Hi there, this a system/list that is here to show the threat level of what your character, item, verse, and so on may be in the Undertale AU Multiverse. It is a list divided up into seven tiers that each go up in power. You may add an individual, group, AU, or verse, and others that you think falls into a layer by adding them to the list of known users. Linking users towards their pages, if they have any is optional, but preferred. Make sure to add credit to the person or people who made the character.

There can be only one character for the one pop-culture example. You may only add a pop-culture character if that character is considered popular enough among the AU fandom. You may replace the pop-culture character if the individual is either; more popular than the current example or if the person/monster is a better representative of that tier. You may also replace the images of the layer if they are a better representative of that tier or to fit the pop-culture example.

You are allowed to use this tier list for any character; it's ok, but don't force it on others.

Siginificantly Below

A character/item that one's threat is significantly below average, even when compared to Undertale's weakest monsters or protagonist.

Known users

  • Core!Frisk(DokuDoki); The author states that they are unable to lift anything heavier than a plateful of papyrus spaghetti.
  • Celestial! Sans(Yasha Rulzz); The author essentially states that a Froggit can kill him in an instant without breaking a sweat.
  • Custom-Verse "The Oracle." He is stated, despite being Omnipresent and Omniscient, to be able to be killed by one blow from Killertale Papyrus, who is extremely young and unskilled.

Standard Threat

A character/item that is akin to an ordinary threat, comparable to Undertale's average monster threat level.

Known users

  • Undertale's monsters(Toby Fox)
  • Underswap monsters(Community)
  • Underfell monsters(society)
  • Horrorfell monsters(Sour-apple-Studios)
  • Omega Timeline(DokuDoki); There may be characters who are weaker or stronger than this tier that is inside the Omgeatimeline. But overall, it seems that the omega timeline mostly consists of layer two characters.
  • Epictale's Monsters(yugogeer012)
  • Altertale monsters(friisans)
  • Custom-Verse Underfell Flowey (DarknessReaper9); It is stated without items, He's only the strength of an average monster. He mostly uses items as a crutch.
  • Tournament!Tale Sans (current)

Underground Striker

A character/item that is a threat towards an entire underground but can not directly annihilate the AU itself for whatever reason.

Known users

  • Asgore(Undertale); Asgore is said to be the strongest monster in the entire underground. When someone did the math for the total amount of damage Asgores fight does, it came out at a 3500 dmg, 100 more than sans; that's Asgore holding back, wanting to lose.
  • Asgore(Underfell)
  • Toriel(Underswap)
  • Toriel(Undertale)
  • Undyne(Undertale); Via her Undyne the Undying form.
  • Player(Underplayer); It is possible that they may be a threat to an AU; they seem limited, affecting only the entirety of the underground, not the AU itself.
  • Geno!Sans(TheCrayonQueen); Geno is Sans but he injected DT into himself, which allows him to be nigh-immortal with the exception of if he leaves the SAVE screen, he will die.
  • KARMA Sans (UnderPlus by Quantis1); His high amount of determination allows him to reset some AUs, but his potential of destruction can’t go beyond destroying a city in one day.
  • Ghost Sans (keion15) Ghost Sans Is the God of Ghosts and He is one of Students of Alpha Sans and He can Destroy Aus by Using his Ghosts Powers.
  • Mercenary Sans (Keion15]]) Mercenary Is the God of Executions aka The Executioner of The UnderTale Multiverse and He can Execute Enemies without a Sweat and he is the brother of Ghost and Inferno Sans.
  • Blade!Sans (Keion15) Blade Sans Is One of the Strongest Mortals and He can Use a Ability called Genocide Blasters that kill a Lot of People in a Row.
  • Enigma!Sans(Bruhtaro); Very powerful sans, strong physical attacks e.g : having more defense and can punch people into buildings, can also presist death and survive in the void because of his Half-Determination. but he cant destroy an entire au.
  • Delta!Sans(AnimatedZorox); Delta Sans is basically Sans but enhanced by the Bravery soul. He has been shown to have proven to be a match for Cross!Sans and a possessed Horror!Sans, though Delta barely won that battle.
  • Nightmare(Jokublog); Nightmare's most potent feat was city-level destruction putting him into tier three.
  • Syno!Sans(SHADIKAL15); Syno is, according to the Alphaverse page on the Alphatale wiki, a twin Universe of Aftertale. According to Error404's henchman list on his article, it says that Syno is placed up higher than Nightmare!Sans.
  • Dream(Jokublog); Dream has taken out Nightmare and hurt him multiple times beforehand, proving that he might be more potent than Nightmare. Dream might secretly be a tier four.
  • Burst!Sans(Hypothetical TNT Yeeter); Burst at full power is capable of destroying entire planets but his most powerful attack, while being able to destroy a universe, would leave him with no energy and on the brink of death.
  • Custom-Verse Underswap Sans (DarknessReaper9); He has shown the ability to destroy entire Galaxies, however it is shown he cannot destroy AUs without outside help.
  • NR!Sans(Strangermemer); In his current state he can at most destroy city’s with his attacks. His full power in his current state would put him at tier 4 but he has a hard time doing so.
  • Ultra Sans, he is sans powered by 6 human souls
  • “Sans”/Malware(User:The Almighty Emerald); As of now, Malware’s strength in abilities is comparable to beings such as Fatal!Error, but he still isn’t able to destroy whole universes.

