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Viral!Error without error or virus messages or a teal stripe on his hood cuz I’m lazy.

Threat level: 5

This isn’t canon to Undervirus or Alphatale. DONT EDIT WITHOUT PERMISSION.


Keep in mind this takes place in Undervirus. One day frisk had just come back from doing something. Sans was just kinda reading some random book. WHAT A NERD. Anyway she asked sans if he had heard about strange disappearances. Sans nodded, having seen it on the news just yesterday. They talked about it until frisk said that they should go investigate. Sans though it was a horrible idea but chara agreed and he was out voted. They went outside and after a while of searching they found a weird shard. It was black with a teal and lime outline that looked kinda glitched. Frisk went to touch it only to nearly be sucked in. Sans quickly grabbed her arm and was able to pull her out but in the process he was sucked in as well. He dragged both Ryu and Xans along with him and as they were getting sucked in he fused with them.

He popped out in the mainframe in which Error 404 saw him and sensing no alphatale code within him he tried to enslave him. They ended up striking a deal where Viral!Error would serve him and do thing for him as long as Error 404 agreed to find a more passive way to get alphatale code. Viral!Error immediately backstabbed Error 404 though after realizing that 404 would very likely not stick to his end of the deal. He left the mainframe and teleported to a random undertale genocide timeline. There he observed a strange looking sans fighting a human with a version of classic behind him. Just as it seemed the human was about to land a hit Viral!Error threw one of his shards at the human killing them. The strange sans was thankful and introduced himself as Blackscreen. Together they reset the timeline and teleported to the omega timeline where they have been hanging out ever since.

Personality and behavior

UNBREAKABLE CHILL. Usually cold and calculated. Secretly depressed. Never rushes into a fight without some sort of strategy.


The new, much better sprite

He wears a black jacket with a teal and lime shirt underneath it. He wears black sweatpants and always has a hood up. He’s hood has a teal stripe through the middle of front of the hood. He wears black fingerless gloves and black slippers. He has black fluff on his jacket on his shoulders and hood. His eyes are usually just white pupils, but the right one will turn teal and the left to green when angered. He’s covered in glitched, errors, and virus symbols similarly to Omni 404. He also is covered in black pixel like squares that have a random colored outline and seem to disappear and appear at random.


Infection: This ability allows Viral!Error to infect anything he touches with a virus that creates many MANY errors in that things code.

Viral Error shards. These shards rupture code and infect code with the same virus that the ability infection spreads and deal damage.

Viral Error blasters: Blasters that delete code and deal damage.

Viral Error bones: Same as the blasters but they’re bones.

Code Commands: He can use commands to edit, create, and delete any code that he has access to.

Status Soul Strings: If he catches you with these strings he can manipulate your stats and your soul. Can’t use them on himself though and can only manipulate them from 1 to 999999999999999. Can’t go higher or lower. Can also use them to grab and YEET people around.

Glitch phase: Only glitched attacks can hurt him.

Teleportation: Self explanatory.

Blue control: Can blue soul things that don’t have souls. He used this to YEET an entire au at Error 404. He can use this on things that do have souls too.

Code Fragmentation: Can fragment code.


Mind of a LORD: Grants use of high level telekinesis, telepathy, psychic construction, and illusions.

C.O.R.E CANNON: A blaster that deals 404 duodecillion damage and shatter a beings very code across space and time.

Firewall: An ability given to him by Firewall!Sans, he can create a wall of flaming code that can only be penetrated by very powerful glitch attacks.

Anti code cannon: This blaster inverts every piece of code in whatever get hit by it. For example a virus would turn into an antivirus, an error would be fixed, etc

Reprogram: He can edit the code of anything he can access, more specifically, he can change how that code runs.

B.R.E.A.K: This allows him to change the way a line of code runs by breaking said line of code. Only works on non-godlike beings.

Instakill safeguard: Can’t be instakilled in any way shape or form.


He is vulnerable to antiviruses if said antiviruses can also fix error in ones code. This would turn him back to normal.

He can be hurt by glitched attacks and said glitched attacks are able to kill him, he isn’t immortal like Blackscreen.



Best friends


He sees his situation as pitiful and feels bad for him. He’s also pretty scared of him.

Error 404

Dislikes him. He wasn’t gonna keep his end of the deal anyway.

X gaster

Hated the X-Event. Hates X-Gaster

Error Sans

Dislikes him. He thinks he’s a hypocrite for calling everyone an anomaly meanwhile he himself is more of an anomaly than almost anything in the multiverse.

Justice Sans

Takes great interest in him.

Core frisk

Good friends. He is the only one who actually met core frisk because Blackscreen is scared of her for some reason...


Feels sorry for him.

Error 500

They’re good friends.

Fun Facts

He has no soul

He’s a total memer

His shards look the same as the shard he got sucked into except they have white 0s and 1s in them

Error doesn’t seem to consider him an anomaly for some reason