The Final Battle

Also known as one of the longest pages on this fandom

Oh *shoes!* It's happening

These battles aren’t in chronological order.

The estimated death count is approximately Rayo’s Number^Aleph Null^G64^TREE 3 x TREE 3 x Googolplex^Aleph Null x Inaccessible Cardinal + 9999999999999999999999999^Absolute Infinity.

(This is The Battle which takes place at the end of The Infinity Spaghetti Man's Rampage.)

“Nice Try MDeaf but I’m not stupid”


The Opening Battle

The Infinity Spaghetti Man sat there, as he glowed with power, his knightly armor equipped. ALPHA404 FANON, Creator Sans, and Ultimate Sans, stood there, overlooking the rubble of what had been The Outer Wall. "Where are The Shards?" A4F asked. "Somewhere under all this rubble." Creator replied. "All I know is he doesn't have 'em." Creator added. "Lets keep it that way." A4F replied. "You know it's a trap, right?" Ultimate Sans said, as they probed The Infinity Spaghetti Man. "Yea... I don't much care." Creator said. Ultimate Sans nodded. "Good, Just as long as we're all in agreement." He stated. The Earth beneath them shook. Ultimate's Sword came out of the ground, hilt first, as he yanked it out.

"Lets kill him properly this time."

The Three approached The Infinity Spaghetti Man, as he turned to them. "You could not live with your own failure, so where did that bring you..." ISM said, a smirk growing on his face. "Back to me."

"I thought by putting The Scales back into balance, by killing all The OPs, those remaining would thrive." The Infinity Spaghetti Man said. "But you've shown me, that's impossible." He added. "The Fandom will never understand greatness. It will continue to make shitty OP Sans after shitty OP Sans." He said. "Yup, we're all kinds of stubborn." Creator Sans remarked. "I'm thankful." The Infinity Spaghetti Man remarked. "Because Now, I know what I must do." He said, as he got up, grabbing his Spaghetti Sword, by the hilt, but not pulling it out. "I will shred this Fandom to it's last atom."

"With The Shards of God himself you've collected for me, I will create a new Fandom. Teeming with Prosperity and Creativity. It will know not what Laziness is, but only what now exists."

"A Clean Fandom."

"Born out of blood." A4F remarked.

"They won't know." The Infinity Spaghetti Man stated.

"Because you won't be alive to tell them."

Ultimate Sans yelled, blasting The Infinity Spaghetti Man twice. He spun his sword, deflecting the blast. Creator leapt at him, as he kicked Creator back. A4F sent his strings at him, only for him to blast them apart, then slash ALPHA404 FANON across the chest, wounding him. Creator barraged him with attack after attack, while The Infinity Spaghetti Man spins his sword, blocking. He'd slice through them, getting the offensive, as Creator tried to defend himself. Ultimate slams his sword into him, knocking him back. ISM stumbles, grunting. He blasts Ultimate with full force, knocking him back. Creator and A4F run at him, barraging him with attacks. ISM continues to fight against him, beating the shit out of Ultimate and A4F. ISM was hit by a blast from Creator.

The Infinity Spaghetti Man kicked Creator away, turning to Ultimate. He stomped him into the floor. Ultimate raised his hand, as his sword flew at ISM. ISM caught it, bringing it down on Ultimate. Ultimate struggled against him, as he shoved it down towards him, leveraging his weight. Ultimate's chest was slowly cut into. Suddenly, a battle axe, slammed into The Infinity Spaghetti Man, knocking him off of Ultimate. ALPHA404 FANON caught The Axe. ISM got up, blinking, confused. "I knew it." Ultimate said, as ISM stomped him into the ground again. ALPHA404 FANON beat the shit out of him, slashing him continously. As ISM then stomped the axe, disarming ALPHA404 FANON, as ALPHA404 tried to raise his bone shield to block. ISM beat through it, as ALPHA404 FANON was defenseless.

Portals Scene


ISM kicked ALPHA404 FANON back, slamming him into the wall, as his spine cracked, as he was slammed through dimensions. ALPHA404 FANON staggered, weak. "What I'm going to do, to your stubborn, annoying little Fandom..." Said ISM, a smirk growing on his face. "I'm gonna enjoy it." He said, as he raised his arm. Portals appeared.

  • "Lets Not Stand on Ceremony here," Said Bane, as he exited a portal.
  • “Perhaps me and my lizard people will eat your corpses”, hissed Mark Zuckerburg, climbing out of the portal.
  • "Like Zoinks Man, Finally an Excuse to use 15% of my power!" Said Shaggy, as he slowly floated through a portal.
  • "If only you knew the power, of The Dark Side." Said Darth Vader, as he walked out of a portal.
  • Darth Sidious slowly exited from a transport, along with his royal guards.
  • "WHAT. ARE YOU DOING. IN MY SWAMP?!?" Asked Shrek, as he stomped out of the portal.
  • "The Fucking King has arrived." Said Nightmare, as he exited a portal.
  • Cross slowly dragged his knife along, as he exited a portal.
  • "We're gonna have a MAD TIME!" Said Dust, as he exited a portal.
  • "Somebody's Going to die tonight..." Said El Macho, exiting a portal.
  • ”Death is part of the natural process. I simply... “accelerate” the process”, said Revenant!Sans.
  • "Get V e c t o r r e d." Said Vector, exiting a portal.
  • Black Hitler arrived with Walther P-38 in hand.
  • “YOU HAVE LOST, MAH SICK FRIENDS”, yelled Micah Bell, revolvers drawn.
  • “The whole Internet will be ours” said a T-series robot, exiting a portal.
  • “When someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee begging for its life” said Dwight Shrute entering through a portal.
  • "Well, GOOO!" Said Mr. Aziz, exiting a from his Interdimensional Pizza Truck.
  • "The Power of Null... Is something truly to behold." Said Null Gaster, exiting a portal.
  • “You all think you’re gonna make it out of this alive?” Said Shadow Revenant crawling from the portal.
  • "Another Filthy Anomaly, Scratched off the list." Said Error, exiting a portal.
  • "A Perfect world... with the best parts of others." Said X-Gaster, exiting a portal.
  • ”I do not care for the ambitions of insects”, said Caustic!Sans.
  • The entirety of the old Sith empire arrived.
  • Underfell Asgore silently exited a portal, his cleaver held threateningly.
  • Joker (Joker Movie) danced down some steps, exiting the portal.
  • "And Someone said, my jokes were bad..." Said The Joker (The Dark Knight), exiting a portal.
  • "Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice... I am willing to make." Said Farquaad, exiting a portal.
  • "Itsa Luigi Time!" Said Luigi, jumping out of the portal.
  • An Angry Roar was heard, as Bowser spewed fire, stomping out of the portal.
  • "Some of you I know, some of you I'm meeting for the first time." Said Dr. Evil, exiting a portal.
  • Plankton would put on Evil Music, letting out an Evil Laugh.
  • "BEHOLD! MY DESTROY-GOOD-INATOR!" Said Dr. Doofenshirmtiz, wheeling the inator through a portal.
  • Ronan exited a portal, brandishing his Power-Stone Induced Hammer.
  • Thanos let his Gauntlet glow, walking out of a portal.
  • "Dark Raises, and Light to meet it..." Said Snoke, smirking as he exited the portal.
  • "You are a bold one..." Said Grievous, exiting a portal.
  • "You Disappoint me... Surely you can do better!" Said Count Dooku, exiting a portal.
  • "UwU so quirky." Said Anime Frisk, exiting a portal.
  • "YOU THOUGHT IT WAS RICK ASTLEY, BUT IT IS I, DIO!" Declared DIO Over Heaven, exiting a portal.
  • "Greetings, I am CHARA. The Demon that comes when you call its name." Said Chara, walking out of a portal.
  • "Time for you all to DIE!" Declared Fire Lord Ozai, Jumping out of a portal.
  • "Are you in charge here?" Dr. Robotnik asked, exiting a portal.
  • "Uh... Meow?" Asked Old Sonic Design.
  • "Surrender, it's not like your authors cared about you anyway, said Kek!Gaster.
  • “I got a plan, John. This one’s a good one...” said Dutch Van Der Linde.
  • The dancing plague doctor is dancing through the portal, Gangsta’s Paradise blaring*
  • "You're all Puppets, Tangled in Strings..." Said Ultron, exiting a portal.
  • Loki smirked, as he sat on a throne.
  • "Finally, a worthy opponent... Our battle will be legendary!" Tai Lung declared.
  • Venom leapt through the portal, screeching.
  • "SEYMOURRRR!" Screamed Superindendent Chalmers, stomping through the portal.
  • "This is War, Not Patty Cake!" Bill Cypher declared, floating through a portal.
  • Wario stomped through the portal. "It's-a Wario Time!"
  • Infected Sans walked through a portal, a sinister smirk on his face.
  • There was clicking, as Anti-God Sans slowly stumbled through the portal.
  • "This Story has only just begun." Said Sensei Kreese, walking through the portal.
  • V1RUF3CT3D walked through the portal, then saying "Y0U'R3 N3XT!"
  • Omni!Executor Floats through the portal saying "Some Many Puppets."
  • Blood!Inverted exits the portal, "This isnt the omega timeline"
  • ”UwA ! SO MUCH.... SOULS” said Omni-God Temmie, as he broke out the reality to appear
  • "Les get this party started" The Click said as he walks through the portal with every mistake the irl human race has made
  • "YOU CAN'T KILL SUCTION CUP MAN!" said Suction Cup Man as he jumps from a portal.
  • Unstable!Sans laughed and said “this’ll be fun” Dark Coruapted Core Sans Joins the fun:"maybe I will able to kill them this time
  • "why the hell are there so many villains on my side" said sabor twirling his sword
  • TOMMASS crawls up as the transforms from a tank into [MUFFET REQUIEM], striking fear into the heroes.
  • Bully Maguire comes out of a portal doing the Spiderman 3 dance, the same music playing as he says "I'm gonna rub some dirt in your eye."
  • Uchia madara at sage of the six paths mode and stolen sasukes rinnegan and narutos chakra(dis dude is from another timeline) your weakness disgusts me
  • "To be honest, I just want to play the villian role." Regret hummed, walking out of a portal.
  • "Boopity bop, time to go chop chop" Null sang, as he wielded his Sword of whatever, exiting a void.
  • The entirety of DanceTale dances out of a portal with Rubberband Man playing
  • A Nundu curled up outside his portal.
  • Fregley bounced out of a door, unlike Greg Heffley.
  • "Your die now!" Bargain Bin OP Sans says as he *teleports behind you with determination*


ALPHA404 FANON staggered up, looking at the massive army opposing him. "Hey," he heard in his comms. "Alpha." The comms said. “Void ? Is that you ?” ALPHA said. "On your left," the voice answered. He slowly turned. Portals slowly began to open.

  • Batman would swoop in through the portal.
  • "Round 1, Time to fight!" Declared Matt, boxer gloves equipped, going through a portal.
  • Kratos walked through a portal, then summoned his Leviathan Axe
  • Yoda would also walk through the portal, holding his cane
  • "This is where the fun begins." Said Anakin in his Jedi Starfighter.
  • "WAHOO!" Said Han Solo in The Millenium Falcon. A Porg squealed, as Chewie blasted it with his bowcaster. "Watch where you're shootin' that thing!" Insisted Han.
  • "Pray for Mercy from Puss, and Donkey!" Declared Puss in Boots and Donkey, walking through the portal.
  • “You’re just a bunch of B*TCHES LASAGNA” declared PewDiePie, exiting his portal.
  • Fiona kicked a wall down, going through the portal.
  • Dream walked through the portal, his bow equipped.
  • “You spineless bastard” said Arthur Morgan upon seeing Micah.
  • Delta Sans got into a fighting position, as he exited the portal.
  • Fell squeezed his fist, as he exited the portal.
  • ”You know the rules and so do I”, sang Rick Astley, ready to fire his trapped links.
  • "I will stuff you all in the crust!" Insisted Gru as he and his minions exited a portal.
  • “Let’s get a little crazy”, said Bob Ross, wielding a canvas and paintbrush.
  • “Hello, Dutch” said John Marston
  • Dr. Nefario rode through the portal on his scooter.
  • "W-what the?" Asked 60's Spiderman, exiting The Portal.
  • "Pizza Time!" Said Tobey Maguire Spider Man, Exiting The Portal with some pizza boxes.
  • Tom Holland Spider Man slowly put his glasses on, watching.
  • “IT’S MEME-TIME!”, exclaimed Jacksepticeye, ringing his bell.
  • J. Jonah Jameson exited the portal, wheezing.
  • "Sans... we'll be a happy family again, I know we will." Said Gleam Papyrus, exiting his portal with Bipolar Sans.
  • "YO WHAT'S UP MY SWAGGY BROSEPHS!" Said Fresh, exiting a portal.
  • "I've got to fix all the mistakes I've made," Said Ink, exiting a portal.
  • Cross along with X-Chara kept silent has he exited a portal.
  • Abyssaltale Gaster slowly floated through a portal.
  • "WALUIGI NUMBER #1!" Said Waluigi, jumping through his portal.
  • "It's-a Mario time!" Said Mario, hopping through his portal.
  • Austin Powers Triumphantly Exited a portal, preparing to fight.
  • Sponge out of water versions of Spongebob and his friends exited the portal.
  • "Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!" Said Phineas to his brother, as they walked through the portal, ignoring their platypus running right toward Doofenshirmtiz
  • Star Lord exited a portal, along with the other Guardians of The Galaxy.
  • The Avengers exited a portal, aiming all their weapons.
  • "Hello There." Said Obi-wan.
  • Mace Windu exited the portal. "Not. Yet." He declared.
  • "DIO!!!" Yelled Jotaro, exiting the portal along with the other Stardust Crusaders.
  • Frisk exited the portal silently, along with the other characters in Classic Undertale.
  • Sonic smirked, as he got into a runner's stance.
  • Po and The Furious Five exited the portal in Karate Stances.
  • "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and today is a gift... That is why it is called The Present." Said Master Oogway, exiting a portal along with Shifu.
  • “ Это будет весело... ”, said Lord Tachanka as he exits, jumping from a portal with two massive LMGs in his hand.
  • "Ho ho, Delightfully Devilish, Seymour." Said Principal Skinner, exiting a portal.
  • Homer bit into a donut, walking through the portal with the other Simpsons.
  • "Woah!" Said Hank, noticing the random portal in his yard.
  • Peter Griffin Ran through a portal.
  • Dipper, Mable, Soss, Ford, and Gruncle Stan exited a portal.
  • Error404 and the rest of Alphatale floated out of the portal, getting into fighting positions.
  • God Papyrus floated down from The Heavens, preparing to fight.
  • "Daniel-San, this way!" Said Mr. Miyagi, as he and Daniel Larusso exited the portal.
    • Ralsei cocked his double-barrel shotgun as walks from a portal*
  • Blackscreen!Sans walked through a portal silently with Viral!Error.
  • “git gud scrub,” QWERTY says holding the two memes consoles.
  • “I thought most of these people were dead. Oh well, it’s a beautiful day outside...birds are are blooming......on days like these, kids like you.....SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL,” NR!Sans says as he goes into a different form exiting he portal.
  • The Doom Slayer turned, noticing the portal opening, He cocked his gun and walked through to see hundreds of people. "RIP AND TEAR, UNTIL IT IS DONE" Said a voice to the DoomSlayer.
  • "I stand no chance against most of these enemies" Inverted!Sans said as he exited the portal
  • "holy crap there are aliens"farmer with shotgun said as he exited the portal
  • “Bark” said Toby Dog, observing the armies from his personal White Hole
  • "AHHHHHH!" Totally real night mare sand said. sticking out of the portal
  • "ARE YOU READY?!" One Topic At a Time says as he gets every LGBTQ person that has ever existed
  • Regresus Windings and Coruapted Core Sans gets out the portal silently
  • "This post goes against the OP Sans incursion standards." says Incursion Sans as he silently walks out of a portal.
  • “STOP PUTTING FACES ON CARS!” Giofilms says as he walks out of a portal.
  • "where am I why am I here is this the static cube?" said canon!sabor
  • Protogent floated through a portal, strange blunt weapon in hand.
  • "Regret, stop trying to be the bad guy, your bad at it"...Radiant walked through a portal smiling, weapon in hand.
  • "Protect the weak I shall" Duplitale Undyne walks through a portal imposingly
  • Achilles exited a portal, aalpha404 convinced he was a hero.
  • Buckbeak flew valiantly out of a portal, scratching at the air.
  • Greg Heffley Waled out of the Portal, wrote something in his Diary, and then threw it into the portal.
  • "I need a weapon." says Master Chief as he kicks out of his drop pod, grabbing an MA5.

" Fuck off! "can be heard echoing in the silence from ISM side, mostly likely Regret.

Matt vs. Shaggy

Shaggy Cackled Maniacally. "Like, Man. We've fought before Matt. We've both checked the future. You have like, a .0001219243% chance of winning, man!" Said Shaggy, smirking.

"Matt, C'mon. I'm In my God Form, You're only in Beyond Limits. You don't even stand like, 0.000019230012% of a chance, man!"

ack up dodging the lasers in the process. Subsisto summons 12 Gaster Blasters each the size on an entire universe blasting them at Meta. Meta Teleports behind Subsisto only to get hit with a lava brick and getting sent flying. When he gets back up he gets 360 no scoped by Subsisto.

”Agh” Meta said, “What th-“

He gets cut off by Subsisto hitting him with a barrage of punches each equaling the force of a fandom. He then summons roblox logos launching them at Meta who gats sliced by them. Meta immediately prepares an atttack and fires a beam of pure good quality at Subsisto. Just as Subsisto is about to get hit he pulls out an Uno Reverse Card. The beam immediately goes toward Meta who dodges it and starts beating Subsisto into the ground. Punch after punch after punch lands as Subsisto is brutally beaten within and inch of his life. However he flings a brick toward Meta sending him away.

”Alright then, you asked for this,” Meta says as he starts gathering the power of this entire wiki and every other wiki run by FANDOM within him.

”Heh, oh really?” Subsisto says as he charges himself with the power of reality and fiction.



Subsisto charges forward punching Meta with the force of all of fiction before Meta even had the chance to use his attack. Despite this Meta takes it and uses his attack anyway barraging Subsisto with punches that hit with the force of multiple fandoms.



Meta groundpounds on Subsisto smashing him into the ground where Meta promptly stomps on him. However Subsisto fires a blast from his shoulder knocking Meta away. It’s by this time where Subsito’s attack starts taking its effect on Meta. Before Meta has time to react Subsito uses his last attack.


[ T.I.M.E.L.E.S.S B.L.A.S.T ]


Subsito shoots out a beam from his chest obliterating Meta till he’s less than nothing. Subsisto falls to the floor finally done.

”Heheheheh....I’ll be sure to..take over yo-“

He was cut off by the entirety of fiction piercing his chest.

”Can’t believe you fell for that one” Meta says.


”It’s been nice knowing ya”

”You too” Subsisto says while fading into nothing.

“....welp...time to warn them all about what he said in the beginning of this fight,”

Luigi vs Waluigi

“Luigi! I’m supposed to be the evil one!”

”For TOO LONG has my brother shunned me. I will get my revenge. With the help of ISM I will be player 1”

”Well then...I HAVE NO CHOICE”

Waluigi creates glasses and fires purple water out of them. Luigi dodges and hammers Waluigi into a wall. Waluigi then summons some L’s and uses them as guns firing out mushrooms. Luigi blocks them and groundpounds on Waluigi. Luigi then punches Waluigi into a wall proceeding to YEET mushrooms at him. Waluigi’s body contorts to dodge them and his arms stretch out grabbing Luigi and throwing him into a wall.

”Well then...I’ll just have to use my FULL POWER” Luigi says as he’s crackling with energy.

Luigi immediately shoots eye lasers at Waluigi traveling at the speed of light. Waluigi barely dodges it but is hit by another and is flung into a wall. Waluigi then jumps at Luigi knocking him off his feet. Waluigi then grabs him by the neck and flings him into another planet. Luigi comes right back and pummels him into the sea.

“Alright have given me no choice”

”Heh..bring ita on Waluigi!”


The moment luigi activates his stare Waluigi blocks it and turns Luigi into a T-POSER.

”Heh...despite your power..the T-POSE defeated you. Now you are MY SERVANT”

Anime!Frisk vs. Infintey code and Zero lockdown

“UwU yu gunnu di”

“Are we re-“

Infintey gets cut off by a swift punch in the face. Before 0 can react Frisk hits him with a barrage of punches sending him flying. Zero attempts to nullify her abilities only to be hit by a spirit bomb. Anime!Frisk then reaps him with a scythe regenerating all of her hp.

”UwU one duwn tuwu t-“

Frisk was cut off by Infintey blasting her with a beam of toxicity. Frisk gets ANGRY and swing her scythe at him only to miss. Infintey kicks her in the face and fires lasers of rejection. He then attempts to slice her with a blade of infinity only for it to be destroyed by the anime scythe. Frisk then summons a bunch of Ann-E-May gorls and makes them attack Infinitey code. As Infintey code kills the last one of them Frisk shows him the calculator.

”u simp”

Infintey code immediately becomes a simp for Frisk and will do anything for her.

“And now your MINE...wait..”

Frisk revives Zero and makes him a simp for her

“There we go,”

But The issue was...

Zero was Asexual. He summoned multiple Spirit Blasters, blasting Frisk apart. As Frisk regenerated, her concentration was broken. Infinitey broke free from her control.

Zero and Infinitey Code summoned a combined God Blaster, firing it at Frisk. Frisk raised her arm, summoning her stand. Specifically, Golden Wind. She tried to deflect the blaster, but the stand was destroyed. She stumbled back.

She got up, preparing to continue the battle.

“Alright then..I guess I have to take this seriously” She says as her eyes glow with pure endless RAGE.

She teleports behind zero but misses with her scythe so she freezes time and kills him with ease. However she then gets punched by another entity so she throws her scythe at it only to miss and hit Infinitey code. Seeing as this being was able to resist the time freeze Anime!Frisk left.

“Wow....didn’t know comedytale frisk was such a coward.” Absolute cringe says. “It’s unfortunate that I’m gonna have to kill you.” And with that said he blasts off to find her.

Pewdiepie vs. T-Series

Pewdiepie walked through the corridor. He had been waiting for this moment for too long now. Before him stood a robot that represented T-Series. Destroying it would end T-Series for good. He flew at the robot punching it with YouTube power sending it flying. He summoned some golden play buttons firing them at T-Series who got hit. T-Series fired a bunch oof laser blasts that Felix blocked with a brofist. He sent even more brofists toward T-Series who dodged them all and flew toward Felix about to punch him in the face. Felix struck it with a diamond sword only for it to use the opportunity of it being behind Felix to punch him in the back. T-Series then fired a laser at Felix who got sent flying away. Felix was badly injured as T-Series flew at him grabbing him and forcing him through the back of the corridor and eventually into the core but he was able to take T-Series with him. He then stabbed T-Series with a diamond sword and summoned all of his dead pets and had them attack T-Series until it was nothing but scrap. When he was done he sighed in relief until...

“It’s gonna be harder than that to take us down” A voice in an Indian accent says.

The scrap slowly reforms into a more powerful version of T-Series. It seemed Felix had to destroy the very consciousnesses inside the robot. The robot started absorbing the minds and power of every being mind controlled by it and blasts at Felix who barely dodges and teleports above T-Series which wasn’t expected by T-Series who gets stomped on. Felix summons many blue brofists launching them at T-Series who dodges them and punches Felix in the face and then hitting him with a barrage of lasers. T-Series then becomes enourmous and smashes its fist into Felix. Felix teleports away and uses all his power to create a huge brofist and launches it at T-Series. T-Series gets hit by the attack and shrinks back down to normal size and get partially damaged but that damage is regenerated by nanotechnology. T-Series charges at the now exhausted Felix hitting him with punch after punch after punch. It was at that moment that Felix was done with this. He punched T-Series away using all that was left of his strength and then says

“Well then...time to use my full power!”