Out!Code Character

A character/item that is limited towards being a threat towards one AU; they may come close to two but still limited for whatever reason.

Known users

  • Fallen!Symbol (Feartheunknown2104): Fallen!Symbol Sans is the future moderator of the Multiverse. He is extremely hard to kill, but isn't extraordinarily powerful in attack terms. He tends to avoid any kind of confrontations, and actively seeks to keep the Multiverse in balance. This makes his threat level somewhat low.
  • Radiant!Sans(SplatForce/NotAnAnimator): Radiant is the future Protector of the Multiverse. He can be controlled and separated from sense and reality by a few words, he can cause multiple genocide routes and the end of an AU if commanded to do so. Luckily Radiant can fight against his instincts to follow the commands.
  • Cold Sans (Keion15) Cold Sans Is the God/Master of Ice and He can control Ice to his will which mean can Freeze a Bunch of Aus at the Same Time or He can Freeze A lot of people as well.
  • Epic!Sans(Yugogeer012); Epic is a fusion of Sans and Gaster that has managed to destroy his own Universe.
  • Cross!Sans(Jakei/Underverse); Cross, as demonstrated in Underverse is capable of stealing a Universe's code to try and rebuild his own.
  • Thought!Sans(Tratsneroyve); The Thought is essentially Sans but powered up by seven human souls. Because of this, one could assume that he is now somewhere around Asriel Dreemurr's god form level.
  • Sans/UnderHell(Shadikal15): Sans/UnderHell can destroy an Au using his Au buster ability
  • Asriel Dreemurr God Form(Undertale); Asriel's god form has been shown to completely manipulate the entire timeline, even erasing the memories of all of the boss monsters.
  • Alpha!Sans(SHADIKAL15); According to his article on the official Alphatale wiki, Alpha!Sans has the potential of being as powerful as six Thought!Sanses.
  • Ink!Sans(Mye Bi(Comyet)); Ink has shown a possible potential to destroy two or more AU's but has never directly presented it.
  • The first fallen(Undertale); At the end of the genocide route, they erase the entire AU the player resides.
  • Average outcode characters(Community); In most cases, outcode characters are threats to a single AU rather than two or more.
  • Omnipotent!Sans(Alphatale, SHADIKAL15); Is said to be able to stun if not completely obliterate Thought!Sans, a Sans powered by seven human souls.
  • Custom-Verse Underfell Sans (DarknessReaper9); It's shown with his full power, he has the strength to destroy One entire AU.
  • DeltaDust!Sans(Trigger!Maniac); Although not being able to destroy AU's himself, within a short time (but not too short), DeltaDust can leave an entire AU empty of it's characters. Leaving an AU empty of it's characters can be equaled into erasing an AU itself, and if a problem causer like that isn't stopped, there will be some major problems the multiversal gods need to fix. Also, if said AU is left out for WAAAAY too long, it will soon slowly fade away, which is equal to destroying an AU itself.
  • Meld sans Although he is not very strong with stats, his abilities and fighting knowledge more than make up for it
  • LV sans(Powertransfer sans);he can't technically destroy an AU but Everywhere he goes the virus from his Au goes Virus can make people kill themselves
  • Starred!Sans(Storm54); He's definitely powerful enough, but he wouldn't. He has picked up many skills from various universes, and is extremely powerful at his best.
  • Critical Failure!Sans(Darksirrolotoe); Critical can destroy an entire Au with his ability to manipulate coding around, but he is a inexperienced fighter, so his full potentials hasn't been seen yet, and because of this, it maybe possible for him to destroy more then one Au, if he was to reach his full potential. He only has 2 years of fighting experience.

