Appearance Edit

His skull appears to be fractured on his left side. similar to Horrortale Sans, and his shoulders are segmented. His lower body appears to be missing, or covered in shadow.

Main Story of himEdit


After the player deals the finishing blow to him, he has one more trick up his sleeve. Why he doesn't do that before the player can come is unexplainable. However, as he was about to finish the SOUL, the Annoying Dog appears when he talks and then his soul is shown to be that of a boss monster Soul.

In BattleEdit


  • Extreme lazers
  • Laser
  • Bones
  • Coloured Laser
  • Hands
  • Moving the Bullet board [As well, it wont do anything.]
  • Breaking things [Like breaking the Fight button]


  • Survive his attacks until the end sequence plays.

His Strategy Edit

  • Breaks any chance of Sparing/Killing him
  • Breaks Physics


  • welp. you beat me.
  • that wasnt so bad now, was it?
  • you only had to kill me
  • but i suppose that's not really difficult for you, is it?
  • you know, when i first met you
  • i never thought it would come to this.
  • but...
  • i will not let any more of my friends die
  • not by your hands.
  • you know... i've never had to do this before.
  • and you know what?
  • i feel kind of sorry for you.
  • not because you are evil.
  • no...
  • but because... well...
  • let's just say what we said from earlier still stands.
  • you remember, right?
  • you'd be dead where you stand
  • get comfortable
  • It's way too late for that now ( ACT > PLEAD )
  • You won't be spared ( ACT > PLEAD )
  • Not so fast (MERCY> Flee)
  • Your gonna have a really 25px time (End)
  • ...what? (Before the ending)
  • NOOOO (Dog charges at Sans)
  • YOU STUPID DOG (Dog inside sans)

Flavor TextEdit

  • Ultra-Sans ? ATK ? DEF [Check]
  • You feel uneasy. [Encounter]
  • You feel this could be the *end [Neutral]
  • You realise sans has *no body [After using the Fight button]
  • You feel a strange *coldness [After trying to flee]
  • You feel a presence [After eating]
  • The presence feels closer [Neutral]
  • This is it. [Neutral]
  • The dog used the *absorbed artifact. [End]


  • Ultra Sans looks a lot like Skeletron from Terraria.

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