Energy begins to crackle around Felix as he glows with power. Before T-Series can react they get hit with hundreds of brofists and then a barrage of punches from Felix who sends his precious red diamond button right into their chest damaging its core. He then teleports behind T-Series stabbing his hand through its chest and ripping out its core before crushing it into nothing. T-Series is finally dead.


“Wow bruh...never thought you would sink this low Shrek,”


Shrek charges at SANNNEEESSSS who easily evades and turns him blue yeeting him into a wall. He then takes out a gun and shoots Shrek who screams in agony but continues charging nonetheless. SANNNEEESSS and Shrek activate their lightsabers and they cross blades. Shrek nearly overpowers SAAANNNEEESSS before he teleports behind him and stabs him with a random knife before blasting him with a bunch of gaster blasters. Shrek begins summoning vines and slashing them at SANNNEEESSS who dodges and teleports above Shrek crushing him. He then teleports away while summoning more blasters and firing them at Shrek. Shrek blocks the attack before getting hit by a bunch of random souls that SANNNEEESSS turned blue. Shrek runs toward him and attempts to jump over him but SANNNEEESSS rolls under him and as he’s rolling punches him in the nutz. Shrek screams in pain again while SANNNEEESSS charges more blasters but then Shrek leaps at him ready to strike him with his light saber, he slashes at SANNNEEESSS who dodges but Shrek pins him down and is about to kill him when suddenly


SAAANNNEEESSS and John Wick and ????????? vs Shrek

Multiple gunshots are heard as Shrek goes flying. Shrek ignites his lightsaber to see John Wick and SANNNEEESSS both with lightsabers ignited and John with a gun pointed toward him. Shrek leaps at them rolling under the gunshots and strikes John’s lightsaber making it fly out of his hands before sans slashes his back. Shrek then throws his lightsaber which sans dodges and John fires at Shrek who dodges and gets his light saber back and throws it at John only for it to be deflected by sans. SANNNEEESSS then teleports behind him and tries to stab him only to be punched in the stomach. SANNNEEESSS is almost ded due to 1 hp but John shoots Shrek in the head before he can finish him off. Shrek begins fighting and easily overpowering John but then sans remembers that he’s actually Saaaaannnnneeeessss and I forgot that underpants sans has more than 1 hp so sans leaps at Shrek only to be swatted aside.

“You can’t defeat me!”

“Maybe not...but he can..”

Suddenly HANDSOME SQUIDWARD burst out of the ground and grabs Shrek and dumps him into the lava on mustafar


“Hmph...what a shame we couldn’t recruit him..” Sans says

“Yea...well it’s to late now..”

Waluigi vs Luigi PT 2

Luigi breaks out of Waluigi’s control and punches him in the face.


Luigi transforms into WEEGEEE. To counter this Waluigi becomes T-POSE Waluigi. Waluigi sends out all the T-POSE Zombies to attack WEEGEEE but WEEGEEE kills them all with a laser blast. WEEGEEE fires laser blasts from his eyes but waluigi’s limb contort and dodge them. They begin fighting in viscous hand to hand combat. Eventually WEEGEEE punches Waluigi in the gut causing him to fly backward. WEEGEE then begins cracking with energy.


Waluigi begins rapidly firing T blasts from his scepter while WEEGEEE fires laser blasts from his eyes. Eventually one hits Waluigi’s scepter causing it to explode. Waluigi absorbs the energy though and begins charging up.


Waluig tps behind WEEGEEE and punches him. Then teleports around him rapidly punching and kicking him all around. He then rockets into the air charging up an attack.


Waluigi fires a beam that hit WEEGEEE sending him into the ground. Waluigi flys down and smashes into him. WEEGEEE kicks him off and get ANGRY


WEEGEE fires a beam so powerful that it decimates Waluigi.

“Well then......guess I have to go all out” Waluigi says as he crackles with energy.


Waluigi leaps at his opponent beating him with punch after punch till WEEGEEE uses an eye laser to send him off. WEEGEEE is getting angry


WEEGEE charges an attack


WEEGEEE’s atttack summons eyes that fire a concentrated beam that causes Waluigi to fall to his knees.

“Hehehehe...HAHAHA. That wasn’t even close to my full power!” Waluigi says while eating a rejection mushroom. WEEGEE just looks at him unblinkingly as he seems to be concentrating. Suddenly he burst with energy. They are both charging an attack.



Waluigi fires himself at WEEGEE losing his consciousness and soul as the stare obliterates it. He smashes into WEEGEEE obliterating the entire multiverse they were in. WEEGEEE is alive but severely crippled. Later cultist find him and take him away to heal.

Waluigi is ded and WEEGEEE is knocked out of the fight for a while.

Null!Gaster vs Gleam!Papyrus

”now really want to fight eh?”

”I don’t want to but your threatening mom and sans!”

”they refused my offer of the entire hyperverse!”

”you were going to rule it with tyranny”

”...well son....I believe this is where a fight starts”

*Null!gaster extended his tentacles toward gleam!papyrus*

*gleam!papyrus slash the tentacles*


*null gaster used a null blaster which was blocked by gleam!Papyrus’s gleam!shield*

*the two had a duel using Null!Gaster’s null sword and Gleam!Papyrus’s Gleam!Bone sword*

*the too began to have a blasters battle and used soul manipulation and bones*

*both were reduced to 1 hp at the end*

“huff....puff.....father...come on. Let’s stop this”

”why? I’m not here for a little pow wow celebration. I’M HERE TO KILL YOU AND ISABELLE ”

“no! I won’t let you hurt me or the rest of my family”

“so be it!”

*null!gaster charged his NULL beam and gleam!papyrus charged his GLEAM beam*


*null!gaster was killed...but so was gleam!papyrus*


”sans.....I did it. I finally made us safe”

”b-but brother. He helped me return to my original state. He protected us. He..he loved us”

“*sniff* I know sans...I know”


This battle isn’t over yet. There is many more to come.

Rick Astley and Shrek vs. Farquaad and Emo Peter

As Shrek burned in The Mustafarian Lava, He looked up, as he realized he was being pulled out. "W-?" Shrek asked, as he was lifted out of the lava, and healed with meme magic. He turned to his saviour, only to see it was...

"DONKEY!" Shrek yelled, hugging his best friend. "Awh Come're you," he said, giving Donkey a noggie. "Alright Alright, No one likes to kiss Ass." Said Donkey. Shrek realized something. "The ISM mind spell- ye broke it!" Shrek said. "Ah, The YEET told me the cure. It's talkin' to one of your closest friends or somethin'." Said Donkey. "Awh, Great Job pal!" Said Shrek. "But I've got a job to do," He turned to Farquaad.

Rick Astley danced down the battlefield, as ISM's minions exploded from The Power of Rickroll. Farquaad approached. "This is ridiculous!" He declared, as he raised his arm. A blast of energy flew at Rick, as Rick deflected it with a swish of his arm.

Farquaad approached Rick, as they entered a JoJo pose. Rick Astley began to dance, powering up. Farquaad slammed his fists into the ground, causing a shockwave. This messed up Rick's moves. Farquaad grabbed his gun, firing some bullets at Rick. He rolled, continuing to dance. Farquaad fired some more bullets, but they bonked off, like they hit Metal. Farquaad grunted.

He pointed. "E." He declared, sending an "E" blast at Rick. Rick was thrown back, into a wall. His music being messed up. "Erm, Mirror." He said. The Magic Mirror had been following Farquaad. The Mirror released Emo Peter. "Peter, you handle this." He said. As Rick wiped the blood off his mouth, preparing to dance battle Emo Peter.

Farquaad turned to Shrek and Donkey. "Donkey, can you handle those knights?" Shrek asked, as he motioned to Farquaad's Royal Guard. "Got it, Shrek Sir." Said Donkey, doing a salute. Shrek stomped towards Farquaad. Farquaad smirked. "Ah, so the ogre grew a nerve. Ah, it doesn't matter." Said Farquaad. "I'll cut open your spleen!" Yelled Shrek angrily.

"Oh, but I don't think an ogre like you possesses the Brainpower to find that organ, tch." Said Farquaad. Shrek ground his teeth. "Alright, you!" Said Shrek, shoulder rushing at Farquaad. Farquaad gracefully dodged the rush, driving his foot into Shrek's back, cracking his spine. Farquaad swiftly struck multiple pressure points. To be sure, he delivered a seemingly bored kick to Shrek's crouch. Shrek groaned, falling to his knees. "Ow..." He groaned. Farquaad smirked. Shrek slowly stood, grunting. "Oh, the ogre wants another round?" Asked Farquaad. Shrek got up fully. Farquaad approached.

Shrek tried to snatch him, only for Farquaad to slip by. Shrek swept his leg behind him, making Farquaad fall. Shrek stomped, only for Farquaad to roll out of the way. Shrek stomps again, only for Farquaad to toss his leg up, forcing him to trip. Shrek jumped right back up. Shrek picked up a barrel, hurling it towards Farquaad. Farquaad slices through it like paper, causing it to be destroyed.

Shrek knew what had to be done.

Shrek began making symbols with his hands. Farquaad stepped back. "No- you wouldn't." He said, as Shrek continued. "No, you couldn't. You wouldn't, you're bluffing." Said Farquaad, sweating. "I'll beat'cha Farquaad... Even if it costs me my life." Said Shrek, as he finished. "A Soul, for a soul." Said Shrek. "N-NO, THAT'LL KILL YOU TO!" Insisted Farquaad. Shrek smirked. "I know." He said.

[ Soul-Exchange ]

[ Suicide Attack ]

Shrek's Soul was removed from his body. It flew towards Farquaad, as Farquaad screamed. "NOOOOOOOO!" He yelled, as Shrek's soul grabbed his, pulling it out of his body, and dragging it down to Hell.

Shrek and Farquaad were both dead.

To be continued

Mario vs Luigi

Luigi just healed from his wounds and saw that he was back in his normal form. He asked what happened to his rival, and the answer made him smile. His evil counterpart was dead. Only one obstacle stayed on his path... HIM.

Mario was easily eliminating the cultists that tried to stop him. Looking around him, he could see that some of his allies had already triumphed of their affrontement. Thinking about it, he was very worried about Waluigi, he hadn’t saw him since the beginning of the battle. He praised he had succeeded to bring his brother back to the good side. Suddenly, he felt something in his back. Before even turning back and blocking the green fireball, he already knew who was the sender. “Took you long enough.”, Mario said.

- I was busy with a fool that refused to die. But don’t worry, I’m all yours now.

“Bro... this Player 1 thing has really driven crazy... Let’s just go hom-”

“NO !!! For why ? For keeping getting roasted because I’m not you ? Peach, the Toads, even Yoshi mocking me ! E-Gadd telling that ghost hunt was maybe not for me anymore. But I could endure it, there was no problem... but then... Daisy... you... I HATE YOU !!!”

“Daisy... she hasn’t stopped crying since then... she regrets so much what she said. But I know you, you’re too stubborn to give up that easily, so... let’s fight, Luigi”

Luigi was the first to attack, pulling out his hammer and trying to slam it onto Mario's head. Mario dodged, then threw a pipe at Luigi, smacking him with it. As Luigi was distracted from the pain, Mario rushed at his brother, shoulder first, knocking him and Luigi to the ground. Mario rolled, and hopped ip, as Luigi grunted angrily. Luigi blasted Lightning from his hands. Mario activated The Spring, Jumping up, away from The Lightning. He de-activated it.

Mario would jump at Luigi, and the two got in a mini-fist fight, and as Luigi began to get The Edge on Mario, he would spin attack, knocking Luigi away, giving him a bloody nose. Luigi would rush at Mario, equipping a fire flower. He'd shoot fireballs at him, as Mario would fire Ice balls back, Cancelling them out. "Luigi, this is nonsensical! I don't want to have to a fight-a you!" Mario insisted, clearly still not wanting to fight his brother.

"Well you're going to have to!" Yelled Luigi. "Mama Mia..." Said Mario, as Luigi charged a massive fireball, slamming it into Mario. Mario was blasted back, losing his ice power-up. Mario got back up, rushing at his brother. Luigi threw fireballs, as Mario used his pyrokinesis to knock the fire aside, and he jumped in the air, his face contorted in a look of anger, as he spin attacked his brother, knocking him out of the air, and disabling his fire flower. Mario jumped down, punching at Luigi. Only for him to roll and dodge.

"Luigi, this is ridiculous! This is just what Bowser wants! He wants us to fight amongst ourselves, so he can take The Princess for himself and Take over The Mushroom Kingdom!" Mario yelled. "He doesn’t even care about The Kingdom anymore, Mario. ISM promised him a whole dimension, can you really do anything against that ?”Said Luigi, as he punched at Mario, as Mario bent back, then grabbed Luigi by his shirt. Luigi's eyes flashed a look of surprise, and anger. As Mario slammed him down. Luigi grunted, as he pulled out one last trick. He absorbed The Mega-Mushroom. Mario watched in Horror, as his brother towered over him.

Luigi let out a roar of rage, as he stomped after Mario, as Mario sprinted away. Luigi stomped and punted members of The Resistance as he chased Mario. Mario hopped into a sling star, blasting at Luigi, as he formed into a kick. He hit Luigi, but this only seemed to make him angrier. He barely dodged the next stomp, as he continued running for his life. But Luigi was getting tired of this fight, and decided to use his powerful capacity.


In a matter of seconds, Mario was down. “Give up, Mario, you are NOTHING compared to me, this isn’t even my final form !”

“You’re right. I have no OP capacities, or alternative forms, but I know people who does.” said Mario, preparing his maximal capacity.

“What ? Who ?!”

“Oh, it’s pretty simple... IT’S-A US, MARIOS”


Three silhouettes appeared behind Mario. Three answered, it’s more than enough. Ready to fight, the three fighters revealed themselves : Paper Mario, UnderToad Mario and especially, the more powerful of them all, Speedrunner Mario. Luigi was stunned. He couldn’t stand the four of them, he needed help.

“Well, well, well, looks like my help is required against a supplementary red plumber”

Mario froze. No... Impossible !!!

“There’s three, actually.” said Luigi, a smile on his face.

“Ah ! Nothing I can’t take with the new powers ISM gave me !” answered Bowser.

[ You can make a battle here, just make sure that in the end, Bowser and the three Alternate Marios dies ]

After trying to stand up, Bowser finally fell on the ground, once and for all, beaten by the sacrificial attack of Speedrunner Mario. Luigi wasn’t in a better form. “Already tired Luigi ? I know a place for you to rest, it’s called a grave !” said Mario, grabbing him by the throat.

“Well, what are you waiting for Mario ?! End it all ! Oh wait ! Don’t tell me...”

Mario was hesitating. He knew what he had to do, but not if he had the strength to do it. “I... I can’t. I’m not like you. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t support to lose one more person, especially you. I’m not going home without you, Luigi.”

Hello Mario

Hello Mario

”Okay... THAT’S ENOUGH !!!” said Luigi, gathering all his power to reach his final form.



Hello Mario

Mario was yeeted in the sky by the explosion. Luigi appeared him and sent his feet right into his back. For ten minutes, Mario was sent in all directions by his brother without even touching the ground. Eventually, Luigi got tired of this little game. He punched Mario with all his strength, the plumber creating a crater when landing. Luigi then lifted a giant rock near him, and sent him right on his stunned brother. There was no way he could dodge this. As the rock crushed him, Mario grabbed something in his pocket, but it was too late.

Luigi couldn’t believe it. He had won. After all these years, he finally was number 1. Turning around, he already heard the crowd claiming his name : Luigi, Luigi, Luigi, Lui-

The rock behind him exploded, and he suddenly felt a pain in his chest. Looking down, all he could see was the burning hand that bursted through him. “Never. Turn. Your. Back.” said Mario, letting go the fragments of the Smash ball he had absorbed, and getting his hand out. Luigi fell on his knees. “I... I... lost...”

“You left me no other choice. I’m sorry. So sorry...”

They were now facing each other. “All I wanted was... to be... perfect. I didn’t wanted all of this.”

“You couldn’t be the Number 1, but you will always be my Number 1, bro.” said Mario, as he watched his brother turn into a green dust, that already was taken away by the wind. “Mario...”

“Yes Luigi ?”

“Our... Our friends... could you please... take care of them... for me ?” said Luigi, as he expired his last breath.

Mario smiled, “I will brother... I will.”

After finding the corpse of Waluigi, and putting on his back, along with Bowser’s and Luigi’s cap, he turned on the transmission. “Void ?”

“Yes ?”

“Open a portal, I want to go home.”

“But, the battle isn’t ove-”

“Please. I already have three friends to bury, don’t force me to watch this number go higher.”


A portal appeared in front of him. As he was going to cross it, Mario looked up, seeing giant bursts of energy in the sky. The battle between ALPHA404 and ISM. It’s all up to you now, dear friend.

LOL!Sans vs Gary Sue

Plz don’t delet the ism and alpha 404 parts. I wanna keep them in for comedic purposes. If you are gonna delete them then don’t delete the entire fight. Just the parts with ISM and Alpha 404 FANON.


*Sigh* “Let’s cut to the chase”

LOL flings bones at Gary who dodges them and punches LOL sending him flying. LOL fires some blasters at Gary hitting him and sending him back a little. Gary hurls himself at LOL barraging him with punches sending him flying. Gary then blasts multiple beams of energy all of them hitting LOL sending him backward. LOL warps behind Gary bonking him with a bone then smashing him with a well placed punch in the back. He then turns him blue and bashes him against multiple bones. Gary breaks free from his control and smashes the ground causing a shockwave that sends LOL flying.

“Your nothing, worthless, I see why the ISM destroyed you au, you were garbage. A waste of space. YOU ARE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE WITH A BRAIN SHAPED LIKE A MEGER SPONGE,”

LOL was crying now but he was charging an attack.


LOL used his tears to grab, stab, slash, decapitate, and many other gruesome things. Gary seems pretty messed up by this.

“Alright then....” Gary says as he crackles with energy.


[ GARY 20% POWER ]

Gary launched himself at LOL hitting him square in the chest and sending both of them flying. LOL grabbed Gary’s head and used it to fling him into the ground. He then summoned a bunch of LOL blasters firing them at Gary hitting him and causing an enormous explosion. Gary shot up through the air uppercutting LOL then using his fist’s position to lift LOL over his head and slam him into the ground. Gary gets up and prepared his final attack. While LOL himself does the same.


LOL fires his Emo canon as Gary fires his kamehameha. When they collide it creates an explosion strong enough to send both of them into a different outerverse where Alpha404 FANON and ISM are fighting in a random omega timeline. LOL gets up and blast Gary with a kil blaster though Gary dodges and punches LOL. LOL cats he’s the punch and stabs Gary through his eyes with tears. Gary gets blasted away before getting back up and warping to LOL only to be blasted.


“I’m done playing around....I AM THE MANAGER!”

[ LOL M.A.N.A.G.E.R form ]

LOL begins beating on Gary easily decimating him with blast after blast and punch after punch each time with the force of pure cringe. Gary can’t even get up as LOL just keeps hitting him before he summons a horde of kil blasters and bones firing them all at Gary. Gary blast them away and launches at LOL only to be frozen mid air and then forced into a nearby tear in space and time. Gary finds that exiting the tears is very tough when there isn’t anything to grab or push off of on either side. LOL then blasts him in and seals the tear with flex tape. He then hears a rumble.

“H-HUH!?! What is that!?”

He then looks on in horror at the figure of Gary Sue glowing with power. Gary begins to gather power as he absorbed the totality of all OP things granting him power beyond anything lower joke characters could imagine.


[ GARY 89% POWER ]

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you”

Before LOL has a chance to transform into another form he’s already been blasted away. Gary begins to punch LOL relentlessly the kicking him into a black hole then flying into said black hole and tearing LOL out of it only to throw him back into the omega timeline. Gary punches LOL again and again and again with unlimited power. Each hit causes the entire outerverse to fracture and shatter. Gary had now had enough of this and grabs LOL preparing for his final attack.


He flys into the air carrying LOL and flys straight through the ISM’s skull causing a huge explosion

“MY GOD! THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT” he says as Alpha404 FANON just kinda stands and stares in shock at the fact that a completely separate battle did more damage to the ISM than he has in the last 12 hours. Now back to Gary.

Gary flys higher and higher eventually reaching the edge of the outerverse then looping back around now flying down over 738472847927228283829718639993719839677617835499592783649804828678405092816242464840391726454817922085457476362627^googolplex*G64 amount of times faster than he was going up smashing through the ISM’s skull again causing an even more intense explosion that shattered half of the ISM’s face.

“He is the first person I am going to kill after you cause I swear to GOD that (insert a very long string of swears)”

“He did more damage to you than I have since our last break, wanna watch them fight?”

“Ya know what, sure why not,”

anywya back to Gary. Gary smashes LOL into the ground completely obliterating the entire outerverse. They then start fighting again but eventually Gary is just done with it and uses another attack.


He slams his fist into LOL’s skull and uppercuts him then slams him into the ground behind himself causing another huge explosion.

“This isn’t the end, I may be dying but I’ll be ba-”

“Shut up” Gary says as he punches LOL into dust. He then gets up and walks away.

“....that was pretty epic,” ISM says.

“Yeah, back to fighting?” Alpha asks.

“Yeah I gotta kill you before I can kill Gary,” ISM replies.

So they go back to fighting.

Error404 Sans vs. Infected Sans

Error404 blasted his god ray, eviscerating some of ISM's minions. He fired a barrage of Dark Blasters, decimating more. Over to Infected, who was slicing through The Resistance, covering himself in blood and dust. They turned to face each other. "YOU!" yelled Error404, summoning two Dark Blasters. Infected smirked, turning his axe in his hands. "What of me?" He asked. "YOU- DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT!" Yelled Error404, firing The Dark Blasters. Infected dodging, throwing his axe at Error404. Error404 dodged, as Infected resummoned his axe, winding up a swing. Error404 turned, only to be sliced across the chest by the axe, leaving a scar. He got back up, stumbling back. Infected continued barraging him with attacks, as 404 tried to use his abilities to block the attacks. He fired a bone from the ground, which Infected Dodged. Infected sliced up, forming an X.

Infected gasterblasted 404, knocking him back. Error404 tried to get up, only to be kicked in the face. He kept crawling back. Suddenly, a shadowy figure was seen behind Infected, much to 404's confusion. As Infected turned, He was hit with full force to the side. He flew through multiple mountains and buildings, destroying them. The shadowy figure revealed himself to be- Alpha?! He helped 404 up, and they turned to face Infected. Infected began his sprint back towards them. He slashed, only for Alpha to dodge, and grab Infected by the shirt. Infected's eyes opened wide. "get dunked on." He said, as he slammed Infected into a bunch of blue bones. Infected was stuck. Alpha clapped the dust off his hands, as Infected lay there, stunned. He chuckled. He began to cackle. "Uh- what's happening-?" Asked Error404, as suddenly, bones stabbed at both of them. They warped. "But he can't be using magic, I impaled his eye!" Insisted Alpha. Suddenly, a Papyrus appeared, with a massive block of a strange metallic substance. He slammed it down, destroying The Mountain Alpha and Error404 had teleported to.

They both jumped other ways into the air. The Papyrus slammed the block into Alpha, blasting him like a rocket. Pow. Error404 watched Alpha fly Miles away. He landed on a Gaster Blaster. The Papyrus jumped, flying at Error404. He jumped away, as The Papyrus grabbed the blaster. Error404 landed on a nearby building, and ran. The Papyrus jumped away from the blaster, grabbing onto the building. He tore into it, as he climbed up it at a rapid rate. Error404 Jumped again, landing on the ground as he rolled. The Papyrus swung his arm down, The Blue Bones Impaling Infected disappeared back into the ground. Infected smirked, rubbing his wrists. He helped chase 404. Infected leaped at 404, preparing to slash him. Error404 brought two bones up. Infected was hit, but The Papyrus dodged. Error404 hit him in the side with a bone, slamming him aside. Error404 continued to sprint. He noticed The warzone, he turned to see The Papyrus and Infected getting up. He had a better look of The Papyrus. The Papyrus looked similar to Horrortale Papyrus, but with cracks in his skull. His arms were covered in bandages. He had a massive bar of metal for his weapon, then he slung over his shoulder as he approached. His eyes were instead wide open, as if someone had torn them open. Unlike Horrortale Papyrus, whose eyes were always very tiny. An Infected- Papyrus!? 404 decided this wasn't the time to think on the matter, as Infected Sans and Papyrus approached him. Suddenly, Alpha flew back, as he sprinted full speed. He rammed his shoulder into Infected, tackling him to the ground. Infected Papyrus turned, and 404 took opportunity of this. Error404 ran at him, slamming his fist into his face. Infected Papyrus slid back, narrowing his eyes. As Alpha wrestled with Infected Sans, Error404 got into fighting position to fight Infected Papyrus.