Multi Threat

A character/item that is a threat towards two AU's or a cluster of them, possibly affecting portions of the multiverse if the bunch is big enough.

Known Users

  • Terror!Sans (Feartheunknown2104, SplatForce, The Almighty Emerald): Terror!Sans is the futuristic (even more) insane, "error" Horror!Sans. He can corrupt the code of almost any AU/Being and has abilities that make him very difficult to battle.
  • Regret!Sans(SplatForce/NotAnAnimator); Regret is able to use a virus's abilities to corrupt and infect multiple Aus and destroy them at once. He can only corrupt and destroy 4 to 6 aus at a time, to prevent any spread of corruption. He protects the balance in TimelineIV
  • Inferno Sans (keion15) Inferno Sans Is the God of the Underworld and He have FIre and Darkness magic which he can use to Destroy Aus if he wants to and He can use Fire Chains to Souls Enemies Souls and He is the brother of Ghost and Mercenary Sans.
  • Negative (Shadikal15) Negative Is the God of Chaos and He can Make Clones to To twist and Distort enemies minds as well and He can Corrupt Aus Easily.
  • Error!Sans(Crayon Queen/Loverofpiggies); Error is able to string up two or more AUs at once without the outside help of someone else, a location, or an item. Its unknown if he has a limit to how many AU's he can string up at once.
  • X-Gaster(Underverse); X-Gaster can affect multiple timelines at once with the power of OVERWRITE; It is unknown if he has a limit.
  • BlackScreen!Sans(Hypothetical TNT Yeeter); BlackScreen can destroy entire Aus with relative ease and can beat Ink and Error simultaneously when using his full power though not without effort.
  • Viral!Error(Hypothetical TNT Yeeter); Viral!Error can destroy Aus with relative ease and is as powerful as BlackScreen
  • Fatal_Error(Xedramon); Aftertale!Sans after Error!Sans tried to eradicate him, this ultimately failed and resulted in FATAL Error. He has proven to be a match for Error as he has been shown to have broken his arm.
  • Void000(Hypothetical TNT Yeeter); Definitely not good. This dude claims to be the end of the multiverse and he can back it up pretty well too.
  • Terminal!Crisis!Sans(Hypothetical TNT Yeeter); This dude shrugs off attacks from gods like he just got punched by a six year old and can tear apart timelines with his bare hands with ease.
  • RainbowScreen!Sans (a collaboration between Well heck and Hypothetical TNT yeeter along with grammar assistance by the1thedoge) Rainbow can destroy universes with relative ease and was able to beat the crap out of BlackScreen!Sans. He also made it seem like Terminal!Crisis got hit by an fully grown adult.
  • Chronocode!Sans(Hypothetical TNT Yeeter); Chronocode can destroy Aus and defeat most of the other outcodes with a lot of effort. Though destroying an entire Au would take some energy out of him. Though at full power the dude would become a tier 6 but this probably won’t happen so he’s staying here for now.
  • Sans The Overseer(Bruhtaro); can destroy AUS with his move THE ENDGAME, which can destroy any au hes on with a single flick
  • Void (Quantis1); Even without getting the power of Reset the Entire Multiverse, he could destroy multiple AUs at once.
  • V1RUF3CT3D (PoggersApple); V1RUF3CT3D has the ability to live even after death. Only deleting his code or being stronger than him when you kill him will actually kill him. V1RUF3CT3D is also immune to all weapons. This means using stuff like axes, guns, etc will not work on him. When at one HP, he can absorb all power in two different multiverses of his choice to defeat the person he is fighting with relative if not absolute ease. After his time for using it runs out, he will turn back into a Classic Sans. Learn more about this character on his wiki.
  • M87 Sans (Heydude12) M87, At quarter power is enough to destroy at about 3 AUs, though half power and full power has not been tested yet..
  • King Multiverse(Alphatale, SHADIKAL15); Is said to be completely immune to buttons and can control gods such as Ink!Sans and Error!Sans. He can also reset other Out-Code characters back to their former forms before becoming said Out-Code.
  • Infected/Mix!Sans(SHADIKAL15); Responsible for the destruction of Alphatale.
  • InkTrust!Sans (Baby Kee); Ever since his brothers death, he now had the desire and enjoyment of killing AU's by first killing 7xSwap Sans and 7xSwap itself
  • Necromantic!Sans(Darksirrolottoe); Although non of Necromantic!Sans abilities can destroy an Au. His sheer anger has been capable of destroying an Au and any other Au surround that one Au Necromantic!Sans was in. The creator of Necromantic!Sans, explain that Necromantic!Sans anger grew so numerous, that even Error!Sans grew slightly afraid of him. Necromantic!Sans had killed a tremendous amount of alternative character over his years within the Multiverse. The creator of Necromantic!sans also quotes. "Necro has never actually used 100% of his power on anyone, besides Error, due to just how powerful he is."
  • Error502 ( Well heck ) Okay, now he leveled up. He can destroy an entire portion of the multiverse, although he has to use 100 percent of his power, which kills him.
  • Heather Greypheonix ( Well heck ) Heather can completely erase parts of the multiverse with MASTERED reset.
  • Sabor sans (dark!insanity!sans) sabor with the destructive power of his blasters and Nealy infinite stamina is able to surpass most beings

