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Hello and welcome to the Undertale AU Fanon. This is a place where you can post ideas for new AUs, characters, locations, enemies, and new plot ideas. Please read the wiki and roleplay rules before contributing.

Legal System


Article 1: Uncalled harassment of fellow users. This may include threat (such as sexual, physical or blackmail), slander, doxxing and general sexual harassment are all punishable by permanent ban.

Article 2: Unauthorized editing and deleting of pages. This is essentially doing stuff on someone’s page without creator’s permission. Edits must be significant to be punishable. Punishment my vary depending upon the amount of editing done, the amount of independent incidents and etc.

Article 3: Deletion of evidence. If proven that you have destroyed evidence that may grant insight to a case, you shall receive harsher punishment.

Article 4: Attempted or successful bribery. If there is evidence that you offered or accepted bribery in a court case, you shall receive a temporary block.

Article 5: Posting anything that could be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work) will be punished by an permanent ban. If you do not no what this mean, ask your parents... Or the internet. It’s not our responsibility.

Article 6: Editing out warnings that were solicited by an Authority figure (For example: DarknessReaper9) without permission from said Authorities. This overwrites Article 2 and anybody breaking this rule will be punishable by block or ban.

Article 7: Illegal Alt accounts. If an alt account can be identified as a user that is currently serving a ban on another account, the alt will be permanently banned and duration of the first account’s ban will be increased.


SECTION A (These apply to the prosecutor and defendant)

Article 1: All parties involved (i.e the prosecutor/plaintiff and the defendant) must defend themselves, meaning no lawyers. They can bring witnesses to the case if the said witnesses agree to it.

Article 2: Cases must remain civil among the plaintiffs and defendants. This is self-explanatory.

Article 3: Must provide evidence. If no evidence is provided to your claim, we shall deem it as false. If you can prove that said evidence was destroyed, Article 3 in LAWS is set in motion.

SECTION B (These apply to the witnesses, the Jury and any other observers that are not the Judge)

Article 1: No interruptions. You shall not speak unless the Judge wills it.

Article 2. The Jury must wait until the end of the case to reveal their verdict.


If the Judge or Jury can be proven to be biased, the must be temporarily replaced by substitutes.

SECTION D (The structure of the case)

The case shall begin with the Judge telling the defendant what they are being charged for. Then the defendant shall make their plea (i.e guilty or not guilty). If they plead guilty, they will be punished by the aforementioned charges. If they plea not guilty, opening testimonies from the plaintiff/prosecutor begin, evidence is to be revealed and then witness testimonies are heard. Then the defendant shall retaliate with any contradicting evidence and their witnesses. If the Judge sees fit, the case may end. If not, it shall repeat the cycle until the Judge is satisfied.

Wiki Rules | Roleplay Rules


  • Some topics during the RPs may be offensive to some people, so please join at your own risk.
  • ANY RPs that are involved with this wiki may - and probably will - contain spoilers. If you care about your Undertale and their AU experience and don't want it spoiled in some way, continue with caution. Dont say mean things to people that rp.

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