Alpha would blast Infected, sending him back. Alpha would draw his sword, rushing at Infected. Infected would raise his axe, leaping into the air. Alpha and Infected would clash, equalling out. Infected would use his height advantage and leverage his weight onto Alpha. Alpha would fall to his back, as Infected's axe neared his skull. Alpha would slam his leg up, kicking Infected straight in the chest. Alpha would punch the axe out of Infected's hands, then slice him with his sword. Infected held the wound he had already had, but now it bled more severely. Infected turned to Alpha, anger in his face. Infected continuously began to slash with his axe, as Alpha kept his guard up, blocking. Infected would impale him in the back with a bone. Infected would kick Alpha in the face. Alpha fell back, grunting as he hit the floor.

Infected Papyrus slammed The Metal bar into Error404, blasting him back into the wall. Infected Papyrus sprinted at him, holding the bar, ready to attack. Error404 summoned bone zones, trying to stop him, but he simply swerved to the side. Infected Papyrus slammed The Metal bar at 404, who barely rolled to the side. The Entire Mountain was destroyed from the attack. He swung down at Error404 again, who scrambled back to dodge. Infected Papyrus stomped, as a rock slammed into Error404, blasting him into the air. Error404 tried to regain his footing, but before he could even land, Infected Papyrus slammed The Metal Bar into him like a bat. Error404 slammed through multiple buildings and mountains. He staggered up, as he summoned Seven Dark Blasters, barraging Infected Papyrus with them. Infected Papyrus sprinted at him, as he dodged the blasters, rolling, jumping, and swerving. He neared him, as Error404 kept firing. Infected Papyrus raised the bar, as Error404 rolled to the side, evading the attack. Despite The Meme Zone being an Infinite Dimension, The Entire Meme zone shook from The Metal Bar slamming into the planet. Error404 would summon a Dark Blaster to block, as Papyrus punched straight through it, as it crumbled to Dust. Error404 staggered, trying his best to defend himself, as Infected Papyrus bashed through the defenses, continuing to attack Error404. He swept Error404's legs, as Error404 fell. Error404 laid down, accepting his fate, as Papyrus raised the metal bar. Suddenly, a familiar sword impaled Infected Papyrus through the chest. Error404's face lit up with happiness. It was Alphatale Chara. Infected Papyrus simply bent The Sword. They tried to pull the blade out. He turned to them, apathy clear on his face. Sweat ran down their face. He stomped Error404's face, almost knocking him unconscious. Alpha Chara tried to pull their sword out again. Infected Papyrus raised his arm, backhanding them, blasting them away through multiple mountains. He grunted as he stomped towards them. They staggered up. He kicked them in the chest, knocking the wind out of them. He elbowed the back of their head knocking them to the ground. He grabbed their body, as he raised it into the air. He slammed their back onto his knee, as a sickening crack was heard. Alpha Chara sat there, a pitiful useless human. Infected Papyrus raised the metal bar, as he brought it down on their head. It blew open. Error404 had been trying to follow them. He saw Alpha Chara's body laying there, their head split open. He fell to his knees. He just laid there for a moment. Infected Papyrus turned away. He impaled Error404 on a massive amount of blue bones, to be sure.

He then sprinted towards Alpha and Infected Sans, who were locked in a heated battle. Infected Papyrus kicked Alpha in the ribs, cracking them. He raised his bar, slamming it onto Alpha, dealing heavy damage. Infected Sans smirked. He used his axe to help Papyrus hack Alpha to pieces. Error404 just laid there, crying. He had failed. Infected Sans and Papyrus walked over to him, covered in The Dust of his brother. Infected Sans and Papyrus both bit his skull, gaining his abilities. Infected summoned a new and improved blaster, aiming it at him. He snapped his fingers. Nothing happened. He blinked, looking at the blaster. It suddenly exploded. The blue bones surrounding Error404 melted, as he stood up, flaring blue and white fire. Sweat poured down Infected's face. Error404 flew at him, blasting him through several mountains and buildings. Infected grunted. He slammed his arms onto Error404, trying to stop him, but to no avail. Infected slammed his axe into his back, cracking it. But it didn't stop Error404. Infected Papyrus blasted after them. He finally caught up to them, grabbing Error404 by The Leg, hurling him through multiple mountains. The Infecteds got into a fighting position. Blood spurted from Error404's back, but it was useless. Error404 flew at them again. Infected slammed his axe into Error404's head, and a massive crack formed, but nothing happened. He pulled the axe out. Blood spurted continuously from the crack. Infected Papyrus slammed The Metal bar into his chest, which, normally, would've shattered his ribs entirely. Error404 narrowed his eyes, hatred only intensifying. Infected Papyrus couldn't explain what was happening. He swung over and over again. The Damage should've destroyed his body. It seemed like it was about to shatter. Suddenly, it sealed together. The Crack on his head still remained. He continued to attack Error404, trying to bash him apart. Error404 slammed his fists together, creating a shockwave which knocked both back. Error404 summoned two Cracked and Extremely Powerful Blasters, firing them. The two summoned 5 of their own blasters, firing. They overpowered Error404, blasting him. He shoved his way out, ignoring the pain. He grabbed them both, slamming their skulls together. Infected tried to bite him. Error404 grabbed his mouth, and tore his entire skull open. Error404 stomped on his corpse. It sent out a strange virus. Infected tried to reincarnate, but as soon as he started, his spirit was destroyed.

Infected Papyrus looked on in Horror. He raised his arm, as it flared with red energy. He barraged Error404 with punches, as his entire body cracked. Infected raised his bar, as it glowed. Error404's eyes opened wide, he hadn't realized what was happening. The bar hit him at full force. His entire body was annihilated. Infected Papyrus fell to his knees, as he dropped the bar. His blind rage had somehow destroyed Error404. Infected would reincarnate, holding his skull in pain. The two turned to the wider conflict. They readied their weapons.

By The End of this, they would be Godslayers.

Horror Sans vs Murder Sans vs Killer Sans

Dust Sans fires a gaster blaster at Horror and Killer. Then, Horror lunges at Killer with his axe. Killer slashed Dust a few times, Then things got crazy,

  • Killer does another slash attack, but Dust somehow picks it up and wiped it at Killer!
  • Horror somehow uses a gaster blaster that splits into 1000000 small gaster blasters at both Dust and Killer.
  • Dust Sans uses Asgore´s spear, Undyne's spear, Toriel's fireball attack and Flowey's ¨friendliness pellets.¨ But Horror and Killer picked them up and ______ at Dust Sans.

the sanses were very tired. After one more axe attack, Horror Sans died due to exhaustion.


X!Gaster vs Cross!Sans and Cross!Chara

X!Gaster: you traitors.....traitors! I have complete potency over you fools!

Cross!Sans: you think that’ll stop me? Reset over every painful fucking reset! I can just let you get away with this!

*X!Gaster could be heard laughing *

X!Gaster: if you insist

*X!Gaster sent a hand toward cross*

*cross slashed it his large knife and sent red knives toward X!Gaster*

X!Gaster: hmmm....perhaps I underestimated you...but that was merely my first attack!

Cross!Sans: You seem to underestimate a lot of things you son of a bitch

*X!Gaster charged a hand blaster and Cross!Sans charged 5 Cross!Blasters*

*they countered*

*X!Gaster summoned bones*

X!Gaster: quit your foolishness cross, we are near perfection!

*Cross charged his blade*

Cross!Sans: your ideal ‘perfection’ is fucking genocide

*X!Gaster grinned*

X!Gaster:Anything for perfection

*Cross sliced the bones and hit X!Gaster*

X!Gaster: FUCK! Urrrgh, I’m calling in the...others

*he grinned as he summoned cross!Toriel and cross!Asgore

*Cross!Sans had a dark yet wonderful idea*

*Cross dodged the fire and sliced asgore to a point to where he was dead and inherited his trident. He dodged toriel’s fire and then chucked a trident at Toriel...Cross had reached lv 15.

X!Gaster: my my, I did not think you would do that

*X!Gaster summoned the rest.Cross easily annihilated Cross!Muffet and Cross!Mettaton. Then came alphys to which he also got easily. Cross had gotten stronger and stronger from the exp and attacked undyne next. Though it was hard, he succeeded and beat her.*

X!Gaster: D-Dear God.

*Cross then killed asriel surprisingly easily. Papyrus came next.... and with a heavy heart, cross killed him*

*Cross!Chara had appeared with Cross!Frisk. Cross!Chara looked stunned and Cross!Frisk looked mortified*

Cross: you looked surprised. This was the plan we agreed on

*X!Gaster furious* you two! You...plotted against me with the rebel? No matter!

*X!Gaster was about to press the overwrite button when Cross!Sans slashed his hand almost too quickly*

*X!Gaster made an X on the floor and Cross!Sans and Cross!Chara dodged...but Cross!Frisk was hit and weak*

Cross!Chara: FRISK!

X!Gaster: traitors do not belong to my ideal, perfect world.

*X!Gaster killed Cross!Frisk...only for cross to absorb the power*

Cross: AAAAUUUGGGHHH. The good!

*Cross!Chara looked scared and looked like they were ready to accept a painful fate*

Cross!Chara: time for phase 2....cross

*cross sans looked sad*

Cross: all of this has been hard kiddo. I had to kill what I had worked hard to restore. But I promise you...things will get better when I become in charge

*X!Gaster was even more furious*


*Cross had absorbed Cross!Chara’s soul....Cross was no longer normal dust...he was X!Dust*

X!Dust: maybe I was then...but now? I call BULLSHIT on that!

*without any time to react, X!Dust sliced X!Gaster with undyne’s spear, then with asgore’s trident, then with Mettaton’s saber. X!Dust used several attacks and dodged all of X!Gaster’s attacks*


X!Dust: you never were and now...

*X!Dust put his bloody scarlet knife to the ground*

X!Dust: you will never be

*X!Dust darted away as a large purplish red beam came from the ground and incinerated X!Gaster*

X!Dust: now that that fucker Gaster is out of the way, I can recreate our world not perfectly, but a hell lot better

[Cross!Sans and Cross!Chara won]

A simple transmission between two entities

S: I can’t say that this isn’t entertaining.

I: Don’t we have anything better to do than watching this unfold?

S: Of course not.

I: What about that TFO guy? Don’t we need to deal with him?

S: You should know by now that C has that handled.

I: OHHH right. That was dumb of me.

S: Wanna interfere?


Ink vs. Error

Ink Gaster Blasted two of the soldiers. Grabbing another one, slamming their skull into a rock. He turned, seeing Error there, who was wildly stringing thousands of Resistance members. Ink leaped at him, slashing him with his brush. Error dodged, then impaled Ink on a bone, knocking him into the air. Error smirked, as Ink crashed into the ground. Error would let the strings attach to his "storage" in The Anti-void. "Ink... Ink, I thought you were with X-Gaster, no?" Error asked. Ink grunted as he got back up. "I'm not turning my back on this Multiverse again." Said Ink. "What a valiant time to make your decision." Responded Error. Ink aimed his brush. Error chuckled. "I've got to right the wrongs I did, now, stand down." Said Ink. Error burst out in a glitchy laugh. "Alright, Ink." He said as he put his hands up. Suddenly, he warped over, punching Ink in the face. Ink was flung back. Error impaled him on a bone, as Ink flew into the air. Error jumped, his hands crackling with energy. He'd slam Ink down. Ink would warp before hitting the ground. Error would string him by the ankle, slamming him down. Ink would toss broomie before landing, stopping it from being broken. Ink would snatch broomie, then flick it at Error. Error would block with a gaster blaster's shell, then fire 5 blasters at Ink. Ink would flick his brush, summoning Ultra Sans. Error would leap at Ink, slamming his fists into the ground, causing an earthquake, to blast Ink back. Ultra would fire two Hand Lasers at Error, who would counter with a gaster blaster.

Ink would impale his arm on an inky bone, as Error grunted, while ERROR messages formed in his eyes. Error pointed, summoning 10 blasters, firing them. Ink was blown back, as he skids into the wall. Ink jumped up, summoning 10 blasters of his own, firing. Error fired his blasters again, as they pushed against each other. Ink and Error would form blaster cannons on their arms, and they'd punch at each other. They would both fire, holding their blasters in place. Both began to crack, and both arm cannons exploding, blasting both back.

Error would grunt, flipping, landing to nullify the attack. Ink slid back from the explosion. Error would summon thousands of bones in the air. He'd grab them with his strings, slamming them down at Ink. Ink would dodge, and get hit once, causing him to fall. Error would summon a blaster, slamming it onto Ink with strings. Ink grunted as he tried to shove the blaster off. The Blaster would explode, as a crater formed. Error leaped into the air with a sharp bone. Ink barely rolled out of the way as Error stabbed down with it.

Ink would flip back, grabbing a chunk of sand, throwing it in Error's eye sockets. Error would grunt as he tried to scrub it out. Ink would slash Error multiple times with his brush. Chains would form around him. Ink would summon a blaster circle, blasting Error into the air. Ink would jump up, shooting some bones to knock him down. Five blasters appeared below, firing up at Error. Error would regain composure, and snatch Ink by the ankle with a string. He'd hurl Ink further into the air, then surround him in a dome of sharp bones. The bones would all fire, as Ink would try and dodge as many as he could. He'd be impaled by several, and fall to the floor. Error would warp over, as he strung one of his blasters, slamming it onto Ink. It began to glow, as Ink grunted, struggling to escape. The Blaster would explode, sending Ink flying. Ink grunted as he struggled to get up. Error stared him down and grabbed him by the skull. Ink sighed. "Karma gets us all in the end, doesn't it?" He said.

Error crushed his skull.

Horror Sans vs Murder Sans vs Killer Sans (Part 2)

After Horror Sans died, only Dust Sans and Killer Sans were left. Right when they were about to fight, Inanity!Sans comes to the fight.

Insanity: Hello. Do I hear some killing?

Dust: No, but do YOU hear this?!

*Dust Sans fires a gaster blaster at Insanity!Sans

Dust Sans: That was easier than expected.

*Dust Sans looked back, and he was greeted with a surprise.

Insanity!Sans: You really thought it will take only take one blaster to kill me? Heh. You are really stupid.

*Insanity Sans jumps and summons blue lurkers at Dust Sans. Dust Sans fires some Undyne spears at Insanity.

*Killer sans took action, too. He came to Dust Sans, and stabbed him in the heart. (Wait do skeletons have hearts?)

*The battle was intense. The battle took hours and hours and hours.

Horror Sans vs Murder Sans vs Killer Sans (Part 2.5)

This part has barely anything at all. Insanity!Sans, Dust!Sans and Killer!Sans continued fighting. At one point, in the middle of the battle, W.D Gaster would come, absorb the sanses powers and un-absorb them into the sanses, making them gain each other's powers. As a result, Insanity Sans has Killer Sans' powers, Murder Sans has Insanity Sans' powers and Killer Sans has Murder Sans' powers. Then, W.D. Gaster left.


Future!NR!Sans vs sans fangirls

“Aw ****, here we go again,” NR!Sans said as he looked at the fandom while standing in front of a very scared classic.

The fangirls charged at him ready to kill him.

NR!Sans fires a bunch of blasters at then destroying a couple but it barely affected most of them. Suddenly a torrent of knives get fired at NR who dodges them easily. NR fires more blasters and and makes the ground quake as a million bones break through it. Most of the fan girls dodge and send a wave of fire at nr who dodges it. Some fangirls die but most keep persisting. Nr isn’t happy and cracks the ground with blue magic sending the fragments flying at them killing a few. One of the fangirls slashes at nr almost hitting him but nr dodges and sends her into a nearby star with blue control.

“Give us our san-“

“S H U T” NR says as he pummels them into the ground with soul energy. He then creates and fires a bunch of yellow bolts that explode once they hit the ground. He then looks behind him just in time to see a fangirls about to slash him. He freezes time and stabs them with a bone and blasts them then takes the opportunity to blast everyone else and then unfreeze time. He then freezes one girl and then realizes it’s a classic case of peer pressure and yeets her away with blue magic.

“Goddang, YALL are psychopathic yanderes AND toxic friends,” NR says as he blasts all the fangirls again. The fangirls proceed to throw a bunch of insults at him until one insults DarknessReaper9.


This causes all of the fangirls to have their heart break and most die because of it while the others call him a meanie and such.

“Tsk, pathetic,” He says as he blasts them all to oblivion. He then teleports over to that one peer pressured girl from earlier.

“Heya, how’s it going. You might be sad right now but you were just peer pressured,”

The girl looks up from her crying and whispers, “I’m....sorry...”

Suddenly a loud crash is heard in the sky.

“Crap, come on, let’s go, it’s not safe here”

The girl nods as they teleport away

Revenant vs Doom slayer

Revenant spies his target, a tall man wearing a suit of futuristic armour. He summons a totem to turn into a shadow when he rushes frantically at his opponent. Doom slayer sees Revenant jumping at him, ready to stab him when he grabs Revenant and rips his steel skull in half revealing his wiring. Revenant respawns at his totem.

“Heh heh heh”, Revenant chuckles to himself, his metallic voice grating, “Tell me... would you prefer I use your face as a mask or use your skin as a rug?”

*Despite the slayer’s face being covered by a helmet, you can sense the rage within him.*

Doom slayer walks menacingly at Revenant, chainsaw drawn. Revenant is delighted with this ordeal he fades to dust and reappears behind Slayer, lifting him with ease and throwing him about ten meters away. Slayer gets up and sprints at Revenant and grabs his arm, throwing him to the ground. Revenant jumps up again but Slayer caught him by the neck. Revenant punches Slayer in the chest, causing him to drop Revenant who then kicks him to the ground. Slayer readies his chain saw. Revenant simply puts his index finger where his mouth should be and shushes him, fading to dust before reappearing behind slayer, stabbing him twice in the back. Doom slayer fell to the ground, breathing heavily.

“I expected more from a demon slayer. I guess I was just the one you couldn’t kill”, said Revenant, “Between you and me... I couldn’t care less about the war. ISM just offered me an opportunity to kill skinsuits. Where I’m from, there are none left. It’s not personal, you were just marked for death.”

The fallen slayer spoke weakly, “And what the hell are you???”

“Death”, said the machine as he turned from this victim to the next.

Doom slayer grabs his shotgun, firing a shot right at Revenant’s back, knocking Revenant down on his knees. Revenant turns to slayer who is getting up from the ground and reloading his shotgun. “I’ve been to hell before and I’ve already killed a fuck-ton of you demons, so yeah... Nice try, bitch.” Said slayer

“Heh... looking for a rematch are we?”, said Revenant. “Y’know, I envy you skinbags... being able to die permanently and all. If I knew that next time that I got killed and I wouldn’t come back, I would kill myself immediately. I’m letting you give up and die, or I can make things a lot more painful for you if you keep this up.”

The doom slayer throws a punch but Revenant grabs his fist. “For someone who doesn’t talk much, you have quite the personality”. Slayer throws a kick and a few punches at Revenant, causing the machine to fall over when slayer draws his shotgun and fires a shot at Revenant, who teleported behind the slayer and kicked the slayer, teleported in front of him and grabbed his shotgun. The slayer got his chainsaw, and cut into Revenant’s shoulder when Revenant fired a trio of shots, which didn’t pierce the slayer’s armour but knocked him back slightly. Revenant hit the slayer in the chest, then walking closer to him to land a blow in the face, stunning and knocking the Doom slayer to the ground. “Shhh, it’s just a bad dream, it’ll all be over soon” said Revenant as began to beat the crap out of slayer, rendering his face his face to a pulp.

”Shit, I should have made a mask out of you instead.”


S: How exactly do ya wanna interfere?

I: Lead NR to the MC device.

S: Really? NR?

I: We both know he’s your favorite and I wanna see how he’ll do against some comedytale characters.

S: Not even my form could stand up against comedytale he’ll be demolished.

I: Remember that time that Toby said he would do us a favor if we wanted him too?

S: ...Your gonna use that for Nr?

I: YEP.!

S: Suit yourself.


Frisk crashed into Mars as AC approached.

“Oh, You’re approach-” Frisk was cut off by a blast to the chest.

“**** off”

Frisk got out he scythe and swung at AC only to miss and be blasted by beams of cringe. Frisk absorbed them and launched herself at AC barraging him with punches and sending him flying. She then charges a ki blast and hurls it at AC who dodges and teleports behind frisk.

“Omae w-“


Frisk slices him in half with her BEEG ANIME SORDE and then hurls a bunch of knives at her. AC dodges and blasts her with some more lasers on cringe which Frisk sidesteps and eats. She then brings an anime moon down on AC and then summons her stand. She makes her stand punch AC turning him into a plot hole. However AC doesn’t give a **** as he doesn’t pay attention to plot so they continue fighting. Frisk has had enough so she decides to try and end this,


Frisk charges a spirit bomb and hurls it at AC who can’t dodge in time and gets hit. However he is virtually unfazed. He charges at frisk and punches her, however frisk teleports behind him.

“Omae wa mou shindeiru”

Suddenly a loud screech and be heard and a sword is in AC’s chest. AC was actually hurt by this attack and is angry because of that. He bashes his elbow into frisk’s face and blasts her with an intense beam of Anti-Cringe dealing major damage to her. He then teleports to her but she summons an army of Ann-e-may gorls which distract AC long enough for frisk to regain her footing and charge an attack. Frisk summons her stand and an army of fangirls and furries to keep AC distracted longer and then brings out OwOwrite. She decides to write Ac out of existence but the button shatters before she can do anything. Frisk whirls around only to see AC’s fist. Frisk goes flying but her stand doesn’t. Her stand stays and puts up a fight giving frisk time to heal before it gets obliterated irreversibly by AC. Frisk is sad and mad.



Frisk fires a beam at AC who gets hit and is nearly decimated by the sheer power. Frisk is tired but she sees that Ac is still alive and is rapidly recovering so as a last resort she uses her phone to use Tik Tok. She starts a Tik Tok and includes AC in it and hen says UwU and OwO a bunch of times before uploading it. Suddenly AC starts shaking. The glowing. Then crackling with power.


Immediatley AC imprisons frisk in a cage.

“You’ll make a great battery” he says as he teleports away.

Future NR!Sans attempting to destroy the mind control device to free most of the villains from ISM’s control.

Future NR is standing there casually decimating a bunch of random nobody’s after being glitched out due to the death of his past self. S suddenly tells him to look into their code. As he looks at their code he notices something weird in the code of the nobody’s. They have purple strings in them. So nr begins a long journey to the castle of the ISM in order to find and destroy the MC device, taking a headset that allows him to contact S and I.

After a while of walking NR sees his first actual challenge, E.R.R.O.R 666. They engage in an epic fight. During the fight, 666 nearly shatters the soul of nr but nr rolls out of the way and kicks him in the rib cage. He then decimates him with a bunch of shadow blasters.

As he continues along eviscerating and decimating all hostile beings on his path he glitches again. As he falls to his knees he realizes that his connection to the physical realm was wavering, so he took a detour into kurger Bing and tried their “Wmpossibke Iopper” only to realize that it tasted disgusting and went to McDonalds instead.