Multiverse Threat

A character/item that poses a threat towards an entire multiverse, including its traits that make it up. There may be some exceptions, as most multiverses' are different.

Known Users

  • Night!Error(Nighterror!Sans and 13); Via the Omega Reset button.
  • Custom-Verse Error Sans (DarknessReaper9); Error has shown The Potency to destroy thousands of AUs at once. Along with destroying The Sphere of Reality, an 8th Dimensional Structure. Along with destroying The Doodle Sphere which is seen as 7th Dimensional.
  • HATE!EXECUTION!Gaster(Hypothetical TNT Yeeter); We don’t know much about him but what we do know is that he beat Abyss!Gaster (old) and X-Gaster simultaneously. He also puppeteers some of the most powerful groups in the multiverse.
  • Aeon!Papyrus(Eternal Loser); The author states that he has a virtually unrestricted control over the very concept of time, on a scale which could affect the entire Multiverse.
  • Virus404!Sans(By DARTHROOM)Primarily helps Infinitey Code with rather large tasks or significant schemes. Virus404 is on a Big mission no one but Infinitey Code knows what this mission is. He's 2nd In Command of CommCrusaders of Infinitey, He Was The Big Multiverse Threat Because Of His Power.
  • Loading(Alphatale, SHADIKAL15); Loading is a Fail-safe that the Mainframe created as so to prevent things from breaking the rules of the Reality they all reside in.
  • Error404!Sans(Alphatale, SHADIKAL15); The author essentially states that if Error404!Sans were to become any more powerful; he would end up destroying the multiverse.
  • Error666!Sans(The Alphatale version, SHADIKAL15); Error666 is a fusion between Error404!Sans and Error!Sans. He is said to be able to move at incredible speeds and can cause potentially devastating damage with his Master Cables.
  • Skeleverse Skeletons: The skeletons of Skeleverse (all skeletons, not just sans aus) are much more powerful then in other multiverses though they do not use their full power due to knowing how much damage they could possibly do. Papyrus aus and ship children are the weakest, sans aus are next strongest and then gaster aus, this may vary based on the character but overall this is the power tear. For an example on how much more powerful Skeleverse skeletons are Skeleverse Nightmare!sans is as powerful as a god in other multiverses. (he is not a god in Skeleverse)
  • Courage!Sans ( Well heck ) This skeleton is the reason for a lot of AUs still existing. At 1-50% He can defeat all characters 1-5, and at 100% All of tier 6 and even some weak tier 7s. He goes behind the scenes and takes down AU destroyers.
  • Good God Sans (goklababa) This guy is not that popular. He can destroy a whole multiverse if he really wanted to. He was created to oppose Anti-God! Sans who can literally infect the whole multiverse with evil. Need I say more?
  • Glithus Sans (Sr Adry) If you are looking for the most evil monster possible go to him. Traitor, exterminator and possesses unimaginable power. He turned the Undertale Multiverse into void before Unknown_Patch turned back time. But he is not interested in destroying the Omniverse or other multiverses.
  • Tournament!Tale Sans (Future; can grow more once he reaches this): Just read his page
  • Demonise dust is a sans that was a dust tale au but gone mad with power from hate . He has been wiping au with this demon spirit so he is feared by many au not only for his strength but also his cunning mind . To top it of his knife can deal major damage if he slashes anything capable of slashing the souls out of full health monsters
  • Paint: read his page

Beyond Limitations

A character/item that is a threat to a multiverse and beyond it. It can vary from two multiverses or the entire omniverse.