Then the forces of the ISM showed up along with Dolan, spoderman, and the other random meme. He easily decimates the nobody and kills spoderman but comes across a challenge with Dolan who wouldn’t stay dead. He decides to kill all of he other beings and then stabs Dolan with the blade of scronch. Nr was significantly worn down by the fight however as he wasn’t prepared to take on a meme, so you can bet that he didn’t exactly have high hopes when the looming shadow of the Illuminati appeared before him. The Illuminati attempts to blast him with a laser but the laser is blocked by a sudden burst of power from given to nr by Toby himself. I’m a single blast sans sends the Illuminati flying away though he knows that the Illuminati isn’t dead as it’s power is far too great and it’s influence is far too wide to possibly kill it,

As he continues on his way obliterating anything and everything that try’s to kill him he then sees a purple beam made of strings shoot over head. He then sees The Punny Skeleton Man (The omegaZOMGfinity puns man) up ahead and he knows he’s gonna have a hard time.

The Punny Skeleton Man fires a blaster at him so Nr then opens a tear into the mushroom kingdom where Mario is watching tv while his dead friends just lie in a corner stinking up the place and grabs Mario bringing him into the fight and then uses him as a human shield. Mario is decimated.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT, THAT WAS MARIO” I says in Sans’s earpiece.

“He’s a psychopath remember, do you even watch game theory?” NR replies.

“OHHHHHH, right”

“Wow you really don’t give a crap do you?” S says

“I don’t have the time” NR replies.

NR then uses the power of Toby getting a major buff. The explosion of energy knocks back and weakens TPSM. TPSM then fires a lot more blasters and gives NR a bad time but NR is having none of it and blocks the blaster with his own. He then fires the huge blaster at TPSM who dodges and punches NR in the face. NR flies into a mountain but he’s barely scathed. He brings down an enourmous laser of power onto TPSM who gets hit. He then teleports behind NR and stabs him, then he slices through NR’s skeletal structure slicing him in half.

“What do you get when you try to fight someone who is a comedytale character when you yourself aren’t even a joke?”

“The corpse of a page that was deleted” replies NR as he uses TPSM’s own knife to slice through him. He then blasts TPSM with a blaster obliterating him.

As NR continues on his journey he finds Error and Nightmare obliterating some resistance troops. He yeets both of hem away into a different outerverse with ease. He eventually finds his past self’s corpse. He resurrects him and then kills him and takes his soul along with Justice and Patience. He puts it in his pocket and he can feel his temporal structure stabilizing.

“Finally my god,”

It’s at this point that NR realizes he could have teleported to the MC device. Then he realizes he can’t for some reason. He blows it off as he continues on his journey.

The next challenge he comes across is...lemme spin his wheel real quick uhhhh...dogs. An army of dogs made by the ISM himself in order to stall NR. Nr engages them in battle. He blasts them away killing one but the rest keep charging. Several jump at him but sans dodges and blasts them again. His time with over 9000 Blasters. Sans then summons over 9000 OMNIOMNIOMNIOMNIOMNIOMNIOMNIOMNICANNONS and obliterates the dogs. Except one, he keeps it for later.

As sans continues on his journey he notices that more and more things seem more and more twisted and lifeless. Things living things become insane and they seem to be influenced by something. Sans knows that whatever is influencing these things is starting to get into his head to as he looks down at his hand. His hand is covered in dust.....his brother’s dust....he shakes his head and knows that it’s his own. Seeing as he’s desensitized to death it’ll take a lot more than that to even shake him a little. As he continues he notices a glowing shard.

“A god shard” He says as he pick it up. He absorbs its power but puts the shard itself in his pocket. Eventually he comes across a bunch of minions, more dogs, TROLLE’s, and meme demons. As he engages them in battle he blasts a minion only to be tackled by more minions and is about to be mauled to death by dogs but he pulls out the shard and throws it causing all of them to scramble to grab it. He hen blasts them all into oblivion and stabs the stragglers with bones before picking up the depowered shard and leaving.

Eventually sans finds himself on a mountain high in this grayish purple lifeless landscape and sees some normal trees in the distance with some apples. He teleports over rand grabs some apples. He sees that the tree is actually surrounded by a hole that seems to go on forever. He doesn’t question and keeps walking. Eventually he found the sight where dream and the rest of them had died. It was covered in black goo. He trotted along blasting away the goo hoping that he could find one bit of positivity. He found dreams dust and in it, a very tiny slice of his soul. He took it and put it in his pocket before leaving.

“How far away am I too the castle?” NR asks. “You can’t be too far, I’m detecting a massive amount of dark power and insanity up ahead,”

“Yeah...I see” NR says as he looks in shock and horror at what he saw. An enormous tower in front of The ISM’s castle with a huge purple crystal radiating pure insanity and negativity. It blasted out purple string like beams as the tower tore into the ground rooting itself into the meme zone itself. He had to destroy and now...

He noticed Twitter!Asgore and PSB arguing and saw that PSB was holding the chaos Cheetos. He saw potential ketch up brother there as well along with the spaghetti toriel. He needed to sneak past them but how...

“Try User” S suggested

NR called up User!Sans and after a short conversation he put the phone down.

“Apparently he’s being watched by mods or something, well...let’s go with plan b”

Sans sent threw the depowered god shard to the left causing all of them except TST to run after it. TST noticed NR however so Nr had to make a break for it. He quickly ran around to the back and entered via the back door. He ran through the labyrinth that surrounded the stairs to the tower. He found his way through relatively quickly but TAT was waiting for him. TST threw a bunch of meatballs at NR who dodged. He couldn’t beat TST alone but he could slow her down. He blasted at her stunning her a little before making a break toward the stairs. He began to hallucinate due to the crystal but he kept running. Eventually he came across a bunch of strange clones of ism made of spaghetti. They attacks and he blasted the, all before using his telekinesis to YEET them at TST causing her to fall down. NR kept running and running but the staircase was warping and twisting to keep him away. He used his isolated omnipotence on the staircase but it was was becoming less powerful. His powers were weakening.

“No no no no no no **** **** oh god no” Sans thought to himself. His mind and body were being muffled. His senses weakening. But he couldn’t give up. He persisted until the staircase couldn’t warp anymore and he finally made it to the roof. There he saw an elevator and thought, “There was an elevator....oh come on...” but he couldn’t focus on that now as he had a job to do. However PSB, TST, Twitter!Asgore, and PKB were all there standing between him and the crystal. NR barraged them with blasters and bones while dodging, ducking, diving, and jumping through them and their attacks all the way to the crystal. He pulled out the dog he picked up earlier and held it up as if he was going to throw it at the crystal.

“I’m going to throw this at the crystal and everything around here will be destroyed irreversibly other than me and the dog,”

“The tower will regener-”

“No it won’t. It’ll destroy the tower too. Not to mention that fact that ISM makes these by using the portion of his power that Toby gave him so he could control his AEOE form. Your done m8. So you either leave and avoid death, or your erased with the last thing you have done was being idiots.”

And with that he throws the dog.

The explosion is huge engulfing everything. Sans feels the effects of the crystal burrow into the foundation of his mind. He kicks it out just fine and falls unconscious. He wakes up an hour later with the dog standing over him licking him. He gets up, pets the dog, and looks behind him to see a familiar face.

“Oh heya Meta!”

“Hey NR. Glad to see your alive but right now we have bigger problems,” He says as he points too the four enemies in the distance,”

“This’ll be fun...”

Future!NR!Sans, Hypothetical Meta, and a Dog vs TST, PSB, PKB, and Twitter!Asgore

A blaster fires as Meta launches himself into PSB knocking him off his feet. PSB quickly gets back up and shoots meta who barely dodges and then gets hit with a meatball and some tweets from TST and TA. Nr blasts them both and barrages the group with bones before using his isolated omnipotence on TA. Before he can do anything he gets hit with TA’s phone. Nr recovers quickly and dashes towards them. Instead of ramming into them he dodges out of the way but leaves his fist where it was as best he can. He summons a bone and stabs TA in the chest. TA gets blasted away by meta who teleports in front of him.


Meta barrages TA with powerful energy blasts that completely and utterly decimate TA leaving a smoldering skeleton. TA gets back up but before he can heal he is blasted by and then hit by the dog from earlier and killed. Nr continues to hold out against the other here until Meta charges into TST knocking her into a nearby wall. Meta then blasts PSB but PSB dodges and makes Meta gay. Meta quickly defies that with logic, and blasts PSB.

“Gonna have to thank DR9 for teaching me that one”

Suddenly he’s pelted with ketchup. And then punched. Meta gets back up and blasts whoever slapped him. PKB dodges and charges at him. Meta dodges and grabs PKB’s head using him as a shield against the gay attacks PSB sent at him. NR was fighting TST the entire time dodging every single one of her attacks. He blasted her with more blasters and used his isolated omnipotence on the ground. Warping and twisting it around TST until she was wrapped and consumed by it. Sans was about to go back and help Meta when TST burst from the ground. The dog charged into her and they began to fight while Sans ran to help Meta.

The dog BONKED TST with a bat before blasting her with a laser. She sent a bunch of fiery meatballs at the dog who dodged and sent some more dogs after her before borking causing a sonic wave to hit TST forcing her down where the dogs could take care of the rest. TST didn’t give up so easily though so she used a powerful attack.


Suddenly meatballs rained from the sky exploding everywhere annihilating everything. Meta was getting pelted and Sans was barely dodging them all but the dog was unfazed. It charged at TST borking everywhere and rammed into TST from all directions some how utterly annihilating her from existence.

PSB and PKB were battling Meta who was thoroughly out matched until NR came to help. NR blasted PSB before causing the ground to explode. The explosion consumes PSB but then Meta was shot. PKB used the opportunity to slap Meta as hard as possible sending him flying. Before anything else could happen to him NR barraged PKB with blasters and bones and launched himself towards PSB. PSB caught his punch but NR smashed his other fist into PSB’s skull causing an explosion that hurled him away. He teleported behind PSB but he just shot NR a bunch before taking his breath away and beginning to make him gay. NR blasted PSB before he could finish and thrust his fist through his stomach and pulled out his spine. PSB quickly regenerated and smashed NR against a rock. He kept doing this bashing NR against the rock when he was history by a bunch of lasers from Meta. Meta wasn’t doing so great but he couldn’t just lay down and die. He shot himself at PKB FTL and bashed him against a rock wall and mercilessly beat on him. Bashing his head into the rock over and over again until PKB slapped him away. Then PKB was hit with PSB who NR had yeeted at him. Then the dog came out of nowhere and hurled itself at PSB and PKB faster than anything anyone could comprehend and annihilated both of them. NR checked the dog’s hp and found it low so he fed it some carrots. He ran over to Meta to find him collapsed on the floor barely alive.

“Your coming with me,”

He teleports Meta back to base only to find it destroyed. He took to long. He used some of the supplies there to atleast kind of heal Meta.

“I’d rather you not die as that would be a huge problem,”

“Your so lazy your immune to character development aren’t you?”

“Yep. I need to take a nap for a thousand years,”

“Heh, look...things aren’t gonna go well for anyone on either side once this thing finishes. You have to prepare and you can’t tell anyone. They’ll think your insane. Something horrible is coming. Something far more powerful than The ISM and The YEET combined. You alone need to prepare,”

“...ok then...well I need to get yo-”

*Meta dies*


Error and Revenant vs. What's Left of Team Shining

Error tossed Ink's limp body aside, as he turned to the side. Revenant floated up, splattered with blood, dust, and other liquids from the creatures on The Resistance's side. Error smirked. "Lets continue." He said. Revenant nodded, as Error began to jog. He sped up, as he began to go at extreme speeds. He broke FTL, as he only went faster. Meanwhile, Dream had The Advantage on Nightmare. Dream had filled him with arrows, and Nightmare was being torn apart. Dream stomped his puddle, annihilating part of it. Only a bit of Nightmare remained, as Dream pulled back his arrow, having had been in a blinding rage state.

Error shoulder rammed into Dream at full speed, blasting him into a mountain, destroying it and toppling itonto Dream. Nightmare's tiny bit of liquid slowly regenerated, as Error looked at it apathetically. Nightmare finally regenerated. He looked between Error, as the destroyed mountain. Nightmare looked dumbfounded. Error sighed, as he turned towards the Mountain. Dream got up, barraging arrows at the two. Error fell back, as he was hit with multiple arrows. Nightmare fled, not wanting to enter the situation he had been in before. Error groaned at Nightmare's cowardice, as he turned to face Dream. Fell, Swap, Anti-Virus, and Delta warped in, preparing to Fight Error. Error cracked his neck, slowly, as he prepared to fight the 5. Revenant suddenly flew in, and clotheslined Fell and Swap. Delta, Anti-Virus, and Dream all barraged Error with bones and arrows. Error warped into the air, blasting them each with one blaster. The three summoned their bone walls, as they were destroyed, and the three were blown back.

Revenant tore into Swap, as he tore his skeletal structure apart. A Burnt Pan hit him over the head with full force. Revenant slowly turned, seeing Underswap Chara. Underswap Chara began to shake in fear. Fell fired a blaster at full force into Revenant, knocking it back. Swap stumbled up, as Underswap Chara helped him. Fell motioned for them to flee, as he turned to revenant. Underswap Papyrus warped in to help Fell. Revenant pulled out a rifle, firing it continuously at Fell. Fell slid behind cover, sweating. The Revenant slid to his side, raising his hand. He slammed it into the rock, destroying it, as fell backflipped. Fell impaled revenant on 5 bones. Revenant grunted, as he summoned a totem, sliding out of the bones. Sweat ran down Fell's face, as Revenant appeared behind him, raising his hand. An Orange Blaster hit Revenant anyway, as Swap Papyrus smirked.

Error dodged continously, sweat pouring down his face, as Delta punch barraged him, whilst Dream barraged with his knives, as Anti kept trying to crush him with his arms. Error would move his head to the side, as Delta punched at his head. Error slammed his fist straight through Delta's chest, creating a hole in it. Delta fell down onto his chest, lifeless. Dream sliced at him, as he impaled Dream on two bones from the front. Error blasted him twice, sending him flying back. Anti planted his 4 arms down, as he slammed his two feet into Error. Error slid back. Bones Impaled each arms near where they came from Anti's back. Anti's arms all fell off, as he stumbled back. Error slammed his foot into Anti's face, knocking him back. Dream shoulder bashed into Error, making him stumble.

Revenant continued to slash at Swap Papyrus, as he tried to block the attacks. Fell stumbled up from a recent attack, as he watched Revenant raise his arm. "NO-!" Fell yelled, as Revenant sliced Swap Papyrus's head off. Fell watched as Swap Papyrus turned to Dust. Fell sat there, building rage, as Revenant turned to him. Fell summoned a massive blaster, that was bigger than an entire mountain. Revenant just turned to it.


The Blaster fired, absolutely eviscerating Revenant. Nothing remained of Revenant, as Fell turned to Underswap Papyrus's Dust. He began to sweat, as he was reminded of his own brother's death. He teleported away, as sweat poured down his face. Simply confused and afraid.

Error lifted up Dream's skull, as he stood there. Delta's corpse still lay lifeless, and Anti-Virus had his head on a bone, and his body floating there idly, as if it was held up by an unknown force. The area began to slowly turn Dark, as Positivity was sucked out of The Multiverse. Error walked up to Dream's body, tearing his SOUL out of it. Error smirked, as the area was almost completely dark. Error crushed the apple, as the area turned completely dark.

"Now... Hell begins."

Void’s castle

Karma : Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, this is bad !

Disease : I know, but what are we supposed to do ? Void is exhausted, he used all his power to open the portals.

Void : Sadly... we have to do something. There is only the three of us left from the Harvesters. Our first objective is to break ISM’s mind control. If we free Error and the others, we’d have a chance.

D : Some Sanses are already working on it.

V : Still. Error is now extremely powerful. He has to be stopped.

K : I can do that !

V : No ! I already defeated him, and we still have the souls...

D : It’s too dangerous, if we lose you, we lose ALPHA404’s main support, and maybe more, let’s watch. If someone calls us, we’ll answer.

Error and Nightmare "vs" NR!Sans

Error turned to him, as The Negativity reached into his mind.

"No- NO! Please, stop!"

NR!Sans's Head was being filled with visions of Dust, Blood, and many things which he hoped he would never have to remember again. He mumbled and cried as he screamed and laid on the ground, crying and screaming.

Error turned to Nightmare. "Your Little Cloud is awfully effective, eh?" He said, chuckling. Nightmare smiled, as his hands crackled with Power. "Without Dream... The Power I have... It's to much!" He said, cackling maniacally. Error gave a slight chuckle, approaching NR!Sans. Error simply raised his foot, bringing it down onto NR!Sans's head.

A Loud Crunch was heard.

((Plot Armor is Non-Existent for this battle, basically. Otherwise most of Team Shining would still be alive, and so would The Doom Slayer))

((Future!NR Sans is still alive, he's just glitching out.))

Error Attacks Void's Castle / Error vs Void

Error turned to Nightmare. "I've got to make a quick detour to a certain place. You fill for me, 'kay?" Error said. "Sure boss." Nightmare said, saluting him. Error smirked, as he entered a portal. He appeared in front of the massive castle. He summoned a blaster, blasting a hole in the outer wall, entering. The Guards noticed him. Error slammed his fist into the floor, while walking through The Outer wall. The Entire Outer wall, which surrounded the castle, fell apart, as The Guards on top of it all fell to their deaths. The Other Guards Noticed him, rushing at him. Error began to slaughter them by The Thousands, cutting them down and Incinerating them, as he approached The Inner wall.

Void, Disease, and Karma heard the battle as Error slaughtered the soldiers

K : Sh*t, I knew we should have left the castle in The Void, and those soldiers ALPHA gave us are worthless !

V : Call that an opportunity, he just got where we wanted him to be. And the castle was the perfect HQ. You two, hide the best you can, I got this.

“Hello ? Where are you ?”, said Error, as he exploded the door of the empty Throne room. “I’m not here to play, don’t waste my time !”. “I don’t intend to, Ruru”, he heard behind him. He turned back, but there was nothing. “DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME LIKE THAT, YOU DiRtYty#”. “Please, if you keep glitching like this, you’ll only hurt yourself. And call you like what ? Like I used to care you, RURU ?” By the time Error understood what was happening, he saw an emotionless, half-dusted, monstrous version of Ink in front of him. “How could you, Ruru, we were good friends, Ruru, right Ruru ?

It was a pure nightmare. He felt his sins crawling on his back, and saw that it was a dozen of inky centipedes that were rolling all along his body, inside his clothes, touching every millimeter of his body. “No, no, nonononoNONONONONONONONONO-” And then, a hand grabbed his skull. And in a matter of seconds, it was over. Error, free, crying on the floor, and Void, his (real) hand on him. “Mind control. You used to be able to counter them, but it was a long time ago, right... Error?"

Suddenly, Errror looked up, smirking. Void began to sweat, as Error swept his legs, impaling him on five bones. Error blasted him twice, and strung the throne room, toppling it onto him. Void struggled out of the rubble, as he was greeted by 5 blasters to the face. "You think THAT'S my Worst fear!?!? AHAHAHAHAHA... Now you're going to pay for trying to fuck with my head." Error said, as he got into a fighting position. "Oh, and also. I'm not being Mind Controlled. I'm doing this voluntarily, so I'll still see you BURN!" Error stated. Void grunted as he flipped out of the rubble. He slammed his foot to the side, a bone zone appearing below Error. Error jumped into the air, grabbing the wall, putting a hole in it. Void slammed his palm forward, as a bone zone appeared from the wall. Error launched from the wall, slamming his arm up. Multiple sharp bones, impaled Void. Error slammed his fist forward, as a massive blaster appeared. Void warped, dodging the blaster. Void camouflaged, waiting. Error looked around, standing defensively. Void dove at Error, as Error roundhoused at him, kicking him away. Void grunted as he slid across the ground.

Error stood there, as he shifted his right foot back. Two Gaster Hands appeared, as they charged with energy. They both fired, full power at Error. Error shifted his arm up, his telekinesis eye glowing. The Energy reflected, destroying the hands. The energy clapped at Void, as Void barely moved back, dodging. Error raised his hands up, pulling two boulders out of the ground with telekinesis. He clapped, slamming the boulders together to crush Void. Void crumpled, as Error raised the boulders, about to crush him again. Void became a ghost, going through the rocks. Error smirked. "You may be a ghost, but even Ghosts aren't immune to magic!" He declared, as he fired blaster after blaster at Void. Void tried to dodge them, only to be hit. His spirit form wasn't that durable, so took heavy damage. Void went back into his physical form. He raised his arms, and slammed them down. A barrage of hands, bones, and blasters flew at Error. Error slammed his hands up, summoning a blaster which formed a shield with it's blast. Error stood his ground, blocking the barrage. Error flipped over the blaster, slamming his leg into Void's head, splitting his body right down from the top. Error stood over Void's body, as it turned to Dust.

[ LV Up! ]

Error turned, as he went further into the castle.

Disease and Karma were sweating and freaking out. They heard the guards being bashed to death and killed. "Void is dead!" Karma said, sweating more and more. "We have to stop him!" Disease yelled, running over to a panel. Error walked through Cam 5, bashing the soldiers apart. Disease pulled a switch back. The Room locked in a metal container. "That's UwUranium, he'll never get through." Disease declared. Error pulled his fist back, as it charged with Blue Energy. He slammed his fist into it, making a massive dent through it. Error tore through the hole making it big enough for him to fit through. He walked through, as the two watched in Disbelief. Karma pulled a switch on Cam 6, Activating an electric field. Error was blasted with trillions of volts of electricity. Error grunted, as he fell to the ground. He put his hands down, to stop himself from falling entirely. Karma smirked. "How pathetic, He can't even-" He said, being cut off by Error slammed his fists up. The Generators sending out the energy exploded, blasting fluids and electricity everywhere. Error stomped through, his clothes being burnt. Karma hit a button. A Platform came up from the ground, as a massive, horrid, and disgusting monster came up from the ground. It turned to Error. It had laser-focused eyes, and had extremely durable brown skin. It's skin was rough, and gross. The Monster sprinted at Error, as he jumped to the wall. He flew himself at it, kicking it in the face. It stumbled. Error impaled it with five bones. Error clapped his hands near the ground. Massive cracks formed, as more bones impaled the monster. The Monster struggled, as Error summoned a massive blaster, his eyes were bloodshot. He was annoyed from all the trials. The Blaster fired, eviscerating the monster.

Error walked past. "There's only a few rooms left!" Karma yelled. Disease hit a few buttons. Pulling more switches, as Error moved towards the control room. "What are you doing?" Karma asked. "You'll see!" Disease yelled. He pulled the glass covering of a button off, slamming his fist onto the button. Alarms blared. "Ok, this way." Disease said. An Escape Pod door opened, and the two slid inside. A massive tank of energy came out of the ground. The Tank began to shake. "What-?" Error said. It began to charge. Error brought up a blaster shield, along with a massive bone wall. The Tank caused a massive explosion, destroying that entire AU, as Error was blown back. Disease and Karma blasted away in The Escape Pod. Karma stared fearfully. Suddenly, they felt a clunk. Karma turned. Error had grabbed the Escape Pod. "WHY CAN'T WE GET RID OF YOU!?!?!" Karma asked. Disease slammed his hand onto a button. Turrets popped up, firing at Error. Error impaled the turrets each on a bone, by slamming his head down. The bones came out of the escape pod, destroying The Turrets. Error climbed up The Escape Pod, Approaching The Cockpit. Disease slammed his fist onto another button. The Escape Pod's Speed intensified, as Error held on. Error angrily held on, his bloodshot eyes only got more intense, as he began to climb. Disease Punched another button. Part of their pod detached, blasting away, the fire hitting Error. Error's strings grasped the detached pod. His eyes were intensely bloodshot. He slowly pulled the pod towards him. Disease and Karma struggled to look around, fearfully. "WHAT DO WE DO!??!" Karma asked. Disease sweat. "I- DON'T KNOW!??!" Disease yelled. Error grasped the pod. He tore the cockpit open. He picked up Disease and Karma by the throats. Karma slammed his arm to the side, trying to slam a energy blast into Error. Error slammed his wrist up, knocking his wrist away. The energy blasted in an alternate direction. Error slammed his wrist forward, snapping Disease's neck. Karma struggled to get away in Space. Error grabbed three knives. He threw each. One impaled each shoulder, and the last one hit his head. Karma floated in space, dead. Error summoned a portal, walking into it, reappearing at the battle.

Void woke up in an ocean of dust. His dust. He was extremely damaged , but alive. He pulled out of his cloak the soul that Error had stabbed, and let it disappear. He had much more of them. Because he was going on a hunt. “You’re doing that on purpose, uh ? Well that changes a lot of things.”

(Void won’t reappear before the final instants. Or if you call it.)

Omni God Temmie vs Inverted Sans

OGT: finaly, found soul

[ OGT looks at Inverted ]

I: Are you talking to m-

[ OGT flies into inverted, inverted blocks with his sign. The sign breaks into peices. ]

OGT: u is weak.... ur soul is tEMMIE!!!

[ Inverted shoots a inverted blaster, but OGT uses its omni tem ray, easily decimating the blast. ]

I: S-spare me?

[ OGT decimates inverted with a swipe of its hand, but then somebody appears... ]

Toby Dog: woof.

Omni-God Temmie was immediately completely eviscerated.

"ok back to knitting." Toby dog said, as he hopped through a portal.

[ wait lol why is omni god temmie back ]

OGT: i wil cal on the stronk gods..... T E M M I E C H A N G

Temmie Chang vs Toby Fox...

Coming soon... but do we really need to guess what happens? We're ralking about Temmie Chang versus actual Undertale God. It would be a close battle but we know who would win.

Dreamswap Dream vs. Nightmare

Nightmare sat there, meditating as he dispelled more negative energy. Suddenly, a crack in reality began to form. Nightmare turned. The area went back to normal, as Dreamswap Dream stomped through. "Might I ask who YOU are?" Nightmare asked. "I am Lord Dream, and I'm here to stop you." DS Dream said. Nightmare chuckled, as he stood up. "Ok, if it's a death wish you have, that's what you will receive." Nightmare said, as he summoned his sword. DS Dream summoned his Claymore. The two lept at each other, slicing with their swords. The two clashed, as they shoved against each other. Three tendrils impaled Dream, the acidic tendrils burning into him with Negativity. Nightmare shoved him back, kicking Dream back.

Dream stumbled, as he got into a combat position. Nightmare's tendrils slammed into the ground, coming up to impale Dream. Dream used his wings to fly into the air, dodging. The Tendrils came back to Nightmare, all flying at Dream. Dream tried to cut them down, but one impaled his wing. He fell, as another impaled his other wing. Dream fell. Nightmare yelled with rage, leaping into the air, bringing his sword down at Dream. Dream blocked with his Claymore, as Nightmare leveraged his body weight, beginning to crush Dream. Dream's wings shriveled up from The Negativity, as Nightmare impaled them with more tendrils. He pumped negativity into them, destroying them. Dream stumbled up. Nightmare slashed his leg, wounding him. Dream stumbled back, with a broken stance. He held his sword defensively. Nightmare ran at him, slashing his sword. Dream tried to defend himself, blocking with his claymore. Nightmare sliced his arm. Dream dropped his sword, staggering back. Nightmare kicked the claymore away, holding his sword to Dream's throat. Dream stared in Disbelief and rage. "You can't kill me, I'm a... God." Dream declared. Nightmare smirked. "Then call me The Godslayer."

The Sword came down, as there was a crack. Dream's skull had been split in half, as Nightmare released the handle. He stood over Dream's corpse, as he walked back to his throne, and continued meditiating, as The Dark Cloud returned to The Battlefield.

Over Heaven DIO vs. The Stardust Crusaders

"ORA!" Jotaro yelled, as his stand slammed it's fist into one of the soldiers of ISM's army. Some More Soldiers ran at Jotaro, as he used his stand to defend himself, but there was just to many, even for Star Platinum. Avdol leapt in front, summoning Magician's red, and a wave of flame. Clearing them out. The Crusaders formed up. TW:OH slammed it's fist into the chest of a member of The Resistance, erasing them. He turned to face them. "Ah, The STARDUST CRUSADERS. How Pathetic, that you believe you could possibly defeat I, DIO!" DIO said. Iggy kicked up some nearby sand, summoning The Fool. It changed into Jonathan, as DIO turned. "N-NANI!?!?" He said, being caught off guard. "ORA!" Jotaro yelled, as Star Platinum slammed its fist into DIO. At the last second, DIO turned, blocking with his stand's crossed arms. Sliding back a few meters. "Don't Let his stand punch you!" Jotaro yelled, as they sprinted at him. DIO laughed. "I, DIO cannot be beaten by a bunch of fools with cheap tricks!" He said. "MUDA MUDA MUDA!" He yelled, as TW:OH barraged at them. They slipped back to avoid being hit. Joesph whipped out his own stand. "HERMIT PURPLE!" He yelled. The Stand wrapped itself around TW:OH. He sent a Hamon Shock into it. "ARGH!" DIO yelled, stumbling back as his stand de-manifested. Polnareff summoned Silver Chariot. It continuously sliced at DIO. DIO stumbled back, re-summoning his own stand. "MUDA!" He yelled, as TW:OH threw a heavy punch at Silver Chariot. Silver Chariot slid back, then flipped it's sword forward, slicing TW:OH's hand off. Avdol came at the side. "MAGICIAN'S RED!" He yelled, as his stand appeared. "CROSSFIRE HURRICANE!" He said, as his stand sent a blast of fire at TW:OH. "ENOUGH!" DIO yelled, as he made TW:OH punch the ground. An earthquake occured, and the crusaders stumbled. TW:OH punched the fire, turning it into lightning. The Stand grabbed the lightning, then sent it out in a barrage of volts. Kakyoin ran up. "HIEROPHANT GREEN!" He yelled, summoning his stand. Thousands of emeralds flew at The Lightning, stopping it from hitting The Crusaders.

DIO grunted, as his stand punched at Hierophant Green. Kakyoin stepped back, along with his stand. Jotaro leapt at DIO, as Star Platinum appeared. "ORA!" He yelled, as he slammed his fist into DIO's face, blasting him back. DIO stumbled, grunting. DIO punched his own head, healing it. Jotaro grunted. "If we're going to kill him, we've got to do it in one hit." He said. DIO's stand punched the ground, as rock pillars came out of it. "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!" He yelled, as his stand punch barraged the rocks, sending them at the group like missles. Jotaro stood in front, summoning Star Platinum. "ORA ORA ORA!" He yelled, as his stand punch barraged, deflecting the rocks. Joesph swung from the side, doing a hamon-infused kick at DIO, hitting him in the shoulder. DIO stumbled, as Joesph used Purple Hermit to pull DIO over, only to punch him once more with hamon. DIO grunted, as he clawed at his melting face. He punched his face again, healing it. Joesph tried to punch him again. DIO knocked the fist aside, as TW:OH punched Joesph in the chest. Joesph fell, having had his heart punched out. "ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!" DIO yelled. The Crusaders rushed at him. "THE WORLD!" He yelled, as time froze. DIO breathed in and out, sweat pouring down his face. He approached, grabbing his knives. He threw knife after knife at the group. Jotaro suddenly moved, barraging the knives away. He punched at DIO, who knocked the hit aside. Jotaro was frozen in time. "I'm something of a good sport, after all." DIO said. "Time will flow." He said. Time resumed, as the knives fell to the ground, while Jotaro stumbled forward. DIO punched down at him. One of Hierophant Green's strings blocked the hit. "20 METER EMERALD SPLASH!" Kakyoin yelled, as the emeralds flew at DIO. DIO was hit from all sides, grunting. Polnareff summoned his stand, slicing at DIO. DIO slid back, punching the sword of his stand, erasing it. Polnareff sweat. "NO-" Avdol yelled, as DIO punched Polnareff through the chest, pulling his heart out. DIO sucked the blood of Joesph and Polnareff, smirking. Jotaro leapt up, summoning his stand again. Iggy summoned The Fool once more, as it punched at DIO. DIO himself kicked Iggy in the face, completely breaking his body apart. Avdol looked down at him, with fear and rage in his eyes. "ORA ORA ORA ORA!" Jotaro yelled, punch barraging straight at DIO. DIO smirked, as he began to barrage as well. "Muda muda." He said sarcastically, as he equalled out Jotaro's barrage. Kakyoin and Avdol ran at him from the side. Kakyoin blasted emeralds at him, as Avdol sent fire. DIO punched the ground, as a rock wall came up, blocking their attacks. As he was distracted, Jotaro went for The Punch with Star Platinum. DIO knocked it aside, and His fist went straight through Jotaro's head. Kakyoin and Avdol watched. Upon realizing they couldn't move in stopped time, they proceeded to flee.

DIO turned to them. "Useless, Useless!" He said, as he blasted after them, flying towards Kakyoin. Kakyoin summoned his strings, trying to stop DIO, but he simply tore through them. DIO grabbed his leg, hurling him thousands of feet into the sky. He turned to Avdol. Avdol sent as much fire as he could, but DIO simply punched it, turning it into doves. Avdol struggled against him, as TW:OH grabbed Avdol by the throat. DIO grabbed his face, as he began sucking his blood. Eventually, Avdol stopped struggling, as he fell limp. DIO dropped him.

"I, DIO stand victorious! None remain to oppose me! I am Over Heaven, beyond God himself! None can oppose me!" DIO declared, as he burst out laughing.

Bete Noire vs. The Weakest OC

The Weakest OC was hiding in a cave, afraid of being hit by something, and therefore dying. Papyrus's skull, just sat there, annoyed. Betty sniffed as she crawled along the battlefield, trying to find some weak prey to eat the soul of. She sniffed into his cave, and slipped inside. "AHAHAHAH, FOOL!" Betty said, as she laughed maniacally. The Weakest OC slammed his fist forward, as a bone impaled Betty. She was off-guard, but took only 0.5 damage.




Betty continued wheezing, as she wiped a tear from her eye.

"Now, Time to eat your soul." She said, as she summoned her spear, and prepared to throw it. Suddenly, five massive bones impaled her, slamming her into the ceiling of the cave. She looked at The Weakest OC, who didn't know what was happening. She turned, and suddenly saw The Papyrus skull he normally held, slamming his head up. The Cave Collasped onto Betty, crushing her to death.

"I HAD ENOUGH OF HER TALKING..." Papyrus's skull said. The Weakest OC happily hugged his brother, as Papyrus rebuild the cave with telekinesis, while a pink splotch was all that remained of Betty.

Mario vs. Dry Bowser

Just act as if Mario had survived being shot, and Bowser was still alive, idk. - Quantis1

Mario sighed, as he watched the destruction from the distance. He sighed, and he knew he had to finish it. He hopped into the launch star, flying at the battlefield. When he landed, he created a shockwave. He began fighting off more enemies. Meanwhile, Speedrunner Mario's Suicide Attack had hit Bowser, and his skin had melted off. Bowser refused death, and stood once more, now nothing but bones. He saw Mario at the other end of the battlefield. He barreled down the field, batting Resistance members aside. He jumped into the air, raising his arms. Mario noticed at the last second, rolling back. The Shockwave from the smash sent Mario flying back. Mario landed. He looked up at Bowser, who had only increased in size.

Bowser spin into a rock form, rolling at Mario with full force. Mario quickly long jumped out of the way. Bowser skid to a stop, turning again, only to roll over Mario, taking some of his HP. Bowser Unrolled, flipping into a belly flop. Mario quickly got up, diving out of the way. Bowser landed, causing another shockwave. But this time, Mario stood his ground. Bowser sent out a breath of blue fire into the sky, which began to rain down on Mario. He picked up boulders from the ground, hurling them at Mario. Mario tried to evade, then he remembered. He activated his Cloud Flower. He hopped up twice. He spun attack Bowser straight in the face, making him stumble. Bowser's slits of eyes only seemed to get smaller. He slammed his fists into the ground. Splitting it into a chasm. Mario flipped to the side, evading this attack. Bowser raised his arm, as suddenly a massive skeletal shark flew out, covered in lava. It flew at Mario, as he leapt to the side. Bowser jumped at him. Mario slipped back, punching at Bowser. Bowser only caught the first, then railed Mario with his own, blasting him back. Bowser Leapt into the air, raising his elbow as if he was about to crush Mario. Mario rolled to the side. He whipped out his hammer. He slammed it into Bowser, knocking him back.

Suddenly, The Skeletal shark flew at him at full speeds. Mario leapt into the air with the hammer, as it charged with energy. He slammed it down onto The Undead Shark. Every bone in it shattered. Mario breathed heavily, as he dropped the hammer. Suddenly, Bowser flew back at him, sprinting full speed. He grabbed Mario, throwing him onto the ground. He stomped him in further. He leapt into the air, trying to crush him further. Mario activated his rock power-up, barreling away just in time. Bowser got into a fighting position. Mario rolled up into a rock, rolling at Bowser full speed. Bowser threw a massive chunk of rock into the air. He began to punch it repeatedly, sending massive boulders at Mario. Mario evaded, and used them to aim straight at Bowser's face. Bowser brought his fist back. He slammed it into the boulder, blasting Mario away like a missile, and destroying the boulder. Mario quickly got up. He saw Yoshi. He sprinted over, as Yoshi happily proclaimed "Yoshi!" Mario pat him on the head, as he sprinted away. Bowser chased after them, shooting fireball after fireball. Mario pointed his finger, as Yoshi ate one of the fireballs, spitting it out at Bowser. It bounced off harmlessly.

Mario noticed a nearby Koopa, as he pointed at it. Yoshi grabbed The Koopa, and spit its shell at Bowser. Bowser grunted, but kept running. Mario had to think. Mario realized he could destroy Bowser via a Superstar. He smirked, as he hopped off Yoshi. "Get outta here boy, Mario-a will handle this." He said. Bowser stopped abruptly, and continued rushing at Mario. Mario reached into his hat, pulling out the super star. He used the power up. He dove at Bowser, punching at him. Bowser punched back. The punch collision knocked over buildings for miles around. Bowser's arm began to crack. He sweat. His entire arm shattered. Mario grabbed his legs, flipping him onto his back. He hopped up, ground-pounding his chest. It cracked. Bowser got up. He raised his arm. More Rocks came of the ground. He punch barraged with his remaining fist. Mario just walked through them, as they broke when they hit him. Bowser sweat. Mario kicked the whole mass of rocks onto Bowser. Bowser grunted. Mario jumped onto his chest, and punched him in the face repeatedly. Bowser's skull cracked, as Mario punched it repeatedly. Eventually, a crunch was heard. Mario knelt down, exhausted, as the star power-up faded away. He slowly sauntered over to shelter to relax and replenish himself.

Kamek floated over with his magic stone, allowing it to spill onto Dry Bowser's remains. . .

Sabor!Sans vs Unstable!Sans

Sabor: so we meat again huh?

Unstable:... yeah but this time I'M GOING TO KILL YOU

*unstable rushed at sabor fast with his axe*

*sabor blocked with his sword*

Sabor: the only way you can beat me is with help

Unstable : same for you

*unstable keeps trying to attack sabor axe swing after swing then 500 blasters*

*5 minutes of obvious stalemate fighting*

??? : alright we had enough of you two

sabor : excuse me and who the hell do you think you're talking too?

??? : you sabor and madness

sabor : wait I reconize that voice

sabor : inverted get your a** down here so I can kill you

inverted : fine

remix : don't forget about me

unstable : I'll take you on

Sabor!Sans vs Inverted (only to be edited by the owners of these characters)

"Sabor eh?" Inverted smirked as sabor walked towards him. "You are the most generic OC yet!" He teleported behind him, suddenly blasting him away with a punch. As sabor flew through multiple bone walls, he tried to stop himself only to be blasted from behind by a blaster. Inverted apeared above sabor and slammed him into the ground with his 'sotp sign'. Sabor sighed taking not that much damage "your already dead" *sabor summoned thousands of blasters all aiming at inverted sabor wispered something to inverted "master!blaster" suddenly a huge blaster came up all bigger then the rest combined "alright inverted it's time for you to die" sabor did alot of bone combos and slashed at inverted with his sword until inverted summoned a bus that fell onto sabor. While sabor tried to escape out from under, bones peirced through him and threw him and the bus up. Sabor fell as the bus crushed him again. "alright, time for different playing grounds." Inverted said as he opened a portal to a random earth. He smashed his fist into the dirt, destroying the planet and launching sabor away as debris crushed and stabbed him. Inverted through more debris, bones, and blasts until sabor was thrown through another portal.*sabor was badly injured having nearly half his hp but then when inverted was about to destroy another planet sabor stabbed him before he could blow it up now holding inverted with his sword*

Sabor:your a good rivals anyways MASTER BLASTER if I'm going down then so are you as the blaster was charging up a tear went down sabor's face "at least I'll die with my number 2 rival/enemy dead shame I didn't get unstable killed" "sabor correction it's not "us" who's gonna die it's you sabor frowned a little "from the way I see your gonna die here on this random earth. Inverted began laughing as he melted into gaster. Inverted, who was really behind him instead of stabbed full power barrages him, each hit strong enough to destroy a planet, infused with gaster's power and speed. Sabor's body went flying into a grillby's on the planet. "This is my AU. Hope you don't care for a funeral." Inverted smirked and walked away. "(Weakly)I'm not dead yet "*with a visible slash across sabor's chest he transforms in sabor!operation* "I'm not going to die now of all times *5 hours of plot aurmor stalemate fighting* "huff puff we're tired we're both in our final forms at our last stand let's make it count.

[Sabor Slash Barrage VS Star Destroyer]

Sabor grunts, his injuries vital. He seeks to get help, but looks at inverted, an empty husk full of true determination and spite. As sabor begins walking away, another being comes. Protogent flies down majestically. From behind TOMMASS lurks. Sabor ceases to exist as both gods leave.


unstable!sans vs remix!sans

*Unstable was in his Madness 3 personality*

Unstable: what are ya? A fuckin noteblock?

*Unstable stomped the ground and a barrage of bones came up and he swung his axe at remix.*

only to be edited by the owners of these characters + dark!insanity!sans

Void VS Error (ft. other people)

Error was finishing a group of soldiers. As he killed the last one, he turned to Nightmare. "That’s far too easy. I need a real challenge." he said.

- What about Void ? He is an annoying one, I can guarantee you.

- This guy ? Nah, he was easy af.

- Really ? Can’t believe you killed hi-

Nightmare stopped talking.

- What’s happening, octopus ? You lost your tongue ?

- He’s coming.

- Wha-

An explosion interrupted them. From a portal, Void appeared, holding the dusty, and burnt blouse of his assistant. Nightmare could fell an intense aura of hate and anger coming from him. Error smiled "Oh, so you’re back ? Perfect. I just needed someone to divert myse-" He fell back, barely evading a Gaster Hand. "That’s not very nice of you to not wait that I finished talking." Error Said Mockingly. "I didn’t came here to hear your bullsh*t, but to kill you," answered Void. "Well then, let’s get right to the point, huh?" Error asked.

Void sprinted right towards Error, spawning a saber in his hand. Error dodged the blade by jumping, and tried to blast his opponent, who also dodged. Error slammed his leg down, hitting his hands. The saber flew out of Void's hands. He landed, then punched void in the chest, and void keeled over. Nightmare just looked in in semi-fear. "I'm just gonna wait over here-" Nightmare said, as he slowly scooched away. Error hopped back, as Void slammed his fist up, bones coming out of the ground. Error hopped off the bones. He flipped onto higher ground, and fired blasters down at Void. Void Evaded them, as he climbed up The Hill. He summoned a saber, but before he got to Error, he got blasted straight in the face.

Void slammed into the ground with a sickening crunch. Error raised his arm, as an avalanche of boulders rained down on void, shrinking his HP ever lower. Void hopped up, ghosting. Only for several blue bones to evade him. Error strung a blaster, slamming it onto him as it exploded. Void staggered, and realized he had picked the wrong fight. Error reached into his jacket, grabbing throwing knives, as he hurled them at Void. Void dodged over and over, as more knives impaled him. Void's HP sunk ever lower. Error plunged more knives into them. Void got up, as he ghosted. Error strung him, and hung him from a portal. "You're rather tricky to kill, aren't you?" Error asked. Void tried to cut his way out, as Error blasted him. Void slipped away. He impaled Error on several bones, as he summoned five blasters. He fired, as Error warped away. Void put his arms behind his back, as two massive hands and a massive blaster appeared. The Blaster fired, as Error summoned a bone wall, blocking. The Bone wall began to crack, as Error was blasted through several mountains. Error grunted, as he flicked the smoke cloud away. Void blasted towards Error. Error summoned a blaster, firing it at Void. The Two Hands blocked the blast. "Is that *it?*" Void asked, smirking. Error smirked. "Nope, it isn't." Error said. Suddenly, a massive blaster appeared, and it fired at him. He tried blocking with the hands, only for them to break. Void clutched his chest, as he fired his massive blaster. Error's blast slowly moved towards Void's blaster. Void realized he had to fight him on different grounds. He dove away, as his blaster exploded. Void slammed his fist down, and two gaster hands appeared. They created a smokescreen. Error dove into it, and flicked it aside with telekinesis. Void was gone.

Error grunted to himself, as he stomped on the ground, splitting The Earth Open. Void hadn't slipped into some ground crack. "Must've used a portal." Error grunted. Error turned to continue fighting, but was hit by a train coming out of a portal. Void then reappeared, with 3 souls in his hand, and absorbed them. "What can you do, Error ? I’ll never run out of those !" With this new boost of power, he prepared to attack, when Error used his strings. Void grabbed them, and let them tie around his arm. He then pulled with all his force, slamming Error on the ground, again, and again, and again. He stopped, walked on Error’s chest, keeping him to move, and grabbed a bone. "Look me in the eyes. Face your inevitable death. I will tear you in two."

Error laughed. "Wow, you're a smart guy, aren't you?" He began to glitch out, as he was revealed to be a dummy tangled in strings. The Real Error kicked him in the face, knocking him back. The two got into a momentary fist fight, trading blow after blow. Void seemed to be getting the upper hand, only for Error to sweep his legs. Suddenly, a tendril snatched Void by the leg, lifting him up. Error and Nightmare began to both beat down Void, preventing him from doing anything. He felt like he would go unconscious, and die. He began to close his eye sockets, as suddenly, a blade flew in, cutting Nightmare apart. Error slammed his fist forward, shoving the attacker away with telekinesis. Void felt himself being lifted away, as he was pulled away with telekinesis. It was revealed to be Dreamswap Dream. Nightmare grunted. "He must've had some failsafe." Nightmare said. Error thought for a moment. "That Damn box-" Error muttered. "*what* box?" Nightmare asked, sounding Angry and confused. Error pulled a box out of his pocket. It was just a normal box. "Hmph, it used to have a yellow glow that was seeping out." Error crushed the box in his hands. "Welp, I guess we've got our hands full now Nightmare." He said, as the two got into a fighting position.

Dreamswap Dream and Void vs. Error and Nightmare

Error spawned three blasters, and sent them in the direction of the duo. Void stopped two of them with an army of Gaster hands, then crushed them, as Dream hit the last one with his Claymore, barely feeling the explosion. Nightmare targeted Dream, but Void attacked him first with a scythe. Error tried to send multiple bones to surprise Void, but Dream blocked them and rushed towards him, slamming the Claymore on his head. Error blocked with two bones. Dream looked like he would overpower Error, only for Error to sweep his legs out from under him. Error threw him into a wall. Void rushed to intervene, but Error prodicted this. He clicked his fingers. Nightmare's tendirl snatched Void's leg, slamming him behind. Error stomped Dream into the wall. Void blasted at Nightmare, who blocked with his own sword. Nightmare plunged the blade into Void's chest. Void grunted. Dream rolled away from Error, stabbing at Nightmare. He sliced him apart. Nightmare grunted as he reformed. Void blasted at Error, forcing him to slide back. Nightmare warped over, but before he could attack Void, Dreamswap sliced him apart. Error grunted, as he and Nightmare warped to the high ground. Void stumbled back, but Dream had not yet learned this lesson, leaping for the two with his Claymore. Nightmare leapt at Dream, knocking the blade out of his hands, and plunging his own through his chest. Void tried to jump over to save him, but Error kicked Dream off the sword, causing the two to collide and fall. Error strung Dreamswap and Void, as he hurled them across The Battlefield. They tumbled over some rocks. Void grunted, as he raised some arms. Fog covered the entire field, as he slammed his palms down. A bone labyrinth appeared around Error and Nightmare. Void smirked.