Known Users

  • Unknown!Sans: Unknown!Sans is the Omniversal Manifestation of an Author/Creator (Feartheunknown2104). He has the ability to tamper with almost any type of code (including his own) in many extreme ways and can never be permanently killed.
  • Elimination Sans (Keion15): Elimination Sans Is the Executioner of the Omniverse and He can execute anyone or even a lot of AUs easily without taking a Break.
  • B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y(SHADIKAL15); BUTTERFLY was once Error404!Sans' most powerful form until BUTTERFLY666 was eventually created. This form supposedly has the power of the entire Multiverse and can allow Error404!Sans to take full control over existence itself.
  • Possible Spaghetti brother(Community); He is tier infinity, yes, indeed, such hmmmmmmmmmm.
  • E.R.R.O.R 666(Hypothetical TNT Yeeter) Can destroy the very fabric of most multiverses with relative ease. Not to mention his empowerment by System 32 has buffed him majorly.
  • B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y.6.6.6(SHADIKAL15); BUTTERFLY666 is an even more powerful version of Error404!Sans' BUTTERFLY form as it is said to be the most powerful being in the entire Multiverse and beyond. It is said to have killed an Unnameable with one of it's moves, Unnameables are beings of nigh-unstoppable power if you didn't already know that.
  • Trojan!Sans(:Mysware) could do deep damage to the multiverses and universes if he wanted to. Even now it can inflict fatal damage to universes.
  • Infinitey Code (DARTHROOM) was Potentially the most vile Omniversal threat when released from his prison
  • QWERTY (Hypothetical TNT Yeeter) Controls all code throughout all fandoms. Need I say more?
  • Error 0XXX (Hypothetical TNT Yeeter) Capable of severely damaging he Omniverse to the point of near collapse. Rivals Error 666 in terms of power
  • Errorcode (Hypothetical TNT Yeeter) The most powerful creation of QWERTY, this dude can beat CANON fatal Virus without breaking a sweat. Not to mention the dude could erase Infintey code from the outerverse with his strings
  • Future!NR!Sans (Strangermemer); The future version of NR!Sans was able to survive attacks from Infinitey Code and was shown to be able to withstand a very weak attack from the ISM himself. This is likely due to him being blessed by entities outside of this fandom with INSANE power.
  • Custom-Verse Infected Sans (DarknessReaper9) Infected has shown the ability to decimate AUs, and even entire Multiverses with relative ease. He, despite being not even closely a match for Gaster or X-Gaster, is still potent enough to easily surpass both Error and Ink, even in their final forms. Defeating both with relative ease. He can even defeat Error404, who was able to create an Entire Hyperverse, even without his E.N.D.G.A.M.E. Form. He was able to almost defeat Alpha Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, Error404 Sans, Papyrus, and Chara. All at the same time.
  • Ballistic the hitman (Mr. 0uterverse) Ballistic is able to control any weapon perfectly, all their power increased googolplex-fold. He can easily decimate hyperverses, multiple at his complete power. He can control shadows, no matter who's it is, as well as travel through shadows around the universe. His Impropability Drive can cause a random effect, ranging from giving someone a weapon and causing an earthquake, or destroying an entire omniverse, but that is rare.
  • King Omniverse Sans (Keion15): King Omniverse Is the King of the Omniverse and He control/Command the beyond Gods that below him and He can destroy a Bunch Omniverses easliy with his Abilities.
  • MultiTale Hate (HateTheLazy) This... Thing. No- Whatever it is... despite her knowing it, it's killed so many... so many humans... it's current LOVE is 532. According to it's creator, it was only supposed to be a prototype, a draft before she created the true, happy Hate. This being has been known to ruthlessly kill on many occasions, going as far to use it's CREATIVITY to form a reset button to... destroy it all again. If you... If you feel a slight hint that something is wrong while traveling the AntiVoid... please, please contact MultiSwap Sans using the rose garden. It's story... it's gonna happen all over, again and again. Until it's perfect. Until he's back. It will stop at NOTHING DO YOU HEAR ME?! NOTHING TO GET IT'S BROTHER BACK. EVEN IF THAT MEANS THAT IT'LL KILL EVERYONE IT LOVES

By the time I'm done typing this... it's already happened, and we are just lucky enough to be in another timeline...