Void sent hands all around the labyrinth of bones. He then got his arm out of his cloak, and put is hand on his eye socket, closing the four that weren’t covered by the hand. "What are you doing?" asked Dream. "On the right!" Error got out of behind a bone, and sent his bones in their direction. Dream blocked them, but he saw Nightmare attack the bone they were on with his tentacles. "Watch out!" Void spawned a blaster, and they jumped on it. " It’s too dangerous down here! We have to escape!" Void summoned a blaster, and they began to fly away on it. Suddenly, it was snatched by strings. Error pulled the blaster back. Nightmare clicked his fingers as the fog cleared. "I would let you use the train, but you don't have the damn ticket." Error said, as he prepared to continue the fight. Void used blue magic, and sent Dream at Nightmare. Taking the effect of surprise, Dream broke Nightmare’s skull with his Claymore, and sliced his body, sending bits of him in every direction. Error swept Dream's legs, as Void leapt in the air, blasting down at him. Error barely rolled to the side, as part of his foot got singed. He grunted in response. Nightmare’s fragments jumped in an attempt to reassemble, but Dream got them one by one. The last fragment tried to attack him by taking the form of an arrow, but Dream grabbed it. Looking at it in his hand, the fragment looked like a face filled of hate, but also fear. Dream crushed it, and with a final scream that resonated around all the Omniverse, Nightmare was gone. Error was trapped in a tornado of G hands hitting him everywhere. He screamed and destroyed them with his strings. Error began to lower, as he looked down at the ground. He smirked. He began to laugh. "Ahahahaha... AHAHAHAHAHA, AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" Error cackled like a maniac. Void and Dream blinked, confused. Error smirked. "You have made a big mistake." Error said. Suddenly, a piece of hate which Dream hadn't noticed slipped over to Error. Dream tried to stab at it, only to get Error's foot in his chest, knocking the wind out of him. Nightmare regenerated. His eyes narrowed. He smirked. He motioned for Error to stand back. He raised his arms. Chains suddenly ensnared both Void and Dream. The two couldn't move, as thousands of spikes flew at them, impaling them several times. Nightmare smirked. Dream broke the chains, lunging at Nightmare. He stabbed with his claymore. He caught his wrist, as he began to twist it. Dream dropped his trusty Claymore, and Nightmare slammed his fist onto his elbow, as it cracked a bit. Void rushed to help, only for Error's bone to slam straight into his face. "Awh, why dontcha give them some time for a brotherly moment?" Error asked mockingly, as he prepared to fight Void. There was a yell of pain, as Nightmare broke Dream's arm. Void kept trying to help him, only resulting in being blocked by Error. Void slid underneath, evading his next attack. He kicked Nightmare apart. Dream fell to the ground in pain. The Now very angry Nightmare reformed. Error clicked his fingers, as an Error Blaster appeared. Void realized this was a fight he could not win, he just had to get out of there with Dream. Nightmare snatched Dream by the ankle. "Nope, we're keepin' this." Nightmare said. His tendrils began stabbing Dream all over, as he screamed in pain. Nightmare raised his blade. He slammed it into Dream's skull. There was another sickening crack. Nightmare slammed the blade down again for good measure. And again. And again. and again... Dream, was indeed Dead at this point. Void looked on in fear, as The Dark Cloud returned. Void knew he couldn't beat Nightmare and Error in a straight fight. Void sprinted at them, summoning two blasters. Nightmare blocked with his sword, as Error sent a bone wall at them. Void dove at Error and Nightmare, as he put his fingers to their foreheads. They began to remember, a simpler time. He knew they'd snap out of this eventually, but it would buy him the time to escape. He grabbed Dream's body, hoping he'd have some way to save him. He began to flee.

Super SanS vs Menacing!Sans

''oh what'S So funny?''

''you are, Stupid SanS''

''So it'S death for you''

''not for me but you''

they are doing some spinning and it becomes a bayblade battle

Menacing!Sans won and Super SanS goes bye bye

Cannon!Sabor vs LV!sans

CS : who are you and why am I in this place quad that you?

LV: no quads my henchman i'm going to be the cause of your death

CS : nope *stops time for 5 seconds* *master blasters sorround LV *

CS: obliterate

*The master blasters fire lv tried to block but it tore through his attacks*

CS: that was easy


Fatal corruption sans stronger version VS Coruapted Core Sans

Fatal corruption sans stronger version:Welp I guess ur here, at ur final battle

CCS:yes, now prepare to die!

FCS:*summons Omni blaster destroying 10% of fiction but core corruption sans dodges*

CCS:*fires his own blaster*

FCS:*dodges and teleports behind him while summoning his own blaster*

CCS:*barely dodges and gets hit a bit ripping of a part of his shirt*

FCS:*summons a barrage of blasters that completely destroyed fiction*

CCS:*dodges and fires 10 fully charged gaster hands at FCS*

there are now in an unknown area just in case you don’t know

FCS:*dodges them all*

FCS:*uses his omnipotence to try to erase CCS from existence*

CCS:*survives but takes massive damage*


FCS:you know the final battle isn’t easy don’t you

FCS:let’s make this a little better and when I get tired of this game i’ll just kill you

FCS:*sets both to atk to 1000 and def to 9999*

FCS:now we can make this a bit more interesting

FCS:*fires a mega blaster and a large bone*

CCS:*fires a barrage of blasters and bones*

CCS:well you were more powerful then I thought

FCS:*sets both to their original stats*

FCS:*makes his eye glow brighter*

FCS:let’s just end this

FCS:*summons a lot of mega blasters and mega bones while using all of his abilities*

CCS:*uses all of his abilities and summons a massive barrage of blasters*

after that Toby dog heard a massive boom

Toby dog*teleports to the fight and asked what’s happening*

both of the sanses:*gets nervous*

both of the sanses:nothing here

Toby dog: ok back to knitting*teleports away*

Both of them:phew *gives each other an angry look*

Both of them:*realizes how tired they were after that attack*

Both of them:*sits on the ground resting*

FCS:welp... huff ur pretty strong are u?

CCS:im huff... well I hope I can summon a blaster to kill you but im to tired

Big Bang: *appears*

Both:*makes an annoyed look*

Big bang:what was that look you gave me?!


*Regresus Windings has joined the fight*

why the f#ck did you two fight?

*pops both of them to the existence with a snap*

u need a part 2

cc:Im tired

reg:*summons the ultimate dadys belt and kils both and pops them again to the existince*

reg:*teleports them to their homes*

reg:next time lets make it a serious and fair fight

Dark Coruapted Core Sans VS Coruapted Core Sans

dcc:*stares motherf##kerly*

cc:c'mon bro yu make our au look like a joke

dcc:Do ı look like I care? even a bit?

cc:*sigh* bro

dcc:stop calling me your brother...idiot

cc:but you are m-

dcc:*summons a dark glichy blaster*

cc:hey hey hey calm down I just quit a fight I am tired

dcc:*fires it resulting of destructoin of %50 percent of the space dcc teleported cc to witch is big as an omniverse*

cc:*absorbs the attack*

dcc:*makes a ring of those blaster*

cc:*destroys them using his bones and impale dcc*

dcc:power of god and anime:İZANAGİ!



cc:hdf is that fair?


cc:*teleports away*

both:*attack each other non stop*

cc:*teleports to temmie and buy's some tEm FlAkEs*

dcc:I am absolutely terrified *wears a dark purple cloak and charces into his brother * are not cannonacly a harvester yet

dcc:*starts to get weaker and weaker at last becoming sick*

cc:*takes out a blade and points at dcc*


to be continued...

Dust Fatal Corruption Sans vs Core Corruption Sans

After their battle Core Corruption Sans has been trying to hunt down fatal corruption sans but he can only find dust scattered through the Outerverse, then he went to Comedytale but still only saw dust. He went to the original Undertale, where he still can only find Dust. He went to the corridor and he saw a figure with dust, when he tried to attack the figure, he was pushed outerverses away he teleported back and saw the strange figure turn. It was fatal corruption sans, but his eyes were glowing brighter then before and he was covered in dust.

FCS:so you arrived huh? Well you were fast I’m not ready yet but at least I’m stronger then you.

CCS:so you killed everyone in the outerverse just to fight me? That’s ridiculous.

FCS:I’m trying to become more powerful not to kill you, but you should give me some power

FCS:*summons blaster barrage*

CCS:*does the same thing*

but dust fatal corruption sans’s blaster is way more powerful then core corruption sans’s blaster so his blasters destroyed all of Core Corruption Sans’s blasters

CCS:*dodges but still gets hit a bit*

CCS:*throws bones at him*

FCS:*summons a blaster to destroy all the bones*

CCS: *dodges*

FCS:*uses a lot of spears

CCS:*gets confused then gets hit by all of them almost dying*

FCS:well take your last breath

FCS:*summons a Gaster blaster*


FCS:*summons phantom papyrus*

The phantom papyrus is way more powerful than the normal one

After 5 minutes

CCS:ow that phantom is powerful

The Big Bang:*pops up*

The Big Bang:not again...

FCS:*teleports away*

CCS:*also teleports away*

FCS:*blasts blaster at core corruption sans *


FCS:let’s just end this for real this time

FCS:*uses all of his attacks*

CCS:*does the same thing*

As I said earlier that FCS attacks are stronger so


FCS:it’s kinda hard to kill him but I gained a lot of power

FCS:*teleports away*

Reg:*pops core corruption sans back to existence but FCS’s powers remain from killing CCS*


Reg:*makes CCS feel a lot of pain*

CCS:ouch! ouch! ouch! Stop!


Reg:*teleports to fatal corruption sans*

Reg:*makes him also feel pain*

FCS:*ignores the pain and teleports away*

Reg:*makes the pain of CCS and FCS stop*

CCS:*teleports away*

Coruapted Core Sans VS Dust Fatal corruption sans (stronger)

reg: now fight

ccs: do I have to?

reg:*summons ultimate daddy belt*

ccs: ok ok! geez

dfcs:*attacks with a ring of blasters

cc: power of god and anime: KAMUİ!

*A Blackhole like 3d dot absorbs the attack

cc: N O W I A M A N G R Y

cc:summons 69 sextillion O.N.N.İ. G.O.D S.L.A.Y.E.R blaster

fcs:*teleports to the omniverse*

cc:*teleports him back and attacks him non-stop*

dfcs:*also attacks non stop*

toby: I don't feel like banning such powerful attacks do whatever you want

dark cc:*watches his brother while eating popcorn*

DCC:*this might be one of my allies in the future*

both:*gets glitched out and fuse*

dcc: holy mother-loving Toby Dogs

Dust Fatal Core Corruption Sans: that was unexpected

dcc: how tf will I beat this guy anymore!? you guys just f#cked up my plan


reg: very, very interesting


Dark Coruapted Core Sans , Omni Dust Fatal Core Coruption Sans and Regresus Windings talkin about how to stop Hyperdust Fatal Corruption Sans

DCC: "Fusion would be a great idea but... we can't unfuse."

ODFCC: "We should take our differences aside and do it!"

RW: "Too risky. There is a possibilıty that we can't unfuse and stuck in a crazy mental state and power beyond Toby Dog. This will result in getting banned from the Fandom."

DCC: "I can call The Harvesters."

ODFCC: "And I can call ????."

RW: "Are we still talking about the fusion Idea?"

ODFCC: "We can eliminate our feelings and use vials like Ink."

reg: "Still. Too risky."

ODFCC: "I say we get fusioned with ????."

DCC: "I am cool with it. Also, an army of harvesters will be with us."

RW: "Seems like I can't reject."

ODFCC: "But ???? can-"

DCC: "It would not matter we are already stronger."

ODFCC:" He only needs to kill YOU to become stronger than us."

DCC: "Let's just get this over with."

Hyperdust Fatal Corruption Sans vs all OCs and non-OCs

HDFC: "This is a perfect place to gain power."

all OCs and non-OCs: "You will never take over all of us!"

*HDFC erases most of them from existence the only OCs remaining are RW, DCC, ODFCC, and DFCCS*

HDFC: "Welp"

*HDFC uses his scythe to kill DCC*

*DCC dodges*

*HDFC summons 1000 blasters*

*DCC dodges*

*HDFC erases all from existence*

The end.

Radiant Vs Ink, ft. Other people. (Have fun with this, ima just start it, you can add on.)

Ink: "You took everything from me!"

Radiant: "I don't even know who you are-"

Ink: "I have been doing this... for centuries! Beyond your existence, longer than your creator was even born, you were only doing this job... MY JOB for 2 years! I won't let this be taken away from me. I will not let my purpose be replaced by some dog-shit, experimental, sun-eyed. ABOMINATION OF A GUARDIAN."

Radiant: "...uhhh."

Ink: "You know over the years I come to realize that, Error was right. There is trash in this world, that will soon need to be eliminated. And you know what? That trash is you."

Radiant: *Check Ink

*There's no need for checking, you can not win this fight...or maybe you can?

Radiant: "well that was useless..."

Ink: *Attack

*Ink ran towards Radiant, teleporting behind him and slashing his paintbrush behind his back*

Radiant: *Mercy

*He was flung against a tree with paint all over him, the paint quickly was turned into chains and wrapped around him, he started to struggle, trying to bite the chains off*

Radiant: *Mercy *Talk *Nothing happened

"Wait! Wait! Ink! W-we can talk about this ok? I know your hurting, we just need to-"

Ink: *Attack

*Ink swung his brush again, putting paint over Radiant's mouth, and it quickly turned into tape blocking Radiant's speech*

"I can't hurt, I have no soul"

Ink: *Attack

*Ink summoned a Gaster Blaster above Radiant, ready to blast*

Radiant: *Attack

*Radiant summoned 3 Gaster Blaster and blasted Ink a few feet away, 2 of them ran after the former creator dragging him away, one of them stays with Radiant. Radiant uses the time to get out of the chain and climb on the Gaster Blaster, ready to flee*

Ink: *Attack


*Ink summon a bunch of bones and shot at Radiant, killing the blaster and knocking Radiant onto the ground*

Radiant: *Mercy


Ink: "I. Don't. C a r e."

Radiant: *Attack

"Then I'm sorry..."

*He summoned a bunch of bones shooting at Ink, two of the Gaster Basters blasted at Ink*

Ink: *Dodge

*He quickly created an ink wall blocking the bones and jumped on top of it, summoning a pit, sinking the unfortunate Gaster Blasters in*

Radiant: *Attack

*He summons a bunch of Gaster Blasters in front of ink as a decoy and quickly teleported behind ink kicking him onto the ground and snatches his brush, snapping it in half*

"We are done here"

Ink: *Flee

"I will come back"


*he flew and landed next to Radiant, sighing*

"You should have killed him, he's a threat"

Radiant: You know, I can't do that Re, and he's not a threat, he's only attacking me.

Regret: exactly, a threat...

Radiant: ...

Suddenly, A New Portal appeared, and Aragog left it, not bothering the two fighters. He would get revenge on Buckbeak for taking his role of Best Magical Creature

Greg Heffley Vs. Fregley

Fregley downed 15 jellybeans.

Greg: Well, it had to come to this someday.


*Greg Stabbed Fregley with his fingernail*

Fregley: YAZOO!

*Fregley bounced up and kicked Greg in his forehead, knocking him out. Fregley then ate Greg*

Fregley: WOO! WOO! WOO! YAZOO!

Ink vs. Error - Round 2


•Core: Hey. Ink. Wake up. Ink!

•Ink: Huh? What happened?

•Core: Error beat you pretty hard. He and Nightmare injected HATE into you to use you as a weapon. They made you attack Radiant, but he defeated you anyway. Then you fell unconcious, but looks like the hate left your body.

•Ink: Crap... Now Radiant thinks I'm his enemy, doesn't he? I need to find Error and Nightmare and make them pay.

•Core: Good luck then, dude.

*Ink teleported away

-Back to Error and Nightmare

*Void ran away

•Error: Ugh... What the hell was that

•Nightmare: I have no idea, but Void and my annoying brother escaped.

•Error: Next time I'll get 'em. It'll be easy. Now I'm gonna go searching for some stronger fighter to challenge...

•Nightmare: What about that guy? He sure looks like a challenge.

Nightmare pointed to a black shape in the smoke. It was Ink.

•Error: What?! How the funk did he free himself from the HATE?

•Nightmare: Well, I'll leave this to you.

*Nightmare teleported away

•Error: Coward...

•Ink: Helo

•Error: I'm glad you came, squid. I can't wait to see the look on your face when you'll watch the end of the Multiverse you tried to protect for years, and the beginning of a new one! Only superior beings will sta-

•Ink: Bro you talk too much, I stopped listening when you said "years".

•Error: ...

•Ink: Ok bud, listen. I won't let anyone destroy this Multiverse. Not even you, nor that Infinity Pasta guy. I'm determined to keep fighting.

•Error: How cute. Why are you talking like you're the hero, when we both know you don't fight for the people living in the AUs? You're only fighting for yourself. You're not more than an emotionless, selfish freak. And let's be honest: classic Sans and the others forgave you after you helped them¹, but you wouldn't hesitate to betray them again.

•Ink: You're personally attacking me!

•Error: Let's end this, so I can continue my job.

•Ink: Bring it on, Windows Vista! My powers have doubled since our last meeting.

•Error: Good. Twice the pride, double the fall.


Ink attacked Error first. Error dodged, and smashed Ink on the ground. Error stabbed Ink's right eye with a bone, blinding him. Ink was stunned, then he saw a light and had a vision of his father.

•Zephiretale!Gaster: Well well, having a bad time, kid?

•Ink: Dad... I disappointed you, I'm sorry.

•Z!Gaster: Disappointed? You saved the entire Multiverse more than once. Everybody needs you. Don't give up, my boy.

•Ink: It's too late. Error is too strong, and without my paintbrush...

•Z!Gaster: Are you Ink, the god of paintbrushes? The broom was only an object to focus your power. Now it's time you become indipendent from it, and you'll be more powerful than ever. You'll be OP again.

•Ink: I'm not as strong as you.

•Z!Gaster: No. You're stronger.

Ink woke up from the vision, stood up and knocked Error away. His left eye started glowing, but Error wasn't afraid. He just laughed and prepared to fight.

Error and Ink charged at each other at full strenght. The entire Meme Zone trembled with their power. They were moving so fast, they were almost invisible.

•Error: I'm gonna give you something even worse than death!

Error grabbed Ink with his strings, lifting him in air and trying to slam him on the ground. Ink used a gaster blaster to break the strings and free himself, and grabbed his broom. Error activated some blaster from underground, but Ink dodged the lasers and teleported behind Error. Ink used his new power to rebuild his broom and tried to hit Error with it.

•Ink: Wow, you sure are slow!

But Error blocked Ink's broom and sent a burst of sharp bones at him. Ink was heavily injured and his broom was now broken, but he wouldn't give up. He used his bone manipulation to grow spikes on his knuckles, and charged towards Error, who did the same. The two punched each other in the face, generating a shockwave.

•Error: Hehehe, is this to hard for you?

•Ink: Back on Track is harder tbh

Error gives him a look of annoyance

•Error: Is it that hard for you to take one fucking thing seriously?!

The two fighters suddendly stopped fighting and looked at each other for one moment, examining their opponent.

•Error: Trying to stop me is worthless. Why would you want to save the Multiverse, when you know its destruction is inevitable?

•Ink: 'Cause I'm one of the idiots who live in it!

•Error: How idiotic reasoning.

Error then created thousands of strings, and captured other warriors from the battleground. He was now controlling them like puppets.

•Error: Alright, lets finish this.

He ordered them to fire at Ink. Ink didn't really care about them all at first, so he was about to attack them back, but then he reflected. They were being forced to attack against their will. Ink then realized: that wasn't only about AUs anymore. AUs were filled with people like him, and saving all of them was up to him. For the very first time, Ink was caring and fighting not for the AUs, but for the people living in them. He blasted Error's strings and freed the ones he had captured.

•Error: You all have failed me!

Error teleported all of them away, frustrated.

•Error: You look different, squid... You look like you care for real now, haha.

•Ink: If you were expecting a lame bidmensional guy that always stays the same, you were totally wrong, bud.


Error summoned a flock of gaster blasters.

Ink grabbed two sharp bones, getting ready to attack again. The fight got even more intense. At first they used long range attacks, shooting each other with G blasters and summoning bones both from the ground and from the sky, and then both passed to close combat. Ink swung the sharp bones like knives, trying to hit Error, who blocked them creating bones in front of himself. As the fight got fiercer, their will to fulfill their respective goals got stronger and stronger. Ink and Error fired at each other with G blasters. The blasts collided so hard, they broke the barrier of reality itself. Ink and Error were now fighting outside of space and time. They blasted at each other a second time, throwing themselves back into reality. They were both exhausted, so the fight stopped for a couple of instants.

Suddendly, Ink pulled out a lightsaber, shouting: "I have the power of AUs and anime on my side!" Error pulled out a lightsaber as well, responding "Shut The Hell up you unfunny piece of shit." They started the duel of their fates. Error hit ink on his shoulder, and Ink tried to strangle him...

Then he remembered Error didn't have a throat, and Error took the oppurtunity to try to impale him, but this time Ink dodged.

Then, suddendly, both of them turned off his lightsaber and stopped the fight to play rock-paper-scissors. Ink had rock, and Error had scissors. Ink won.

•Error: That's it, you funking weeb. YOU'RE DEAD.

Error prepared one of his strongest attacks, summoning a dozen of G blasters in the sky, and then fusing them all into one giant blaster. The giant blaster shot a gargantuan red laser, powerful enough to wipe out everyone and everything within a dozen of miles. Ink was about to run away and leave the others to their fate, but he stopped himself.

•Ink told himself: I can't let them die. My duty is to protect them, it always has been, and instead I'm trying to backstab them... Again. If I let Error win now, The Infinity Spaghetti Man will erase everything... I've been the worst protector ever, and now It's time I redeem myself, even if it costs my life! The selfish myself is gone!

Ink got at peak concentration, getting ready to repel Error's attack and save everyone. He lifted his arms towards the laser and used a blue attack, blocking it in mid air. The power was blowing Ink away. He gritted his teeth and resisted, but it already looked like it was the end...

Ink then heard a familiar voice...

•"Use the force, Ink..."

It was Z!Gaster's voice.

•Ink: Dude, thanks for the advice!

Ink concentrated all of his energy into his blue attack, and started repelling Error's laser. In response, Error used a blue attack as well, pushing the laser towards the ground. At this point, only a thin line of blue magic was between destruction and salvation. The two fighters broke the limit of their power. The clash of their attacks generated a huge explosion, which overwhelmed Ink. Error dodged in time.

•Ink: I did it...

The explosion didn't harm anyone else.

•Error: Hehe, I finally finished you off...

But when the smoke came up, Ink was still there. He was heavily injured, but still standing up against Error.

•Error: You really are an hardhead, huh?

•Ink: I won't let you destroy *cough* my Multiverse...

•Error: Really? Look at yourself. You're already on the deathbed. Finally, I got you... Finally, after all this fights... I'll end this once and for all!

•Ink: Hehe, you really... Talk too much.

•Error: What?

While Error was talking, Ink, with what he had left of his strenght, had summoned a G blaster behind him. When Error noticed, it was too late.

•Error: WHAT THE-

Error got violently blasted, losing a lot of HP.

Then, both him and Ink fell unconcious.

After some time, Error, who was less injured, regained conciousness, while Ink was still unconcious. Error wanted to finish him, but he didn't have enough energy to do it, so he decided to just go recover somewhere.

•Error: We'll meet again...

*Error teleported away

Later, Blue² and Template found Ink in the crater.

•Blue: Bro! Are you ok?

•Template: Master- Uh, Ink! Please wake up...

•Ink: *Cough*

•Template: He's alive! Don't worry Ink, we got you!

Blue and Template carried Ink away and helped him recover.

The Final Battle continues...