Omniversal Threat (Unofficial)

This is Reserved for characters that go to Infinite Dimensional Status, and can decimate entire Omniverses.

  • OMNI-GOD TEMMIE ( Well heck ) Omni-God Temmie is truly callosal in power, dwarfing even Infinity Code.
  • Malgon (Overlord 427); The author states that upon reaching his original form, Malgon can destroy the Omniverse and beyond\
  • POLISH DANCING COW - Tylko jedno w głowie mam koksu pięć gram odlecieć sam ( polish cow language ) he is beyond most OCs. Even being able to stall ISM for 10000 years.
  • all joke characters
  • the ISM is going to take over the outer verse, he would be on tier infinity or tier 9
  • Void Hack Custom-Verse Infected Sans (DarknessReaper9) Due to Hacking The Void, He was able to harness extreme amounts of power. With The Complete Powers of The Void Hack, he has shown the ability to decimate an entire Omniverse. It is unknown as of yet if this is his full power, or if he has yet more. It is likely this is his full power, however.

(Nearly all of hypothetical tnt yeeter’s characters that are tier 7 would go here)

Outerversal Threat (Unofficial)

TheseThese are characters which surpass Dimensions, and can destroy entire Outerverses.

  • Super duper hyper omega ultra giga tera mega yotta zeta sans ( Satan himself ) This being was made by satan, and even he fears his creation. This being can go into the real world, but only at a specific time after a specific ritual.
  • Custom-Verse Gaster (DarknessReaper9) Gaster created The Entire Outerverse of AUs himself. He is stated that he could also probably destroy it.
  • Temmie (Her parents?) Temmie can control an army of temmies and is equal to toby in power.
  • The Forgotten OC (Hypothetical tnt yeeter); a being far more powerful than even the ISM, TFO has shown himself capable of obliterating outerverses with ease and has puppet mastered nearly all evil entities in the entire fandom.
  • Fatal corruption sans can destroy multiple outerverses, I’m working on to make him stronger
    Omega404 he can destroy multiple outer verses if he so pleased he is the rival to Alpha404 (more he is still noyt complete so he might seem weak )
  • Corrupted reality!Gaster Omega404's creation a bit weaker than him (incomplete )
  • L0G!C (Hypothetical tnt yeeter) Conceptual entities are outerversal by default.
  • God404 Sans’s name is not without a reason, he is literally the God of the Omniverse and beyond, he can destroy Alpha404, Omni404, B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y, and O.V.E.R.K.I.L.L without a sweat, which is why he is here, he is essentially Error404’s fourth and buffed phase.

Cosmoversal/Numberversal Threat OR above(unofficial)

The max power a fictional entity can reach (can destroy everything in the fiction with just a blink)

  • Hyperdust Fatal Corruption Sans Well one of his blasters can destroy 30% of fiction and he can kill hundreds of outerversal gods in a blink so he fits here.
  • Gary Sue super secret form (Hypothetical TNT Yeeter) Imagine Gary sue except he literally has a portion of metaversal power. While his beyond form has some of the power of a creator in his secret form he has literally been blessed by TMY.
  • Extreme True Hyperdust Fatal Corruption Sans He is a very OP character, he can one shot fiction by blinking and he can also use some metaversal powers like he can create characters or tiers, however, he can be affected by very OP characters like core corrupted sans

The Beyonder (DarknessReaper9) He transcends The Fandom Entirely. Therefore transcending even Joke Characters and the like. Technically, this list isn't accurate to him, due to transcending the fandom. He can effortlessly defeat Outerversal Entities. His only real weakness as of now is authors, as they can still simply write him out of existence.

N.O.S.T.A.L.G.I.A TFO (Hypothetical tnt yeeter) Is low numberversal.

Fix: Read his page, he is incredibly powerful

Generic op character!Sans (Hypothetical TNT Yeeter) lol he can one shot beyonder lol

Beyond the 4th Walls (unofficial)

The maximum power any author or real being can reach. The final tier. No OCs can reach this tier.