¹A lot of time has passed between Underverse and The Final Battle.

²Blue is a Swap!Sans from a different timeline who got kidnapped by Error for experimental purposes. During an experiment involving determination, Error accidentally resetted Sans into a little kid, erasing his memories as well. He was then rescued by Ink (who was a teenager at the time), who tried to bring him back to his universe. But the timeline had already been resetted by Swap!Temmie, resetting Sans back into the universe, and the other Sans was now an out-code character. So, Ink decided to take care of him.


•Undertale by Toby Fox

•Error by Crayon Queen

•Nightmare by Joku

•Ink and Zephir!Gaster by Myebi

•Core!Frisk by DokuDoki

•ISM (mentioned only) by DarknessReaper9 and The Community

•Template by Unu-Nunu

•Blue by the community, I guess. I just decided to turn Fanonswap!Sans into a serious character and give him a brief backstory :P

•Underswap by P0pcornPr1nce

•The Final Battle by the Undertale fandom

CANON!sabor vs what's left of team NULL

*Sabor glitches out due to his main self ceasing to exist*

CS: "This battle has to be over before I glitch out of existence"

*Dust, Killer, Horror, and Insanity all show up in front of Sabor"

CS: "Ughhh if you want to fight all I have to do is summon 1 blaster and all 4 of you die"

*Killer immediately charged at Sabor but he dodged and stabbed Killer in the skull decimating a quarter of it. Then Sabor teleported behind Horror. He dodged and Dust and Killer launched bones and blasters, none of them hitting Sabor*

CS: "determined destruction LV 2 /10"

*A huge nuclear blast surrounds the area killing the 4 murderers but leaving Sabor unscathed*

CS: next.

nightmare ; yeah I got some issues with you

*a tenticle trys to stab sabor through his soul but he dodges*

canon : I think you need to die your to evil

nootmare : pfff and whats a low au like you going to against me I'm more powerfull than ever

canon : soka

newtmare : what does that even mean

*canon summons 50 MASTER!BLASTERS* ( now originally this would've been enough but nightmare got a buff since dream died and stuff)

*newt noot dodges and blocks all the blasters*

newt newt : ugh *insert dialouge blah blah blah your going to die blah blah blah*

*noot while sabor was off guard nightmare stabbed him right in his soul but couldn't take it*


Dark!Insanity!Sans vs Alpha!Sans

Dark: finally someone to kill

*Dark summons an Insanity! Blaster but it goes right through Alpha* Pesky Ghosts Dark says: "Please don't make me hurt you!"

Alpha replied: "Oh I'm sure I can deal with it."

*Alpha uses half an Alpha! Blaster that rams Dark into a mountain. Then he uses several Alpha! Blasters to blast him, but an orange Blaster hits him right in his head while also getting impaled by orange bones*

Tbc. later cuz I need to research on alpha

Omni Dust Fatal Core Coruption Sans VS ????

*ODFCC is mad and glitchy at his current form*

????: I can't even call you a friend...

ODFCC: So..will you reject my offer?

????:*attacks with daggers*


????:*fires hyperdust sans'es blaster*



????: What!?

ODFCC: From the beginning... I was stronger than you.

*yeets him to marvel omniverse then yeets him back*

Power of God and ANİME AND MEMES: Crrrrrrrrrrrrosover reference

*makes a full-powered 10 tailed beast armored with black susano'o*

*10 Tails starts to ora ora ora Kaguya appears and uses 7 gods vacuum fist and Muda Mudas and then one punch man and all-mighty Ora Oras*

????:0.00000000000000000000000000000000001 hp

ODFCC: When the power of meme and anime combined no one can defeat it!

ODFCC:*fuses with everyone including ????*

Incursion: Oh, an op character?

Incursion: This OC is against the OP sans incursion standards.

[ Incursion deleted Omnidust Fatal Core Corruption Sans]

CC:*spawns in his bed*

CC: Why is this dude so like this?

CC: Anyway ıma go Grillbys

*sees Combined!sans talking to himself*

I am NOT messing with this guy

*goes to The Corruapted Files*

*createsa griblys and a gribly and drinks some stuff*



????:it was a clone -_-

cc:oh...I see... you didn't open your true form


cc:u r stilll acting weird tho



????:I duno

cc:ok lets drink some stuff and then watch anime


*they got drunk and destroyed a multiverse and then go to watch anime*

*they got avere what the heck they just did*


cc:I saw a weird sans today at the battlefield


cc:I dunno he looks like ıncursiouns but...kinda not....and he was talking to himself..........HE WAS A F#CKİNG NİGHTMARE FUEL HE SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME

????:should we chek it out?

cc*wears a mario costume* LETS-A GO!



cc:I am not mario

cc:ı AM...

????:oh sh-


????:*STABS CC*

????:F#CK YOU *teleports to combined sans*

cc:it was worth it *tp*

Combined!sans vs anybody he finds

Combined (lv personality): Ugh why are we glitching?

Sabor: I think one of us must've died what a loser whoever did is a b****

incursion : it was both of you now let's continue we need more LV

sabor : we already have one LV why do we need another

Lv slaps sabor

sabor : fine icursion continue I know an exp FARM hah

sabor : over there the rubble

incursion : ok sabor

incursion sabor you were right theres lots of people here lets kill them all

random sans 1 : what you can't possibly kill us a-

sabor punched the random sans and he died

the rest of the sans's try to run away

lv : no no nooooo *blue bones block all possible exists

*incursion stabs most of them with his tentacles*

sabor : last ones mine *pulls out S.A.S*

the random sans in total fear is praying for mercy

combined almost hit him until combined got grabbed

sabor : what the hell who grabbed us

*combined turns around only to see dark!insanity grabbed them*

lv : dark wth do you want now

dark : that one can go trust me I have a plan

*combine hits where the sans was only to see he got away*

dark : now he's going to tell some elites and then we can kill those

lv incursion and sabor : huh nice plan

John Kreese vs. Mr. Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi slammed his fist into the chest of a soldier, knocking the wind out of him, then knocked him out with an elbow to the back of the head. John Kreese grabbed a Resistance Soldier, slamming their back onto his knee, breaking it. The two combatants faced each other. John Kreese smirked, as he drew a sai from his belt. Mr. Miyagi breathed in and out, getting into a fighting position. John Kreese leapt at him, swinging madly with the blade. Mr. Miyagi evaded the slices, as he moved his hand to the slide, hitting Kreese's wrist. Kreese dropped the blade, confused. Miyagi punched at him, but Kreese dodged, slamming his knee into Mr. Miyagi's chest. He picked him up, hurling him across the battlefield. "I've picked up a thing or two." Said Kreese, as he picked up his blade again. "Kreese... Gotten Stronger.. So I will no longer hold back!" Mr. Miyagi yelled, as he picked up the staff of a fallen ally. He swung at Kreese, who blocked with his sai. Miyagi kicked at him, as Kreese blocked with his arm. Miyagi fell back, drop kicking Kreese. Kreese stumbled back, as Miyagi ran at him. Kreese dove at him, stabbing. The blade pierced Miyagi's skin, but he caught his arm before the blade entered an organ. Miyagi knocked the knife away, and hit Kreese in the shoulder, numbing it. He kicked Kreese in the chest, as Kreese spat blood. Miyagi went for another punch, but Kreese knocked it aside, then punched Miyagi in the chest, making him stumble back. Kreese leapt at him, only for Miyagi to swing the staff at Kreese. Kreese grabbed it, flipping off the staff. He snatched his sai. Miyagi swung at him, only for Kreese to hit the staff. He slammed the sai down the side of it, slicing Miyagi's fingers off. Miyagi screamed in pain, dropping the staff. Kreese had no mercy, slicing the poor man apart. Miyagi fell back, weakened. Kreese raised the sai, preparing to finish Miyagi off. Miyagi kicked the sai away, then snatched it out of the air. He slammed it through Kreese's chest. Kreese looked down in surprise and confusion. He stumbled back, quickly pulling the sai out. "You missed." Kreese said. He pointed to the stab wound, and where his heart was. He began to cackle maniacally. He immediately stabbed at Miyagi, the sai going straight into his forehead. Mr. Miyagi was dead. Kreese stumbled away, to try and find medical help.

Nightmare gets a piece.

Nightmare stumbled away, breathing in and out. He had escaped from Error and Ink's fight, and noticed a glowing piece. He remembered what ISM had came here for. He snatched it, slipping it into his pocket. He realized it was a piece of God himself, put into fiction. He closed his fist around it, and sprinted down the battlefield, dodging and evading the warfare. He ran over to ISM and ALPHA404 FANON, who were locked in a battle. Nightmare stabbed his blade through AF4's chest. It barely did any damage, but it served as a distraction for ISM to get to the upper hand. ISM make a hole in his skull, then hurled him through several mountains. Nightmare offered the piece to ISM. ISM snatched it, as he looked at his hand. He held it, and began to absorb it's power. He raised into the air, his power growing to extreme amounts. ALPHA404 FANON began to come to, only for ISM to blast towards him at full speed, steamrolling him through entire galaxies.

Error's Downfall

Error strung Fell, throwing him into a wall. Suddenly, Ink warped in, hitting Error with his brush. Ink breathed in, and out. The chains wrapped around Error, chaining him down. Ink began to connect Suddenly, Dream, Delta, and Anti-virus reappeared. Delta uppercut Error into the air, as Dream slammed him down. Anti-virus caught him with his arms, only to attack him rapidly, and hurl him at Ink, who slammed him with his brush at full force. Error broke out of the chains, trying to regain his footing. Suddenly, he saw Fell warp over, with his leg raised. He brought it down, blasting Error to the ground. Error created a crater as he landed, struggling up. Anti tried to flatten him, as Error rolled out of the way. Dream fired three arrows at him, as Error rolled up. Then he tried to regain his footing, only For Delta to blast into him with his jetpack, sending him through several mountains. Error brought his elbows down, making Delta fall. He summoned a blaster, only for a splotch of paint to stop the blaster from firing. Suddenly, the rest of Team Shining appeared, as Gleam Papyrus hovered above them. Error stumbled back, unable to speak. Gleam Papyrus floated down before Error. Error was to stunned to do anything, and even then, Gleam Papyrus's Power dwarfed his. "My Child. This is not needed." He said, putting his hand to Error's forehead. Error began to remember. His eyelids shook. He sweat as his body itself shook. Eventually, Gleam Papyrus took his hand away, as Error fell unconscious. "Do we finish him?" Ink asked. "No, he will be a different person when he returns. We have more important things to get to." Gleam Paprus said, as he motioned for the rest of Team Shining to follow him.

Dark Corrupted Core Sans VS Radiant Sans

Radiant stepped through a portal into Swap-Fell, closing the portal behind him and landing in the pile of flowers. He looked around curiously at his surroundings kind of sadden by the state of the AU, "Lord, this place is a mess...I'm going to have to find the human of this world and have them reset it to. I wonder who could have done such a thing..." Radiant sighed and opened a screen and main menu, looking at the files of the world to see what code has gotten corrupted. and suddenly a purple cloaked glitch attacked him with black cables

-TheFlufyBoii's Contiunation-


Unknown survived

Radiant:who are you?! why are you hurting these pepole!?

unknown glich:it is just busness but noe of yours!

*yhe glich used the inhabitants of the au as puppets and attacked radient*

Radient:Shoot! I have to save those pepole!

*tries to cut the cables but can't*


Unknown glich:hehehe *shows his face*

radient:Your face...doesn't look that glichy at all...

Dark Corruapted Core Sans:I mastered to keep my body stable

Radient:*still trying to cut ropes and doging the attacks*

Radient: Why are you doing this sir? Maybe we can talk about this, a nice cup of tea? Doesn't that sound nice? You don't have to ruin innocent AU's to get what you want, your not even destroying them!

dcc:That is correct. I do not want this au to be destroyed I already got what I wanted from this au

dcc:*shows the puppeted human*

dcc:my mission is to deliver this human to the void my "boss"

Radient: The human! They have to stay, what do you even need with them? Why SwapFell??

dcc:*he chuckled and impaled him with a long bone*

Radiant: *his eyes widens in shock and stares at Dcc, coughing a bit of blood* This is your second chance!

dcc:*uses blasters do kill him*

radient:*teleports ehind him and impales him to his sword*

dcc:*crushes the sword and makes radiant blue then he pushes him,crushing libarby*

radient:*almost died*

dcc:you are just like my Brother an ıdıot

radient:w-why are you doing this?


Radient:A new...outvers-se?

dcc:I have talk a lot and I am late...*snap*

*timeline starts to get corruated*

dcc:*teleport radient to doodle sphere and goes to the havoids castle and sees void is dead*

radient:*loses counchisness

dcc:ha! pahetic his weaknes always disgusted me *wears his robe* seems like my plans just got a step further(=

to be continued...

-SplatForce's continuation-

Radiant woke up, on a floating island in the doodlesphere, jerking up anxioutly looking around for the missing error before realizing he was back in the doodlesphere.

"What...What happen...Oh! Oh no...crap crap crap!"

Radiant quickly open the portal and ran back into SwapFell, trying to look for any clues on where the stranger may have went. He open a filed of the au from who enter and left, a name was listed not part of the AU, Radiant could only assume to have been the attacker. He quickly clicked on that name, most of the data was corrupted, and out of place but Radiant manage to use the little information and guess where Core went. He opened another portal and head straight towards the coordinates of Core. Radiant, wondered why had this person gone for such a quiet AU, what did the human of that world have to do with this so called..."New world"

"I can't give up though, this person seems dangerous, lord this is probably why 404 keeps yelling at me to not let my guard down"

He chuckled nervously about the pass situation before thinking about Regret, Radiant thought maybe if this new character was to be a virus, Regret can help him. Unfortunally they did not seem like such a thing, SwapFell would have been more corrupt, and not so easy to fix. He should have checked more on that AU, maybe he can call Regret to do it for him!

Radiant's thoughts where admitidelly intturpted as he jump through another portal and bumped straight into Core, seeing the human and he could only assumed to have been void only a few feet away. Radiant quickly teleported away from them to insure of no admitidate attack and withdrew his sword, ready to fight once again. Core quickly turned around confused by the sudden intturuption and grumbled in fustration seeing Radiant once again.

Darkness Core: "I thought I got rid of you!"

Radiant: "Sorry, Core it? I don't go down that easily..."

Darkness Core: "You lost once so called 'Guardian', what makes you think you can win this time?"

Radiant: "First time, I was being too nice. Now you lost all my trust and you will be removed, I will gain back the human. Safely Return them to their AU and remove your other friend to"

Darkness Core: "Hes...dead and! Your just a mere child, Radiant, Your nothing, Your too much os a hassle in my new world...go back to your little doodlesphere and play dolly!"

Darkness Core admittidely summod a few gaster blasters aiming directly at Radiant, blasted at the Guardian. Radiant teleported before the attack and appeared above Core, summoning rows of bones and they came falling towards Core. He teleported again before the bones hit the ground, grabbing the human and putting them ontop of a gasterblaster which ran away from the fight scene. Core only laughed, as the bones didn't lay a single hit on him, his area was empty.

Darkness Core: "You didn't even try to hit me! And I still have the huma- wait...where did the human go?!"

Radiant: "Hmp, missing something, Core?"

Radiant pointed his sword at Darkness Core, chuckling to himself, standing in a great pose, with his hand on his hip and a wide smile across his face.

Radiant: "Mweheheh! You can't defeat The Great Radiant! The humans is safe, and will never return to your hands! Now...Its time to get rid of you."

Darkness Core: "You brat...all that just to distract me?!"

Radiant: "Well I could have just blinded you with this teddy bear, I suddenly now have in my hands that I totally didn't create because I'm half distract you! But well, it wasn't as cool, and I want to be great on the first month of my job so yeah..."

Core growled in fustration and sent a wave of sharp bones flying at Radiant then turned the boys soul blue admittidly dragging him towards the bones. Radiant quickly dropped down but was thrown against the ceiling sharp bones coming out and towards Radiant, Radiant admittedly turned the bones codes into the codes of echo flowers, and fell down onto the ground, the flowers dropping with him. Radiant groaned in a bit a pain but easily getting up, running after Core.


dc:you..bastard! you are so annoying! ugh!...hehe



radiant:are...are you alright?

dc:YOU ARE PERFECT FOR MY NEW OUTVERSE YOU WŞLL BE THE ULTİMAE GURDİAN İN İT...but first...*his eyes starsts to bleeding*

dc:Power of god and anime:Kotoamatsukami


dc:*opens a portal and goes to a lab closes portal back*

Radiant:*tries to follow hşm but ultimately fails

Radiant growled in frustration, and open the au's files to try and track Darkness Core's coordinates again. Thinking about what to do next, he was quiet curious of darkness have gotten anime like powers since The guardian didn't remember making any anime-like AU's, or found if a creator has made one themselves. Regret would slap him for even trying to make such a how...

Radiant: "I wonder if they have plot armour, because in the anime movies they always have plot armour...that would be extremely challenging. What ever this New outerverse is or what ever, it can't be good especially if someone like darkness core is going to be making it....having a physcopath run over a whole world, never turns out well, I heard about it before."

Radiant quickled ignored his outer thoughts has he have founds the coords of the enemy and open another portals, he started to think about what should he do to the portals to prevent any escape, maybe lock the world...that would work, he can lock the world so no one can enter or leave! He ran through the portals, running towards the coordinates.

canon!sabor vs dark corrupted core sans

CS : yes I'd like a pizza I appear to be on a planet thathas a huge war on it ooh add bacon and-

DCC : you done yet

CS : no I'm adding toppings

DCC : there is no time for toppings

CS : rude anyways I'd also like a stuffed crust with bacon

DCC: * summons dark corrupted blasters at CS*

CS : hey watch it

DCC:ok sorry *eats pizza* now I ned to torture human children take their souls defeat omnipoent beings destroy the outverse and create a new perfect one with litle chgances BYE! IT WAS NİCE KNOWİNG U

(what realy happend isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss later cuz I need to work 2)

(um ur turn cause I need to do school work)

Emo Peter vs. Rick Astley

Rick Astley danced down the battlefield, as he emitted power. ISM's soldiers exploded and burnt up as he danced. Emo Peter tore through The Resistance forces, killing them. He turned to face Rick Astley. Rick continued to dance, his music intensifying. Emo Peter narrowed his eyes. "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye." He said. Rick Astley continued to dance. Emo Peter and Rick Astley would enter a dance battle. Emo Peter's body began to heat up, as Rick Astley began to prove himself the superior dancer. Emo Peter gave up, as he strung a rock, using it as leverage to punch at Rick Astley. Rick dodged, as Peter stumbled. "Gonna Make you die, say goodbye." Rick Astley said, as he shot Emo Peter in the back. Rick Astley continued to dance down the battlefield. Emo Peter groaned as he held his back. "My back... Oh my back..." He groaned. Suddenly, he turned and saw rick astley, as he entered an Iron Astley suit, then a Backbuster suit. Emo Peter punched at the suit, as Rick Astley danced out of the way. Rick Astley threw him on the floor, and slammed his fists onto his back, with a loud crack. Emo Peter got up in a rage, and threw a 3200% power punch. The Suit Exploded. "Good Riddance." Emo Peter said, as he held his back in pain. Rick Astley danced out of the smoke cloud. Before Emo Peter could react, he exploded from The Power of Rickroll. Sadly for Emo Peter, he hadn't had the time to create a music shield.

Freezing!ice attempting to find stuff

FIS: come on I don't stand a chance in the battlefield I'm a balanced OC

FIS : I'll try to find some stuff instead

Oooo what's this *picks up a glowing crystal*

Worthless *throws it into the next battle*

Come on ooo look a coin

is that... MY ICICLE I already feel more powerful *FIS makes the planet snow*

dcc:I am about to end this man's whole planet

dcc:POWER OF GOD AND ANİME! ENTON:GOUKAKYENOU JUSTU!*Trovhs a big as planet fireball from his mouth then firebal starts to burn with black flames*

Ink & Radiant Talk

Radiant kept going through the portals, seemingly fustrated. He stopped and landed ontop of a tree, thinking.

Radiant: "How far did they can't go so far through portals, its like they are everywhere but no where at the same time...could they be in anohter multiverse, how could they even make a portal to a whole other multiverse, its impossible! They have to travel through the void in OuterTale, Anyone can die from that!"

Radiant jumped off a tree about to open another portal to Outertale before is arm being irruptedly grabbed, Radiant snatched his arm away and quickly drawing out his sword to the "attacker" His sword was directly pointed at Ink who was waving his hand in the air, trying to show he was no danger.

Ink: "Wait, wait Radiant! I want to help you, don't kill me!"

Radiant: "What? You tried to kill me!"

"Granted I did...but we are all pass that now, all is forgiven, right??"

Radiant: "...really...? Then why do you want to help me.."

Radiant slowly withdrew his sword, still glaring at Ink and in a fighting stance.

Ink: "Sorry about the fight earlier, my emotions were wacky and well...the guy you were chasing...hes not the only problem. This a bigger enemy in this world. And well now I'm no longer the...Guardian of this multiverse. I still want to help! I...need to. So I thought maybe I could tell you what I know and fight, Your new, you probably need some assitances! Just...please...I need to do this ok?"

Radiant stood more upward and stared at Ink, humming and thinking. What was Ink talking about theres a bigger enemy. Theres always enemies...who could be even worse then someone trying to destroy his multiverse for their own selfish needs! But as a protector, he can't sit around and allow this "bigger enemy" get away with doing things either...and Ink...he seems desprate.

Radiant: "You know I can beat you again if you trick me..."

Ink: "I know, I know...Just...please let me help... "

Let me have a purpous...

Radiant smiled and fully withdrew his sword, straightening up, he looked behind Ink, finally noticing Blue and Template, curiously tilting his head at the two.

Radiant: "Who are they?"

Ink: "Oh! Thats an old friend of my, and thats Template!"

Radiant hummed remebering when Dream talked about blue, he thought blue was dead, clearly he was mistakened. He then looked at Template who reminded him alot like Error!

Radiant: "Interesting...!"

Template: "Hello Radiant..."

Blue: "Mwhehehe Hi!"

Radiant: "Mwhehe! Hello new strangers! I hope we can become the greatest of friends!"

Coruapted Core Sans Also trying to find stuff cuz yes

hmmmmm lets try finding stuffg

*picks up a glowing crystal* what dis? *eats it*

don't questtion the elevated one the idiots behind the 4th wall

all the creators:*slaps cc*

cc:*f#cking dies and respawns*

cc:*finds a piece of papar*

cc:hmmmmmmmmm I don't want to summon a doritos *burns it*

*finds a black,some dust,and blood*

oh no... not that......

*ignores the dusty fether and goes to somewhere and finds a spagetti*

no not spagetti



seems like my bro was here....but I don't care *flys to his house and watches some anime*

fused ultimation vs levaled up? core!static!87? vs combined!sans

combined!sans (lv) : who the hell are y'all

fused : well we're fu-

combined!sans (sabor) : did I ask? cs87 : but you literally-

*combined charged at them both with s.a.s only for ultimation to dodge and cs87 to counter*

allowed editers on this : dark!insanity!sans , well heck , powertransfer sans , flufyboiiii , mr. 0uterverse and whoever else partly owns the fusions


Chronocode: No you have to do it like this *proceeds to knit a sweater.

Toby: I’m a dog I can’t do that with my fingers.

Chronocode: Make yourself have fingers then.

Toby: That’s creepy on a dog though....

Chronocode; Turn into a human or monster then!

Toby: No.

Aeon!Papyrus: *sighs in why do I have to be the parent to these two*

Barney Rejects

The previous post that has belonged here previously has been deleted by Buff Barney he rejects anyone other than him defeating TOMMASS

(also lots of people hated it so...)

He has left with this comment

"If anyone shall defeat TOMMASS it shall be I."

*Dramatic music plays

Archive's mystery

"I heard some faint undyning from here..."

*faint undyning can be heard in the background*

"Meh, probably nothing."

*Archive goes back to his domain*

[ERROR]Glitch Chara meets/VS ____

[ERROR]Glitch Chara: Oh- COME ON! *their voice sounding irritated as they fall out of a portal that just appeared*

(to be continued. I'm lazy lol, and I dunno who to have them meet or fight.)