  • The Players (IRL people) are usually the ones behind the Action of Chara and Frisk in Undertale, as well as Kris in Deltarune. They can modify both games to their own design if they're tech-savy enough.
  • Creators (IRL people) are the most powerful beings in the Fictional Omniverse. The most popular example would be Toby Fox himself, with his avatar as the Annoying Dog. Not only did they both created and destroyed all that was listed before them, but they also collectively control the fate of the Omniverse through their Tales.
  • Big Bang (Uh, well he is technically God himself but lets just say Well Heck) Big Bang surpasses REALITY itself. It created everything possible. And in UNIVERSAL MONOLITH form... I can't even explain what THAT can do.
  • The Meta Yeeter (Himself AKA Hypothetical TNT Yeeter) An avatar that became his creator because yes.
  • DarknessReaper9 The Critic. AKA a Very Buffed Spongetale Patrick. (Uh- His Parents?) Basically Just a writer who hates other writers' creations and also hates ships. He also likes some creations
  • oh look, a cookie!
  • wait what was i talking about again
  • TMY (Hypothetical TNT Yeeter) A metaversal being that is an author.
  • Ross the Turtle; The main form of Feartheunknown2104's SOUL. Being the SOUL of an Author/Creator, he has powers similar to that of Toby Dog's, albeit somewhat weaker. He can create new Universes, Characters, and even Multiverses by himself, but has much more difficulty destroying them. He exists most of the time in the TurtleVoid.

The true limit line would limit any further power, so this would be the final tier.

Characters with an unknown threat level (unofficial)

These are the ones with an unknown threat level or the ones that haven't shown their true potential(pls don't use this to create charecter strong as toby or whatever or don't say that iF hE sHoWs hİs TrUe pOwR ToBy wOuLd Die AKoeıctföofcgsgpd ext pls)

  • Coruapted Core Sans:he is able to chance his power level and the fact that he is a creator's vessel makes him beyond the 4th wall but he chanches his power level so he fits this unknown category being TheFlufyBoii03032000's avatar makes him absolutely beyond the 4th walls
  • Zer0 (SomeXtraArt): its unknown how powerful he can be but was able to destroy his timeline when his emotions consumed him
  • Dark Coruapted Core Sans:He would die if he used his true potential
  • Regresus:he has the same power level as dark corruapted core becouse he is damaged after the destruction of their universe
  • Incursion!Sans
  • Extreme True Hyperdust Fatal Corruption Sans:if he would ever show his true power fiction is definitely going to be destroyed
  • ⚐︎💣︎☠︎✋︎✏︎☝︎✌︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☼︎ ( Well heck ) The anomaly's true power would most likely destroy maybe even the omniverse. They are the representation of evil and unrest in the fandom.
  • Extreme True Hyperdust Fatal Corruption Sans (possible power): his true power is unknown but he can now he can one shot the ISM by blinking and when he is sleeping but he was never taking the fight seriously so his true power is unknown
  • Void Demon Sans: This sans is unknown...????
  • Xerox!Sans His power level can't be determined because he can copy the abilities of any being even overpowered ones except with half the power, but that's still strong. He cannot die as long as the souls are not in their bodies he also has the abilities of souls and his teleportation is beyond everything except he can't teleport into reality however, I CAN EDIT WIKIS dumb author. as WELL as the fact I can manipulate any story I am in as long as I'm talking in 1st person, this can be taken temporarily by the Auth but I DON'T FLIPPIN CARE because my 4th wall ability is beyond all else *smirks, I can communicate with my past or future self in stories as WELL as talk directly to the Auth.
  • Crashed-666 Is a error sans but with a lot mor potential. Even tho he likes to joke about he can deal heavy damage to the multiverse if he wants basically wiping it clean of any annoyance in his way . He does this by crashing the code of his victim nullifying them so they cannot move,attack it even teleport since crash is the only one who controls their code at that point

A threat to reality, fiction, and all that exists and does not exist.

These characters have power levels unthinkable to our human minds. They are true eldritch horrors and can do nothing to destroy everything that does exist and does not exist. They need to be destroyed.


  • A user in a tier does not automatically mean that they will beat any row that is lower and lose against any higher layer. For example, a tier-two could win against a tier-three, and a tier-two could lose to a tier-one.
  • Since this list is merely describing someone's threat level, any character, whether it be a joke, serious, parody, and so on, can be added to this list/system.
  • If a character has shown inconstancy towards their feats, choose the best and closest to cannon feat that individual has done to decide what tier.
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