RONNIE V/S Earl P. Hamster

Ronnie and Earl were staring into each other's beady eyes. Suddenly Earl shouted a bunch of words in Hamster and an army charged at Ronnie. Ronnie used his famous war cry and made the army explode. Then he grew to a giant size and summoned an army of Zebras. Earl pressed a huge button and huge hamster kibble bombs landed on the zebras, killing them. Ronnie charged at Earl at the speed of light, trampling him instantly.

Then Ronnie galloped off into the horizon

*Insert clapping and Arctic crying, shes so proud.*

Null VS Achilles

Null spun his sword, menacingly waking towards Achilles, checking his gun. It was like something straight out of fucking jojo. Suddenly, a clone jumped at Null from behind. He sliced it in half, as one tackled him from behind. He kicks it off and smashes it's skull with a well timed punch. More jumped, and he used black holes and voids to stop them in their tracks. He sliced through some more, as he is attacked by many. He is soon overwhelmed, Achilles clones beating on him. He barely beats out of it, as he kills some more.

Suddenly, a bullet flies into his face. It lands into his eye, as he screams and rolls on the ground. "MY FUCKING EYE!" Achilles laughed and began walking up to Null... But...

A void was covering his eye... and blood was coming out of the void.. IT WAS A TRICK! Achilles tried to fire, but was kicked in the nuts, causing him to fall on the ground, crying in agony. Clones fought Null with rocks, knives, and sticks, but every one was erased.

Achilles rose into the air, fed up with the fight. His right sleeve flew into shreds, as his right arm charged up. The mechanics shifted and turned, as it turned into a cannon. Null watched in fear.

He was blasted into the pavement, and a huge crater stood where Null once did. "History is written by the victor. I'll just make it seem like you deserved it!"


"I used a portal to slip through the floor. Idiot."


Null stomps on on his head, while Achilles bleeds out on the ground.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm glad It ended ths way. You deserved it."

Null begins to leave.

"History is written by the victor? Never really been a fan of literature, but you sure as hell ain't putting a pen or pencil on paper again."

He spits on Achilles before walking away.


DanceTale vs. Duplitale Undyne and Xerox!sans(Yeah,I still put em in here 😤)

Undyne was...Completly lost she looked at the compass like it betrayed her "How did I get lost from a battlefield?" she put the compass in a pouch on her armor "I thought Sans was comiing to get me, did he get caught up in something?"

Meanwhile Xerox


"Is someone talking about me?"

Fresh looked over at Xerox

"Naaa man just continue eating your burgers brah!"

Xerox shrugged and continued the eating contest he was having with Fresh

Back to Undyne

"Haaa..." Undyne sighed as she walked through the wasteland still trying to find her way back when she heard music playing.


She sprinted over towards the sound

"De frick?"

people who looked like Sans,Papyrus,and her were doing warmups, well the sans was just sitting there

"Hmm, maybe they know where to-"

Undyne was struck with the sudden urge to break out in dance

her breathing quickend

her personality began to change

and before she knew it she was locked in her own mind watching her new personality do what it wants.

"No~" she was generally bored of this and just spoke listlessly


Undyne danced over to the Other Undyne (Dancetale Undyne we'll just call her DT Undyne)

DT Undyne glared at Undyne "Huh?"

Undyne did a swift kick in the form of a hip-hop dance and her theme Paladin's Ballad: began to play.

"HAHA!" DT Undyne quickly combated with punch (in dance form all fight moves are in dance form.)

Undyne called several spears of PROTECTION and dipped back as they flew towards DT Undyne

DT Undyne dodged and kicked at Undyne but Undyne grabbed her foot and punched her hard in the face

DT Undyne collapsed onto the ground

Meanwhile Xerox!sans

"IMMADF WFIN" (Imma win!) Sans was currently eating 9 hamburgers at once

Fresh Glared at him "NAFH BROFTATOF NOFT TOFDAYF"(Nah, Brotato, not today!") he had stuffed 13 burgers in his mouth

the two continued competitively

Back to Undyne

The Papyrus began doing the Tango towards Undyne, Undyne broke his jaw swiftly

Sans was asleep.

Undyne switched personalities back and caught sight of a map in DT Undyne's pocket.

She took it and left to the BattleField

Xerox!Sans currently...

"But how..." Fresh was currently having a migraine as Xerox was dancing


he saw Undyne chasing after him

"Ah F-"


multiple spears rushed towards him

"I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

he ran off and Undyne pursued him Spears rushing




her speed quickened


Xerox turned around and Undyne jumped on him

Fresh was watching Xerox get brutalized not killed but brutalized

"Dang" he looked at Undyne and his nose bled.

Dark Corruapted Core Sans vs Corruapted Core Sans

Dark Corruapted Core Sans decided to leave the harvesters and destroy a multiverse while he is destroying a random multiverse his brıther stoped him

cc:didn't expected to meet me? a shame


Dark Corruapted Core used his strings to attack cc bt cc used "no u" to make him stabilaze himself


cc:what is the matter?


CC:are u okay?

dcc:never have been*dcc destroys the strings using a black flame and charces to corruapted core

???:☟︎☜︎☟︎☜︎☟︎☜︎☟︎☜︎☟︎☜︎☟︎📬︎📬︎📬︎☺︎🕆︎💧︎❄︎ ✋︎☠︎ ❄︎✋︎💣︎☜︎

This mysterious figure teleports them to a hell like dimension and usess his strings to capture both of them it captures them but weirdly both of them start to gliching and fuse

*the mystery man ran avay*

both of them:wha-what happennd t-

*they realise they are now phantoms attecthed to a new body their body's are now fused there are strings atteched to their hands going inside of their body*

fused body:where- where am I? wh-who am I? what is this?

*this body looks at his hands looking like he is checking if all of this is real*

cc:I think our boides are fused but our souls didn't

fusioun:WHA-WHAT WAS THAT?! Y-YOU ARE T-THESE MEMORİES-ı...ı...i *the new body gets uncouncious cuz of the shock*

both:oh crap

to be continued...

BlackScreen!Sans, Viral!Error, and Chronocode vs Error 404

Chronocode stepped out of a portal from the room seeing BlackScreen and V!E nearby. He walked up to them about to ask them what’s happened when a blaster fired. Error 404 stepped out menacingly. Chronocode and the others were able to dodge but Error 404 immediately began twisting their minds. Suddenly a bunch of blasters fired at 404 making him stumble back. They were BlackScreen blasters and 404 was stunned. He quickly shook it off when Chronocode distorted time around them forcing 404 to slow down and the others to speed up. 404 smirked.

“You really are pathetic...” 404 summoned blasters out of the distorted time and blasted into the the distorted area. He blasters sped up and almost hit Chronocode. With his concentration broken the distortion lifted and 404 barraged them with dark blasters. V!E sent some shard out and destroyed some blasters but barely dodged 404’s God Ray. Suddenly strings appeared grabbing all three o5er than BlackScreen who quickly dodged and yeeted lag spikes at 404 who dodged all but one. This gave V!E time to blast 404. And then YEET an au at him. V!E was drained and 404 used this opportunity to blast him. He in the process was hit by the au sending him backwards. 404 however was able to use the strings still on Chronocode to shatter his soul. Chronocode came back but disappeared.

“One down....two to g-“ 404 gets cut off by a blast from Blackscreen. This stuns him and V!E barrages him with shards. Error 404 glitches out and falls to his knees. BlackScreen summons a horde of blasters and fires them all at once. They all hit 404 and he gets sent flying. When he finally lands he finds that he has cracked the multiverse itself. He blasts the two only for them to teleport and start beating on 404. Once he’s back on the ground again they turn to walk away thinking that they won.


404 unleashes a barrage of strings and blasters at the duo. They barely put up a fight and are ensnared and nearly killed. 404 brings them close and says, “Did you really think you could beat me,”

“Never....let...your guard down”

404 doesn’t have time to react as he’s blasted from behind. He tries to blast them but finds his abilities don’t work. BlackScreen blasts him but then they wake up. 404 has ensnared them.

“It was fun playing with you but goodbye”

Then he’s stabbed from behind by a bone.

404 turns to dust as the mysterious being retreats into a portal. BlackScreen and Viral!Error leave soon after.

Thanos vs. XDust and the homies

-Not too far from where ISM and Alpha were fighting

•Sans: Heya guys it's me Sand Underman

•XDust: Hi Suns how r ya doing

•Sans: Yo Cros-

Both Sans and XDust got comically blown away by a comically loud purple explosion. Thanos appeared. He already had collected the Space, Soul, Time and Reality stones, and had treacherously killed Ronan to gain the Power Stone.

•Thanos: Yoyoyo it's me Thanos *starts beatboxing about universal genocide*

•Sans: Omg how

•Thanos: So XGaster has failed, huh? How sad. I expected more of him. We even had the same goal: replace this unpure reality with a better one.

The Black Order spaceships and the leviathans darkened the sky. US!Papyrus and SS!Chara were passing by, discussing about how they got in the Meme Zone and what they had to do with that huge clash of good and evil, and noticed the destruction caused by Thanos.

•US!Papyrus: Wtf is happening

•Sans: Idk

•XDust: Oi guys, since you're here, would you mind giving us an hand?

•SS!Chara: Sure lol

•US!Papyrus: Why not.

Thanos lifted Sans and Papyrus with the Space Stone and beat them head to head. Then he unsheathed his double blade to finish the two, but Chara teleported in front of him and blocked the hit with their knife.

•XDust: You better surrender, purple guy. We got you 4 to 1.

•Thanos: No, I don't think I will.

Thanos raised his left hand to the sky. The Time Stone lit up, and a green fog raised.

•SS!Chara: What are you doing?

•Thanos: I summon the absolute power of Dead Memes!

•Sans: Oh no

•XDust: They're coming back. This is what humor has become

Big Chungus, Ugandan Knuckles, all the Rage Faces and dozens of other dead memes bursted out of the ground like zombies.

•XDust: Great, zombies are my speciality.

•Sans: Really?

•XDust: No.

Chara summoned a knife rain from the sky, sending a lot of dead memes back into their tomb. The remaining memes attacked them in response.

•SS!Chara: Bring it on.

Chara got a 1vs.Everyone badassery boost, and managed to knock out some of the memes, but they were too much and eventually overpowered the human. Suddendly, a mysterious figure grabbed Chara and carried them to safety.

•SS!Chara: Thanks... Who are you?

•Mysterious figure: *Takes off the hood* IT'S ME BRUH (or sis? Idk)

•SS!Chara: Epic? You saved me... Why?

•Epic!Sans: Mmm... Monke.

•SS!Chara: I'm a human.

•Epic!Sans: Humans evolved from monkeys!

•SS!Chara: O


•Epic!Sans: Bruh I'm here to help ya, like the old times!

•XDust: Ok this is epic

•Epic!Sans: No, I'm Epic

•XDust: No, I meant the current situation regarding your arrival to help me is epic

•Epic!Sans: But I'm epicer B-)

•XDust: Fax tbh

•US!Papyrus: Let's show 'em the power of hoodies.

•Sans: Lol

Sans, Papyrus, Chara, XDust and Epic performed a Penta-Wombo-Combo on the dead memes, wiping almost all of them out. The blast also destroyed a large part of Thanos' fleet and some leviathans.

•Trollface: 2)Cover yourself in oil

•Sans: OH NO

The Trollface started flying.


•SS!Chara: Why are you two so scared? He's just flying.

•Trollface: 3) A S C E N D

•SS!Chara: Oh, I see.

The Trollface started his A S C E N S I O N. Every other rage face got attracted to him. The Trollface absorbed their souls, transforming into an all-powerful, hideous and twisted creature, willing to destroy reality.

•Ascended Trollface: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP

•Thanos: The time has come.

•Sans: The WHAT

Thanos grabbed the Mind Stone and put it on his Gauntlet.

•US!Papyrus: You had it all this time?

•Thanos: It was too early to complete the Gauntlet back then, but now... It's time to ⵈⵗⵐⴾⵍ⵿ⵧⴼⵡⴶⵙⴳⵟⴼⵂⵗⴾ

Thanos jumped in the air and fused with the Trollface, then the Infinity Stones and all the other souls of the dead memes got absorbed as well. ⵜⴽⵀⵏⵏⵐⴷⵛⵟ was born.

•ⵜⴽⵀⵏⵏⵐⴷⵛⵟ: [REDACTED]

ⵜⴽⵀⵏⵏⵐⴷⵛⵟ transcended its physical form and reached the status of a god, and shot a godly beam at XDust.

•Epic!Sans: (Dramatically and in slow-motion) BRUHHHHHH

Epic stepped between the beam and XDust took the hit instead of him.

•XDust: Dude! You didn't have to do this!

•Epic!Sans: I had, bruh... Cuz that's what bruhs do!

•XDust: Pls don't die

•Epic!Sans: Take my soul, bruh.

•XDust: What?

•Epic!Sans: Dew it.

•XDust: I don't wanna kill you, dude...

•Epic!Sans: I'm going to die anyway, so you better hurry! Good luck, bruh!

•XDust: *Sobbing* Ok dude, I won't disappoint you.

XDust absorbed Epic's soul, almost doubling his power. His right eye started glowing of the same color as Epic's left eye.

•Epic!Sans: Hehe... Bruuuuhhhhh... *Fades away*

•XDust: I'll make you pay for killing my dude, you monster.

•ⵜⴽⵀⵏⵏⵐⴷⵛⵟ: *Cursed laugh*

•XDust: I'm gonna show you the power of bruhs! *Le epic warcry*

XDust charged at ⵜⴽⵀⵏⵏⵐⴷⵛⵟ. The god shot a burst of godly lasers, but XDust dodged them all and finally striked the final blow to the cursed deity, slicing it in half. XDust shouted victorious, and Epic's voice could almost be heard superimposed to his.

•SS!Chara: Woah Cross, that was amazing!

•Sans: Yeah, pretty rad.

•US! Papyrus: Congratulations. Hey, what's that glowy thing?

After dying, ⵜⴽⵀⵏⵏⵐⴷⵛⵟ had dropped the Infinity Stones, but they were all merged, creating a Shard of God.

•Sans: Woah, that's cool.

•US!Papyrus: Wait, don't touch it. Dream told me about those things. The Infinity Spaghetti Man is searching for them. Pretty dumb of him to not notice that the Infinity Stones were pieces of one of the Shards itself.

•XDust: Who is the Infinity Spaghetti Man? I think XGaster said something about him before I beat him, but I don't remember very well.

•SS!Chara: Guys, look.

Chara pointed at a figure in the distance, evily laughing on a pile of skulls, with one of the Shards of God in his hand. It was the Infinity Spaghetti Man himself. Nightmare was next to him, laughing as well.

•Sans: (Knuckles' voice) Oh no

To be continued...


•Sans by Toby Fox

•Underswap!Papyrus by P0pcornpr1nce

•Thanos by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich

•Ronan the Accuser (mentioned) by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

•The Infinity Spaghetti Man (doesn't fight) by DarknessReaper9

•XGaster (mentioned) and Cross by Jakei

•XDust by Jakei I guess, even tho this name isn't mentioned in Underverse or in XTale

•Nightmare (doesn't fight) by Joku

•Storyshift Chara by VoltraTheLively

Mr.Meme vs. Shaggy

"Like, wow man, you challenge me? I only need 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of my power against you." Shaggy smirked

Mr.Meme sighed "You have strayed from the path of meme child, I am here to put you back in your place."

Shaggy scoffed "Zoinks, man you really think I am afraid"

Mr.Meme shook his head in disappointment "Truly disgraceful."

Shaggy had enough and used 0.00000000000000000000001% of his power to shoot a omnipotent ray of energy

Mr.Meme simply stared at it and erased it completely

"Child, I am you and you are me, you cannot beat me as your existence simply makes me stronger, for you are a meme." Mr.Meme teleported behind Shaggy and dismantled him into his original atoms

He reformed Shaggy in a computer screen and forced Shaggy to become a meme, seeing this all of the Mystery Gang joined the battle

Fred used his cringy appearance to blast a ray of true omnipotence

Scooby threw a true scooby snack

Daphne used her equally cringy appearance to fire a blast of absolutetility

Velma used her smartness as a weapon

But Mr.Meme stood there as the attacks hit him

they did absolutely nothing

"Looks like we got another mystery on our hands." Fred said

"Jeepers!" shouted Daphne

"SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!" Scooby cried in pain as his friend was memeified

Mr.Meme turned Daphne and Velma both into cockroaches and stepped on them

He slapped Fred so hard that he became the 0th dimension, turning him utterly useless

Scooby however stayed strong but it was inevitable what came to him next

Mr.Meme simply snapped and disenigrated Scooby before memeifying him.

Mr.Meme proceeded to memeify each of the mystery gang and straightenend his tie before leaving to the next victim.

Buckbeak VS The Nundu

Buckbeak dived down on the Nundu, avoiding it's breath. The Nundu turned around to be met by Buckbeak scratchig rapidly at its eyes. The Nundu was blinded and tried getting away, but Buckbeak was faster.

With a swift slash, the Nundu was killed, innards now out.

Buckbeak flew overhead to see Aragog, and dived down, ready for another fight.

Buckbeak VS Aragog

Buckbeak dived down slowly, giving Aragog a deep scratch once he landed

Aragog attempted to attack Buckbeak, but was unsuccsesful as Buckbeak flew backwards.


BlackScreen and Viral!Error vs X404, RainbowScreen, and Entropy!Sans

As Black and Viral were leaving the scene of Error 404’s demise they were really tired and extremely damaged. So you can imagine they weren’t exactly happy with this encounter. They began to run away when X404 caught up with them and slashed them. They barely dodged and Black blasted frantically in all directions. Rainbow began to fight BlackScreen hitting him with multiple blasters. BlackScreen was severely damaged and barraged Rainbow with a bunch of lag spikes and blasters stunning rainbow and giving black time to teleport away. He was hit by a stray knife from X404 however which stunned him long enough to be killed by Entropy.

Meanwhile Viral was getting destroyed by X404. He was barely dodging their attacks and was worn out. He teleported far away but X404 teleported behind them and tried to stab him. Viral grabbed them with strings. He changed their stats and threw shards out at the other two attackers. He teleported to X404 but was slashed at the last moment by Entropy and sent flying. Then Rainbow blasted him and killed him.

The Infinity Spaghetti Man Gets more shards

ISM looked at ALPHA404 FANON’s corpse, beaten and bloodied, smirking at it. He slammed his foot down onto the skull of his deceased rival. He turned to Nightmare, who was at his side, as he glowed with power. ISM strode down the battlefield. Any soldiers that came at him were killed in a matter of seconds. Nightmare watched, as he approached The YEET’s castle. He saw a shard, hidden in the rocks. ISM immediately leapt at it, as suddenly, Golden Ralsei blasted out of the shadows, knocking him away. Golden Ralsei and his comrades approached. ISM leapt into the air, as lightning struck. Golden Ralsei and his allies leapt towards him, in the dark rain and thunder.

Meanwhile, in The Cave of The One, the infinite candles of life presided. Several immediately went out. The One went over, taking note. He sighed, recognizing those who had been killed. Meanwhile, ISM stood there, having had slain them all. He turned to Golden Ralsei, who was trying to stuff something into his scarf, still barely being alive. The Infinity Spaghetti Man approached him slowly, as he tried to crawl away. ISM grabbed his head, slamming it into a rock, tearing a chunk of his skull off. He reached into Ralsei's scarf, as a shard of God was in his hands. He began cackling as he absorbed it, growing in power.

ISM saw a chest being held by Error. He could feel the power coming from it. He locked eyes with Error. Error snapped his strings out, grabbing a rock, slinging himself away. ISM barreled down the field, tearing The Resistance apart as he chased down Error, trying to get his prize. Error continued to use his strings to flee, as ISM chased viciously. Error slid into a building, then slid through the next window, as he slid down. He leapt off it, running to the next mountain. ISM blasted off from the mountain he was on, tearing through the building. He kicked the mountainside that Error was on, making it explode back. This blasted Error into the air. ISM slammed his foot into the ground and pushed off, making a crater. Error held the chest tightly, as he snapped his strings out.

Ink noticed this, smirking as he caught the strings. ISM punched at Error, as Ink whipped the strings down, causing Error to dodge the blow. Ink whipped the strings around, hurling Error further away. ISM floated down, as he saw Error blast through the air like a comet. Poor Error was just flying through the air at Massively FTL speeds. ISM meanwhile pushed off again, scurrying like a rat to a drainpipe. He would get that shard, no matter what it took. Error spun, as he hit the ground. He finally came to a stop, still holding the chest. He saw ISM from afar, still rushing fullspeed at Error. Error continued to flee, trying to get to higher ground. He had to try to get into The YEET's Palace without ISM intercepting him.

ISM saw Error swinging away with his strings, beginning to get out of sight. He kept on the trial, but suddenly, given his distraction, a knife hit him. It didn't cut through, but it distracted him. He turned, seeing Team Null. "Sorry boss, but we've got a job to do." Killer said. ISM seethed with rage. Error landed far away from ISM or The YEET palace. Error began punching the floor repeatedly, as he dug through the ground. He began digging a tunnel through The Meme Zone. One of his strings was tied around the chest and his hoodie, allowing him to drag it automatically.

He broke through some dirt into an already dug cave system, which was full of bloodshed. Error ran through, assisting wherever he could. Caustic Sans kicked at Venom, knocking him into the wall. Error slammed his leg into Caustic's chest, as Caustic spat up blood. Error kicked him into the wall, as he continued to run as if his life depended on it. (Which, of course, it did.) Error bobbed and weaved as if he was in a dodgeball game and balls were being thrown at him continously. Meanwhile on the surface, ISM got to where Error had been. He looked around, confused. He noticed the hole in the ground. He dug into it, and broke into the cave system. He began slaughtering through it, trying to get to Error. Even killing some of his own men just to thin the horde.

Error got to a dark tunnel, as he ran down it. It became more polished as he went further in, as if it was apart of The Meme Palace. He ran through it as fast as he could. He found a wall. He kicked it down, revealing the basement of The YEET's castle. He ran through it, quickly sprinting through the hurried operators and defenders of the castle. He ran into The Throne Room, where The YEET was still being healed. The YEET turned in fear and confusion. Error raised up the chest, revealing the Leg of God himself. The YEET reached out, absorbing the power of it. He flowed with increased power knowing he now had a chance of defeating The YEET. Error quickly left, as the healers continued their work.

Meanwhile, ISM was tearing through the caverns, unable to find anything. In a rage, he gave up, blasting through the ceiling, as he began tearing through Resistance Soldiers. He was certainly causing Hell for The Resistance. He was no longer being stalled by ALPHA404 FANON, so he was a major issue. He still had no idea where that piece of god had went...

Bargain Bin OP Sans vs. The Master Chief

Master Chief runs through the battle, occasionally firing into a fight to take out someone or another. As he sprints, an orange glow appears behind him. He turns around, weapon at the ready. As he looks up, he sees Bargain Bin OP Sans floating, waiting to absolutely decimate his opponent. As Bin prepares to launch his Nega Determination Beam, Chief drops, popping a bubble shield, which is promptly pummeled with energy as the Beam fires. Finally, the onslaught ends. Chief looks up only to see that Bin has *teleported behind him with determination*. He's kicked in the back at a boneshattering speed, throwing him into a statue of ISM. He looks up, seeing Bargain Bin walk towards him, blaster slowly powering up for one last fire. Chief's armor shield has been down due to the energy it absorbed. His head lolls, and Bin grabs it, lifting it up to look him in the eyes. "Eye'm you're end. Dye you idot." Bin lets his head drop, puts his blaster to Chiefs head, but then is promptly shot through the head by Chief with his magnum.

Due to Bins Determination healing ability, his head begins to regrow. Chief, in a moment of sheer determination, shoves a plasma grenade into the hole, readying it, and promptly blowing Bin to smithereens. Despite his OP healing abilities, he is killed. Chief limps away before wading back into the fray.

The YEET vs. ISM

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